Saturday, October 3, 2015

When Will Tia Get A Haircut?

Like, not yet laa.

This morning i combed tia's hair and realized one thing. i've always known her hair is super long now, and my parents make sure that i notice that ("panjang sangat ni. gi potongggg. sikit je!") but it has reached her waist! wow. goal reached i guess, my hair never reached that kinda length and when i was small ive always envied long haired kids. hehe

I know i will hav to chop it off or trim it one day but i just cant do it! i am soo attached to her hair haha. look at that..cantek okay. long, silky n smooth.  perhaps i should prepare myself mentally first. it will take time...n i shall take my time hehehe. wont let the hair reach the bum though. that would look unkempt for real. but perhaps this is the length that we should maintain:)

-not yet 4, just helping mommy model a birthday tiara. hehe.3 years 11 months now. going on 4 next month!

Anyways, how's everyone doing on a hazy day like this? i have kinda ran out of indoor activities. i havent been sending tia to school as well because the kids were made to wait for parents pickup outdoors and the school isnt entirely behind closed doors. i think everyone's boredd. and i feel bad, of course. hehe. ok, til later! hugss

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Remember, head over heels.

Remember how you are head over heels with each other?

oh, of course before you've been taken over and directed by your little seedlings.

Remember how you look forward and dress up for dinner dates, feel special, movie nights, or just sit and talk? or how you feel safe and 'protected' when he held your hand everywhere? those anniversaries that are celebrated because they felt special to both of you?

I remember. and i still wish nothing changed even after kids. because honestly, kids will grow up and get married and move out, sometimes wont even visit. and what i really fear is you are left with that person you started your life with, disconnected for so many years and by the time you need each other again you're like....who is this old dude?

We've changed. like it or not. busy immersing ourselves in jobs, handling kids and side jobs that we forgot each other. how are we going to set an example to our kids? to be loveable towards your partner in life, and always prioritise each other. 

Or am i the only one who has been feeling like this?

I have this bad habit of leaving or quitting when i feel bored, when things get too tricky. but this, is marriage. u just dont quit. u just need extra patience to tolerate each other even if you cant stand each other. I am so bored right now, to be honest. but nauzubillah i shouldnt be. maybe it is the midnight talking. its late, and u tend to overthink.

When Riz grows up, mommy wants Riz to treat his wife like a trophy, make her feel special and cared for, and of course, while not forgetting the mommy. I want Tia to try to find someone as loving as the daddy, so she could feel special till she has all her grey hair. because i have memories of how my dad cared so much for my mom and will always back her up, have her side, protect her. my mother never had to struggle managing a lot of things on her own because my dad would do everything for her. I need her to have all these memories.

I can see this post is getting nowhere, cuz its really very late and i am sleepy. i am completely sober when typing this. all i need to say is...dont change. remember who you used to fall in love so madly with, and just...dont change.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Deep Cleaning a Bathroom

I HATE bathroom cleaning.
Sigh....who loves scrubbing? my bathroom floor was tiled with nice non slip tiles which has little little 'stylish' grooves in them...and at the end of every week they tend to get all moldy and scummy and guess who has to do the scrubbing? who else but me.

Sometimes I skip cleaning. because...there are so many other things to do...and then that geli feeling came and I had to do it anyway because the longer I wait the worse it'll get.

Today I tried to cheat by googling "part time maid ampang jaya". Dah pasrah, and ready to pay just so I don't have to be the tortured side of Cinderella for the day. Agreed on a Filipino who charges RM15 an hour but she didn't turn up. tunggu2 tak datang. Kidding right? no. I think I have lose faith in all the different kinds of maids. sorry no offense, but really.

So off I went, yellow gloves on with my army of sponges and brushes of multiple textures...ready to get down on all fours and scrub the shower area. sighhhhhh. Desperately, I googled for "deep cleaning bathroom tricks" and found a couple of tricks that does it for me. hehe. anyway, here are MY tips for bathroom cleaning. which worked for me by the way.

Must must must. the last time i tried to appear super hardworking-i-can-go-without-gloves....the skin of both my palms peeled and flaked. scary ok. please pakai.

2. Vinegar and Dishwasher.
Mix the two in equal parts, dip in a course sponge and scrub the tiles and shower screens. I love this tip that I used it for the entire bathroom walls and floors. and sink and the toilet too. lol. Vinegar is apparently the queen of cleaning agents, despite the unpleasant sour odour. Dishwasher cleans the grease on pots and pans pretty well, so I guess it does its job pretty well in the bathroom too. Surprisingly I didnt have to scrub so hard. just lightly. and especially the shower screen which was previously full with soap scum...instantly became cleaaar and pleasant to see.

