Saturday, November 21, 2015

Tia's Birthday Celebration at Kindicare Ampang and a little review.


Ain't that a pretty cake:) I ordered this cake in conjunction to Tia's birthday and farewell on her last day of school - I admit that we pulled her out at not a good time, which was end of October. For personal reasons really. We're moving houses, amongst one of the many reasons. 

Kindicare Play and Preschool of Ukay Heights Ampang has this birthday and swimming bash on the last week of each month. Considering that it was Tia's last day in October, and her birthday is only the following monday after that particular friday, I was allowed to bring in a cake to join in the birthday bash held for kids whom birthdays are in October. 

On one condition though- bring a 2kg cake, otherwise just celebrate in their own class. alright, fair enough. so I brought this pretty cake up to the class, and only managed to take this pic of her because the classroom was oh so crowded. I kindly brought some party favors to the 'party' (only because other parents have done so) - 2 little puding jellies, a silly pencil, bubblemix and jigsaw puzzles in a bag for each of her classmates. I made a pretty tshirt with number '4' and a little pony for her to wear so we can take pics of her in it but the teacher has already changed her into her swimsuit. so what happens when i post this pic online? how many perverts are going to steal that photo? hence I could only carefully take her pic from above so that her face is hidden like so:

Memories are still important, smiley face or hidden face.

When I picked her up from school, headmistress handed me a plastic bagful of jelly. "Sorry, we're not allowed to give these to the kids! they might choke on them.." yes, she did took the trouble to open the bags one by one and extract the jellies to return to me, can you imagine how I felt? of course the kids will need help opening the jellies. of course it's up to the parents to throw away or to help them eat.

They had a photographer on that day, and yesterday, event pictures were published. This school has a password protected photo page only parents can view. to my disappointment, there was a birthday bash on that day. THREE kids cutting a 2kg cake. wait, I thought each kid has to bring a 2kg cake? best part is, Tia was sitting in the audience witnessing the celebration. with her pretty birthday top and her birthday cake probably sitting somewhere in the school kitchen.

I was disappointed on how inflexible this school is, and how particular they are with money. perhaps I am not dressed up nicely when i send her to school everyday, looking like a maid? or do i look to immature compared to the other parents who were on the way to work or send their dato datin parents to send their grandkids to school, that I have been treated differently?

Since we don't have anything to do with the school anymore, I decided to send a whatsapp to enquire regarding this issue. a snapshot from the headmistress:

#1  Tia's birthday is only two days away and I did asked if we can just come and bring a cake on monday which is her actual birthday and she said no, better stick to birthday bash. note: i did not ask to come to school to LEARN, but only to celebrate the birthday of a 4 year old. Don't you have a heart to consider?

#2  in the pictures, 3 kids were sharing a 2kg cake. Tia dia suruh bawak 2kg cake sorang2 baru boleh join. plus, since they extracted all the jelly from my nicely wrapped favor bags, why don't you bake healthy little muffins for the rest of the kids? I feel it's really up to the parents and in fact, each parent should bring a 1kg cake. total up kan cukup untuk 1 sekolah? why discriminate?

We're still looking for a new school for Tia, but in Danaukota/Setapak. One thing to consider about sending to a private or international school is this la. it's always about every cent you spend. and it's never about how worth it your cents are. This school does take care of Tia properly, I have to admit and I love that about them. but they are so berkira ya rabbi, from my opinion la. Experience like this actually wakes me up in choosing schools for Tia. perhaps she is better off in an Islamic based school, one with people from the middle class range just like ourselves. Haritu I thought the more I pay, the more they will ensure your child will be taken care of properly. Can't help but to think that I wont be treated like this if i'm still working because my appearance would not be as selekeh. my loss, perhaps. Still don't have the heart to go back to work though because I am now too attached to the kids and I cant imagine how they can handle their lives without mommy everyday.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween Party 2015 at Kizsports and Gym Great Eastern Mall

An overdued post again....

I finally registered Tia for one of the Halloween Party held this year. I've always seen kids lined up all dressed up in costumes during the Halloween season in the previous years and thought they were so cute, but then she was still too small to participate. This year we decided to join the party held in Kizsports and Gym Great Eastern Mall. One of the reasons also being me finding just another reason to make a nice tutu dress as one of Sabbytia's portfolio. hehe. Main reason though - Tia's been going on and on about " I wanna be a witch" since the Halloween youtube videos came out.

I had a lot of fun making this dress for her. I made it out of a black crochet headband top and a combination of black-glitter black-purple tulle strips in many layers. For decency, I covered the whole front of the dress with fabric flowers which I heat sealed for a scary rustic look and a couple of felt Jack o Lanterns to match her Jack o Lantern trick or treat bucket. I wanted to make the broom myself out of tulle but ran out of time so i grabbed one from Spotlight Ampang. Witch's Hat from Toys R Us. Had trouble finding stripey leggings but i found a pair of stongan on sale at mr DIY for 3bucks so i made her wear it as legwarmers hehe. I also applied my mom's dark purple lipstick on her for a more evil kinda look. and that's about it!

Riz could not participate in games independently yet so I didn't registered him in. The fee for the party was RM68 per kid so it would be quite a waste. But advantage of having a big sister is, he gets to tag along and play in the playground while the party was happening. I dressed him up in a formal shirt and pants and sarungkan the lab coat I made last 2 years for tia. he looks like an adorable Dr Riz! or Pharmacist Riz, cuz I didn't have time to handmade a felt stethoscope for him. we only have a pink Doc Mcstuffin's one at home.

my cute little doc!

The Halloween Party was indeed a happening one. Started off with a runaway strut by the kids, modelling their costumes. Very impressive ones actually. with face paint and all! There was a super cute 1.5yo Disgust who strutted with her mommy who dressed up as Joy from Inside Out. I think I will dress up next year hahaa. there were a couple of witches, some Mavis' from Hotel Transylvania, Ghost bride, Mummies, Batmans. I didn't know they are supposed to model their outfits, did not prepare tia, and she walked on the stage and right off with a blur expression! oh well. 

that's Tia- basically walked off the stage! lol

The kids were then ushered into the dance studio for some halloween discooo. they were given those handheld blinking LED foam stick to wave in the air like you don't care! was indeed a sight in that real clubbing but they're all kids. lol. they were jumping about to the sound. so cute.

After dance, was treasure hunt. find coins and exchange for treats. And then comes trick or treating from one shop to another on the same level as the gym. Here the parents are the most excited, even more than the kids!

Treasure hunting around the gym with daddy!

Trick or treatin' from shop to shop

While baby brother amused himself with the surrounding

They came back to the gym each with a bagfull of treats for prize giving. Tia won a consolation price for her costume! good enough good enough:D she got to take home plushy minion. hehe. boleh laa. then they handed out party favors which are cupcake, and some sweets in a box and we go home.
Yeay I won a prize!

Twas a good experience in the end. maybe next year should join more than one because it was fun! other venues are like The Little Gym, Bangsar Village, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Jungle Gym...practically everywhere. other schoold do have some kind of a halloween dress up day but Tia's school doesn't have such a thing because apparently they don't want to scare the kids. at least have a show and tell dress up day or something but nada...xpe2. haha.

Riz drinking water from the syringe he was carrying around his pocket :D

Til next Halloween!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Preschools and Kindergartens Around Ampang

Some people think preschool is preschool, no need to go the length of paying thousands of ringgit per month for just a half day session. And that it's only preschool, so don't have to go through the pressure of finding the best curricular yet and whatnot.
I agree to that actually, but when i was looking for tia's first preschool at 3 years old, my top influencers in choosing a school would be:

1.  Patient teachers.
2.  Hygiene - of the premises, of TOILETS especially (kids can also get UTI ok)
3.  Large school area -kids being kids, they have to run around. so shoplots are a no-no to me.
4.  Healthy food menu.

Then only comes the curricular. because at 3 year old, do you want to pressure the kid into reading already? school at that age is supposed to be more for social developments and to gain independence in the child.

Ampang is an old area, therefore kindies around this area have been around for many years. Some of my friends send their kids to their old kindies. Here are some of the schools that I have visited or enquired within a 5-6km radius from my house. However, all the info below are just my personal opinion on the schools. Your expectations might not be the same as mine, but I hope it would help some of the parents out there who are looking for a kindy around Ampang.