3.  Baking soda and Vinegar
Ok apparently these two are for the drains and grouts (between tiles). a big box of baking soda is indeed not easy to find. but anyway, mix the baking soda with water to form a paste and scrub. then spray vinegar on, watch it fizzle. After the fizzle, rinse. Sebab malas, I just scattered the soda on the floor, waited a few mins and then scrub. poured vinegar all over then rinse. haha. u can tell i really hate doing this! It works better if you leave the soda scattered on the floor overnight actually. I dont like the slimy feeling baking soda leaves upon rinsing.

4.  Dettol spray
My practice is, after all is done, mop the floor, the spray the bathroom all over with diluted Dettol solution. This is solely because I love the clean after smell. as if confirming that I have scrubbed real good! lol
Ahh.. hello clear shower screen!

5. Get a mani pedi (finally)
Hahaha. always scrub the bathroom with door open so that the hubby or anybody else can see that you're working hard. they might offer you a mani pedi treat after the deed. but if your husband is the kind who doesn't get the hint (like mine)- demand lah. i feel bad for demanding since its just 1 bathroom tapi kecoh think of that 2 hours of scubbing and since it's your responsibility to take care of your skin and appearence for the all means, demanding a mani pedi is darn WORTH IT. hahahha

Tanamera Spa Pedicure it is at Capello by Nina Ampang today *snicker* thanks sayang! (although i paid half. haihhh)

K till then, happy scrubbing your bathrooms!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My First Uno Cards - Sofia the First version

I was buying supplies in Popular Bookstore the other day and found this:

My First Uno! and in Sofia the First version. I love playing this as a kid. although they havent came up with preschool Uno, it was to me the most fun card game. and then only I discovered Happy Family and Snap.

This deck of Uno cards comes in 36 cards and are bigger sized than the normal one apparently to make it simpler for the kids to play. As usual the cards  comes in a 4 colours, wild cards and take two cards.

Not all characters from Sofia the First are on the cards- there's Sofia, Amber, Maximus the horse, the rabbit and the bird (lupa plak nama!)

Tia was delighted and learnt to play pretty fast. Basically the game was all about matching colours and or numbers and who finishes her card in hand wins. Colours and number sorting was great, but she was a bit blur blur about wild card and the take two ones. and she was excited about having manyyyy cards in her hand little that she know that means lose! haha..of course mommy sneakily let her win most of the time:) hashtag-beralah.

The cards costs rm21.80 but for Popular Bookstore members its only rm14.80.good buy me thinks. nice game too. till later!


Friday, September 11, 2015

Tia and Riz (tiny) Play Kitchen

Hehe. nope, the brand isn't Tiny. but it is! it's tiny for my liking. argh. You see, I really wanted a play kitchen. for the kids yeah, not for me:P Call me whatever you want, but I just want a kitchen for the kids to roleplay in. I've always imagined me cooking in the kitchen, and the kids working on their kitchen next to mine. Can you picture that?

So off I went googling for play kitchens everywhere possible. I specifically want wooden ones. so i striked off Little Tikes and  Fisher Price. So there was the famous Ikea Duktig Play kitchen which looks too plain and the oven looks like a normal cabinet. Then there were the great Kidkraft kitchens- retro red coloured ones, baby pink ones, white. these are the dream kitchens.  and they are priced at RM1k and above. are you kidding me? they're nice, but I don't have access money to swim in or just 'throw away' just like that. After that comes the ELC Mothercare ones. pretty pretty ones, but still 1k and above. The Melissa and Doug ones, which don't really compare to the Kidkraft ones. Hape gourmet kitchen pulak too plain for its price. See, lots of research going on there! *malu*

The China made kitchens cost between RM250-RM699. Mother Garden brand, and a few others. The MotherGarden ones are nice, but too pink and girly. They have those Safari themed and Bear themed ones which looked unisex but a bit on the expensive side at the point when I was impulsive.

So I asked Tia...which one would you prefer? A kitchen or a dollhouse?

She said "A dollhouse! for my Disney Princess Magiclips to live in!"
Argh man. conflict of interest. Riz no need to ask. whatever kakak plays....he will play.

So I decided to get the cheapest toy kitchen I can search for out there and I found one on At that point it was perfect because the oven looked realistic, and the colours are so unisex- blue, red, yellow. and also - priced at RM300.  Perfect for now. ting ting transfer duit. besok sampai! credits to Kangaroo Express.

Hmm...instructions in Mandarin. Took me a while to figure it out and in the end just use common sense.

And so the pening process commenced..
I am actually pretty bad at fixing things! so it took me an hour to get this together. tsk tsk. To ensemble I only needed a screwdriver and a ..whats this called? *points down* -see how bad a fixer I am? Almost done now...

Then tadaaaah!

Yup. too small for Tia.  she had to sit to play with it. sighhh.
She was excited for a few minutes and now the kitchen is officially Riz's. tsktsk. The height is just nice for Riz but 2 year olds don't roleplay! come on China. you can do better...

So basically, the kitchen isnt bad at all despite it's counter top height.

It has these cute ladle hangers and a clock to time your cake baking in the oven..