1.  Kindicare Play and Preschool, Jalan Pakat, Ukay Heights
This school captured my heart the moment I walk in. Headmistress was very welcoming, and answers your questions the right way. Out of all the schools, this one assures me that they will guide tia through her potty training although she was already 3years old (which translates to me that they are patient). She lets tia join the class she's supposed to be in while she showed me around and tia did not want to go home. The school has a nice mix of expats and all races. Toilets are clean, has a stepstool and children will be assisted by teachers when they go peepee. Big playground area at the back of the school. Fees are supposedly RM750 a month but they have this compulsory music class, +RM50. so, RM800 a month. school hours 8.30am-12.30pm. 

2. Kidz Cabin - Jalan Tebrau, Ukay Heights
I went to enquire while the school was already on holidays. This school is a lot more happening than Kindicare, but I think i was a bit turned off because of the miscommunication with the headmistress- she was late for appointment and also it wasn't very easy to visit the school because she's always not around. or perhaps it was just a coincidence with me. Big space, 2 bungalows. has a sick bay as well. a playground, and a cute little roleplay area. A friend told me they have a lot of fancy activities including international day, among a few others. extra classes includes rhythmic gymnastics which was awesome! Decent place, but maybe I chose Kindicare because I saw tia in action. Fees around RM500-600+ a month.

3.  British Montessori Preparatory School - Jalan 1, Taman TAR
The 2 schools above were located in the hills of Ukay Heights, secluded and a way from pollution. this one is on top of the hills of Taman TAR, also nice. Principal was very nice. I was impressed with her explanation as well as the large compounds of the school. Tia liked the big trampoline outside. Toilets are good, has a proper canteen like eating place instead of converting a classroom into a canteen. Teachers seem patient with the kids as far as I can see. Fees are a bit steep though, RM1200 a month if I'm not mistaken. So we had to give it a pass.

4.  REAL kids -4th Mile, Jalan Ampang
I forgot about this school. otherwise I would've enrolled Tia there. My sister Fina goes there back in the days when it was still called CEC, and she was happy there. However, the system, teachers would've changed since the rebranding. What I do know is, they have a proper swimming pool, a nice dropoff and pickup system, and school hours can be chosen whether its half a day, or til 3.30pm. Fees if I'm not mistaken, also affordable at RM500+ a month. 

5. Smart Reader Bukit Indah & Ampang Point
I went to both centres to ask about reading tutorials recently. Both premises are a tad too tiny and there were a lot of kids. Not my preference. It's a sit down and learning kind of school. They have to divide the children into two sessions- morning (8.30am-12.00pm) and Afternoon (2.30- 5.30pm).I went during their snack time and I see the kids eating those teddy bear chocolate biscuits given by the school. Headmistresses are very accomodative to questions. Fees are very very reasonable though. and I love the phonics and reading charts they have in their common area.

6. Buzzy Bee Montessori International School
Most of my little cousins went to this school and my grandmother and aunty advised me to send tia here as well. at first I thought the fees are a little bit steep at RM900 a month (might have been increased by now) and the area wasn't really big. It's located in a row of houses, in a housing area, so it does seem a little bit crowded. The food menu looks healthy and nice as well, and I understood that 80% of the students are expats. maybe that explains the fees. However, I did not get to visit this school as at that time I have chosen Kindicare for Tia.

Other kindergartens around Ampang which I know but have no info on:

- Brainy Bunch Ampang Point
- Seri Mawar Childcare and Development Centre
- CIC , Bukit Indah
- Atfal Kids, Jalan Mamanda
- Tadika Al-Ehsan

I have actually pulled Tia out of Kindicare, reason being the fees are getting too expensive for a part time pharmacist like me. That, and they also have a bunch of holidays, following the national ones and also some international ones like Easter. Parents are not very well updated on the child's progress. (or was it just me?) Tiana seemed happy everytime balik sekolah though, and that is the most important thing. however, she is a bigger girl now, ready for a more independent based school and er, much lower fees.

Hope this post helps!
Til then:)


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tiana Jezmine is 4 years old

Just like that, our little angel Tiana Jezmine is 4 years old!
A true god-sent angel she is.. bouncy, adorable, smart in her own way, the most beautiful being to both of us.