A sink with removable basin which can be filled with water for some more realistic roleplaying, and a realistic stove. the handles turn for real, and i like those grey er...things you put ur pots on. hehe

The oven is realistic too. see that?

It also comes with a tomato and a prawn (looks like a carrot but with a tail), a wooden knife, 2 plates, salt and pepper. In miniature sizes, of course.

Here's Riz washing vegetables and Tia baking a cake. hehe.

What frustrating is that....when I'm looking all over for a kitchen, no shops seem to be having a promo. sampai je kitchen ni....Mothercare gives 50% off for 2 types of Melissa and Dougs kitchen. and Ikea's having a sale. oh fish!:(

Hubby said " I told you not to get it"

So the kitchen is 1 week  old, and I think I want to sell it off. it's tiny for me, but then I am particular. might not be tiny for you. it stands at 67cm tall, 45cm long. any takers? just RM200 and I will reuse the money for a Buggy Board  because duh, the kids need that more. then save up for a bigger kitchen. it doesnt need to be dismantled again because its cute enough to fit into a sedan car. so let me know in the comments if anyone's interested ok...:D

Hugs, Sabby

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Ladybird Key Words Flashcards with Peter and Jane.

I've been trying to use this Peter and Jane keywords flashcards with Tia and Riz. My mom said it works with me and my siblings when we were small. My parents made their own flashcards bu writing words from our Peter and Jane books with marker pen, in bold and large on manila cardboards and flash it to us. 

"Flash it to them even though they are busy playing and not paying attention, because u'll be surprised that one day suddenly they recognise the words and can read simple books." she said.

I guess baby brains are multitasking that way.cuz she is very positive that was how the 3 of us learnt how to read!

Now that they actually sell these nice glossy printed on cards, i dont have to hunt for manila cards and marker already. you can find them in Kinokuniya KLCC for rm38.

The cards arent very colourful and attractive, just plain white with bold black words on them displaying key words that we use in everyday life eg. He, She, The, Is, In, From, That, among many others. these words are also used in the 36 books of Ladybird's Peter and Jane series.

Our verdict? Riz, although at not yet two loved it. i will show and say out the words to him, 4 at a time..then lay them down on the floor and ask him to pick the word i say out. he loves a bit of competition and compliment so he enjoyed it.he even picks the right word sometimes!

Tia wasnt really interested in it. she does recognises a few words from school. and then she gives me this boring face and said she has something else 'very' important to do.should i b worried? lol.tsktsk.

So we'll see in the next few months how this will work on them n if they improve. and if i'm rajin enough to flash these to them too ehehe.


21 Months Old Riz Johann

Ah this little guy!
You know as a second kid, somehow you always get the impression of being no.2 and overshadowed by your older sibling/s. However .. I love both kids in a different way, for many different things, but with the same amount. to the moon and back and again and again:)

Riz Johann is now 21 months and he is such a charmer (at least to me!) An update on his milestones:

  1. Loves major cuddles - he's a dude of hugs.this is the best thing i like about him. sometimes he surprises you with kisses. he needs some kind of hug to fall asleep (a disadvantage but mommy is happy to oblige!), he will hug you if you pretend cry because he thinks its the real thing (so i pretend cry a lot nowadays to gain a hug. teruk right? hehe)
  2. Self feeds. only when he's super hungry. He is not really picky so i do have more food options to offer him. At the moment he loves practicing to poke at bits of food with his fork.
  3. ABCs & 123s - I just realized a few days back that he actually recognizes a few numbers and alphabets! he can pronounce A, B, C, D til I i think. He can spot the numbers 2, 5, 6, 10. Thanks Ipad. lolol. I like pointing to my radio screen in the car and ask him to point to a number nowadays. amusing really!
  4. Loves buses, trains, aeroplanes and anything that goes! He never gets tired of the song Wheels on the Bus.
  5. Speech - he has begun stringing 2 words together. "Mommy do" "Big Bus" "mommy Shea" "Daddy Shea" (refering to mommy and daddy cat), "Daddy Sit" "Purple Car" and a few others
  6. Oh and he just started calling me mommy like...1 month ago hahah. finally, Riz!
  7. He recognizes colours pretty well. he couldnt pronounce them yet, but if you lay out colour cards in front of him and ask him to choose, he'll pick out the right number!
  8. Gentle- This I'm proud of him. he is gentle, and so full of love. he has so much to give! I have never seen him act violently towards another kid which will make his/her mommy angry but the disadvantage is....a lot of other kids push or shove him. poor baby sat down shaken every time. hate it when that happens. naughty kids. ishh
I am looking forward to countless, many more years with him. I am trying to enjoy each and every milestone because they will not repeat or stay forever. I am enjoying his hugs every single day, and I love how he looks for me to sleep, and also refuses other people when I'm around. he's truly God sent. I can never be more grateful for him.  Alhamdulillah.

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