Her true personalities are slowly coming out, and i'm sure in a blink of an eye she'll start trying to find the person she really is. and God's willing, i am always here to guide her through.

My darling Tia, 

Perhaps one day you'll read this and i may or may not be around then:) I am glad i have this blog to show you how much you are loved. I will never forget the first time I laid my eyes on you, a little bundle in green blanket sleeping peacefully next to me, freshly out of my tummy. I'll never forget how your commando crawls which you did for a very long time, your chubby soft skin, your hair. oh your hair was the cutest of all and everyone thinks so too. Now it's waist length and I've never cut it because it's too pretty. I'll never forget how impressed i was when you first recognised your colours, sorting your playdoh buckets correctly when i call the colours. or when you were singing ABCs over and over again. 

You love roleplaying. Pretending to be everything you can every single day in your own little world. I love seeing you play with your little ELC Happyland Toys. It reminded me of myself and how I loved doing that when i was little. Although you may be a little bit more louder than me! its alright, means that you're so into character. hehe

I know you've been eyeing my makeup. I don't really do full makeup, just eyeliner, eyebrow liner and lipstick. but you watched, and one day when I was not around, experimented on your own. I wish opah had taken that video of you cuz it would've been so precious! All you wanted was to be like me and mommy is so honoured. I let you wear lipstick for the first time to your Halloween party. and the look on your face...was priceless although it was dark purple to match your witch outfit. I never let you wear make up will remind me of how fast you're growing up. so i got u a set of face painting crayons so you could experiment on your own:)

You are brilliant at arts. you love painting, you keep on asking me everyday to let you paint. Mommy bought batik painting kits, canvas painting kits, and even an empty art block. I printed out colouring pages and file them so you could colour and you loved them. you will spend hours painting happily until your project is complete. And you are so good at sewing! I love watching you concentrate on sewing those sewing cards i printed.

Sometimes I see you practice moves from your ballet class. not those tippy toes and twirls...but those hand movements. You love wearing your ballet attire and the tutus I made. you just started gymnastic a few weeks ago, and perhaps don't love it as much as ballet. You LOVE to sing. and I'm sure if given the chance you will sing the entire day.

Independent. I admire how you don't rely on friends at the playground. I know that through a time of your life, it is important to have friends. but I also want you to know that it's okay not to be too dependant on your friends. because while some will stick by you, some will hurt you as you go along with life. it's okay to befriend as many friends as you want, but do not be too close. instead, come home to your family and depend on us. because we will never leave you.

Love. You loved your little brother. And he adores you so much. Right now, both of you are pretty inseparable. I try to let you guys do everything together, from sleeping, bathing, eating, playing and sharing a room while you are still little so that you depend on one another. you two rarely fight, and i thank god for that! I don't know if this will work when both of you are married in the future, but i really hope that even though you have your own families, you will always do activities together and not drift apart.

We've seen all sort of amazingness these past 4 years and looking forward to keep on watching you grow. We love you so much little princess!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fleece blankets - The Spotlight Ampang Haul

When you live near a Spotlight outlet..try to walk in only when necessary. Spotlight Ampang has so many assortment of fabric always on clearance. everytime i walk into the store..argh there would be something that will bug me-"take me to the!". even the boy cashier now recognizes me!*malu*

Last trip, i got these ammaaazing fleece blankets. before this i always wonder how to use these thick insulated kinda cloth in this kind of climate? but that day i just decided to try because the Hello Kitty prints was just too cute. and then i found a blue robot one.perfecttt.

For toddler beds like these, i only got 1m of each. at that time it was on 50% discount, rm25 a meter. There are some nicer tempting ones as well - Star Wars print at RM55+ a meter so i resisted myself from getting that. All I did was put the fabric through the serger cuz i was lazy. supposed to hem up all sides.

Tia likes her blanket tucked in hotel style.n riz who didn't like blankets now requests for "robot" before he sleeps. they're so soft! maybe a minky fabric would be softer but u still have to sew a few layers. leceh. in an aircon room these blankets are great.

haha saja promote Spotlight. just because, if ure a fabric stasher like'll go crazy and the clearence sale can help u like, alot.hehe. not shop for fabric there if you're in a hurry because the staff cuts really slow. like...reeeeally.....slooooow..can practically here the snip........snip......snip while u tap your foot thinking about your kids troubling your mom at home. Do not expect those Kamdar style snips. zasss nah, 2m. and if you need to enquire on a certain item price, don't bother calling in because the staff doesn't really have all the available items and the functions of each on their fingertips. do drop by and check out for yourself:) even so, once upon a time i bought this beautiful fabric from Spotlight Ikano for RM15 a meter and went to get some more in ampang because it was unbelievably cheap, obviously..and the staff told me "uhh.....this fabric has NEVER gone down from RM50 a meter even if its on sale!" yup, not all is bad...sometimes you do get lucky:P 

ok toodles!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mommy struggles..


Omg how i miss blogging! October to Decembers are usually packed with birthdays so i've been getting so many birthday outfit orders that there are times i feel like it's beyond me. And do note that, the definition of "so many" is not based on the profits i get, but more on the time that i had to squeeze in aside of other daily routine.

There is a quote saying that "Allah SWT will provide from where you can't even imagine". I believe in this 100%. Everyone would agree it's not very easy to get adjusted to not being financially independent after resigning a job that pays so well before. There was also a statement from Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz saying that,

Unfortunately, this ultimate level of contentment of being a pharmacist ended right after Tia was born. I asked for transfer to work in a Ministry Office with a permanent decision that if this doesn't make me happy, or work out for me, then it is time to resign and leave. I guess it's true that right after you have kids, whether you're a big fan of kids or you're not, your mother instincts WILL kick in, and your happiest place is with the kids no matter how difficult they are to manage.

I was lucky to have a degree in Pharmacy because we can resort to part time jobs using your license. so i've been earning a little bit of that, and most of my efforts are spent on my lil tutu and personalized tshirt shop Sabbytia. I LOVE crafting my orders. I treat every order as a rezeki and i feel disappointed when i can't cater to all. I can't even answer all the whatsapps because the kids are watching me. Tia just laid down in her bed before bedtime and tapped on my old iphone saying that "oh mommy always do this before bed". So in order to make things work, i can only start work after the kids are asleep. During the day, someone would run away with my fabric paints on pretext of learning his colours (arranges all the paint and say out the colours one by one), little fingers would jab the screen of my sewing machine, requests for manicures, for a snack, for susu, and etcetra, you know the drill. As a result, I stay up til 2am every night, and i am sorry that if the kids wake up at night, husband needs to tend to them because i just.won't.wake.up. i can't hear them actually. alah be fair la, he needs to bond with the kids anyway:P 

I have to constantly remind myself as to why i work so hard for Sabbytia:

#1 I need the money. unless husband can provide a specific amount every month then alright, i can filter out the orders, sleep a bit earlier, wake up happier instead of grumpiness, and start cooking and ironing again. don't get me started on that pile of laundry. I am just grateful that husband sends them all to the laundrette and iron clothes sendirian berhad. I do try to iron his clothes when i can, because yes i am aware of that saying -a man who iron his own clothes is a man who is not loved. i love him. that's why i push myself sometimes. well, maybe 20% of the time. at least! hun, there are many other ways to show love.

#2 It's my stress reliever. After a long day of monotonous work around the house, i create something and the outcome just makes whatever's bugging me, go away. 

A lot of people may think that oh bestnye SAHM sempat main jahit-jahit, masak-masak, takyah bangun pagi rush gi office, boleh sambung cuddle2 anak atas katil. truth? if we want to sew, it has to be into the late night. the cuddle part? kids go to school. u have to wake up and prepare everything. boy i wish we could cuddle til 10am! but if we do, kids will have no lunch cuz mommy doesn't cook.

So you see, there really is no easy option of being a lady. FTWM, SAHM, WAHM. none are easy tasks. each has to juggle everything at one go. each is as demanding as the other. FTWM works their ass off and come back for more housework, BUT you can afford a helper and a lot of luxuries. SAHM works their asses off for the family, for the home, too much that it gets monotonous and you crave for some kind of social interaction. BUT you get to work in the comfort of your own home, and set your own standards without having the boss eyeing you judgementally. WAHM also does it all, but mind you, it is NOT EASY to work whether on the sewing machine or laptop unless you stay up burning the midnight oil. 

All the same, as a mother, you complain about getting very little time with your kids, or too much time with them. no in betweens unless you are one of those who can afford a helper, but that also based on experience, you tend to get jealous when your kid wants the maid instead of you.

Lets all take one step at a time, go with the flow. appreciate your loved ones and be grateful for the rezeki that is brought to you. Good luck!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sponsored Post :Launch of the New Magnum White Almond Ice Cream – Magnum Sensation in White Party

This invention of an ice cream has so far never failed to tempt me and my tastebuds. bye bye diet! For those who don't know, Magnum is widely known as the first handheld ice cream that boasts pure luxury and pleasure in every bite, made only by the finest ingredients. My husband always has our fridge stocked up with this particular brand in many flavours and sizes. And we will usually 'romantically' indulge in this dessert late at night while watching tv, appreciating the silence as our kids are fast asleep...........*insert dreamy face here* or, used to bribe the kids when we need them to behave. haha. anyways...

Star of the night
Magnum has launched yet another flavour specially for white chocolate lovers like me out there- Magnum White Almond. Its remarkable arrival in Malaysia is celebrated with a truly exclusive and premium party held in the grand ballroom of Hilton Hotel, KL. Everyone was all dressed chic and classy in white. I was super honoured to be invited to this wonderful Sensation in White Party, thanks to Nuffnang! you made me such a happy lady:) 

The New Magnum White Almond is all about extravagance- a rich white chocolate coat topped with crunchy almond slices over smooth vanilla ice cream. It exudes the air of class, elegance and pure white indulgence and ultimate pleasure. I am a big fan of white chocolate and trust me, having one of these ice cream makes you want another. Sweet, rich and fulfilling. unbiased!
This is THE star of the night. and check out my pretty Magnum White manicure;)
Thats the Magnum White Almond with its thick layer of cracking Belgian White Chocolate with toasted almond pieces enveloping a smooth and creamy Vanilla ice cream.   My kinda premium ice cream. Made with good quality Belgium chocolate, it brings Belgium closer to home;)

The party started off with the beautiful Stephanie Chai delivering her welcome remarks, followed by a speech by the Chairman of Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd, Mr Rakesh Mohan. He then officiated the launch.
"The newest addition to our pleasures guarantees a taste to remember"-Mr Rakesh Mohan.

A pair of aerial dancers danced gracefully in the air. The impressive performance of elegant motions signifies the spectacular revelation of the New Magnum White Almond. I instantly recognised one of the dancers who is none other than my aerial sifu, Miko from Viva Vertical. Oh how i missed dancing on the silks! 

The Sensation in White Party has 3 experiential corners which provided its guests an ultimate premium experience and symbolises the finest indulgence that life has to offer. 

The Dining and Culinary Corner showcased a spread of White Decadent.

The Beauty Corner offers white manicure and temporary white tattoo. I like this corner the best! hehe. 

The White Almond Corner filled its guests with none other that pure pleasure and indulgence. I have never seen so many Magnum Ice cream in front of my eyes til I  came to this party.hehe. and its free flow for guests too. oh my yumm.

The party was then brought to life by DJ Joey G when he started showing of his turntable skills. Countless white balloons rained from the ceiling and scattered all over the floor at our feet! 

It was a fun night. I enjoyed the served canapes that made up my dinner while mingling around and getting to know other bloggers and also taking pictures with the celebrities.

Aand also what is a party without doorgifts <3 We got a boxful of Magnum White to stock up our fridge which I'm pretty sure will last only a few days and also this cute little mini magnum usb drive. gonna fill this up with embroidery patterns yeay! (back to lil ol crafty mommy me. hehe)

So would you like to have a taste as well?

You can now get the NEW Magnum White Almond from all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts. Its an affordable luxury at RM4.50 for a single stick or RM13.50 for a multipack of 3. 

For more information on this luxurious white indulgence, you can log on to Magnum's Facebook Page at or

Last but not least, thank you so much, Magnum, Unilever Sdn Bhd and Nuffnang for having me at this luxurious Magnum Sensation in White Party:)

Yours truly. signing off!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Magnum and Nuffnang.

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