Saturday, August 1, 2015

Baby Riz Johann's Milestones Vlog Compilation


It's been a week and both TJ and RJ are still sick. uwaa.on and off fever, cough and's been a tiring week. I don't like the worrysome feeling of reading the thermometer. 39. 40. 41 degrees celsius. heartbreaking! wish I could take the illness away from them..

Anyhoo, I was browsing around my macbook and its photobooth treasures and found RJ's milestone videos:) it's so amazing how much he has grown. Every month, I would sit down with RJ in front of the cam to record his milestones n development. I havent been very compliant and missed a few months but can still see the difference. i miss his soft 4 month old chubbiness! my fave month for both kids:)

Here's a compilation I made. first few vids are very awkward! maluu. n i didn't dress up for these vids.hehe. but just focus on RJ k! hugss

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Germs Everywhere..

Tia is sick. And we're talking about 39-41 degrees celsius kind of fever:( We took the kids to Aeon Setiawangsa last weekend. I think she got it from there. we were between the kite park in Kepong or Aeon. I really wish we chose the latter. even though a lot of people..there's a lot of space and open air. Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa had 3 giant bouncy castles in the foyer and some art and crafts for the kids that we decided to check out and when we reached I was shocked to see almost 40-50 kids in one area. 

There were at least 20 kids on the main bouncy castle, big and small. I hesitated but the kids were already excited. so we went in. Prayed hard that riz wont catch anything since he still puts his fingers in his mouth when he doesnt have his pacifier. he had diarrhea before and it was a nightmare. i literally became a mom who carried wet wipes everywhere after that.

Dah nak jadi, lupa nak lap tangan diorg lepas main. arghh. and they were eating snacks within the playarea. argh. how can we be so careless.......esoknya tia terus demam, the following day demam got worse. 

As i'm typing now, I just put her to sleep and she's still at 40.1C. She wont let me put in a suppository, wont eat the pasta soup i made, wont drink much water, won't drink milk because she vomited milk this morning. she was in bed almost the whole day. what do i do? what would you do? her daddy's doing locum at the clinic tonight. he would be the first person that would make her happy right now..if only.

You know, as annoying as it was, I miss her crazy singing and running around the house. sigh.

I still don't know what kind of infection she contracted until we take a blood test. what if it's something more than cough and cold? how many kids in there were not vaccinated? how dirty was that place? 

I think Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa should reinforce the hygiene of a children play area, if not the hygiene..set a limit of the amount of children in the playarea to minimise infection. and not for the sake of collecting money. nak masuk sorang dah RM15. even baby pun RM15. thats RM30. pastu tia nak buat window art, +RM8. nak buat sand art, +RM4. banyak untung ni diorg at the end of the day. I wonder how many kids fall sick upon returning home.

It's our fault as well. dah tau ramai, masuk jugak. ventilation tak elok semua. next time, only open air, lesser kids, or better hygiene places like jkids or kizsports. at least selalu nampak diorg spray disinfectant. i'm actually very disappointed in ourselves. how can we not have known? uwaa.

Syafakillah, Tiana Jezmine. Fast recovery kay girly. mommy wanna hear you sing, dance and run again...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My first TOMS shoes !

Last weekend...I decided to treat myself to a pair of shoes:)
I don't usually shop for shoes. I will buy a good comfy pair and will wear them day and night and everywhere I go. My favourites at the moment are flats. Actually since I delivered Riz! sigh bad bad....most of my friends have already got over the flats and moved back onto heels but I am still stuck to the comfyness, easy breeziness of sandals and flats. Well especially since I now have 2 kids to handle at every outing without a helper....this clinginess to flat shoes make sense right?

It has been awhile since I was eyeing Toms Shoes. And when I walked in their flagship store in Midvalley the other day, couldn't help but to just go ahead and get a pair. oh, think of all those hardworking mommy days....I deserved a treat laa.

Say hello to my new Toms! my first ever pair. hehe. I just had to get the rainbow ones too! This pair is called Satin Paint Chip from the Women's Classics range. I was deciding between the lace pair and this one and thought hey, this one will easily match any of my clothings.

So with this I hereby declare that these pair will be my mommy shoes. from chauffeuring the kids to school, gym and classes to family outings to malls and supermarkets. So far liking how my feet fit in them and so far no blisters. it's a yay.

What's nice about purchasing this pair is that it also makes you feel good because of their One for One Campaign- for every pair of TOMS shoes bought, the company will give a pair to a kid who could not afford shoes, somewhere in this world.

So far, my choices of mommy shoes so far are:
1. Ipanemas - the strappy kind like below which doesn't look like a flip flop.

2. Melissa Shoes (but i could no longer afford them since I resigned. boohoo) - I used to get ones that can be used for formal and informal outings. They are super comfy and is good value for money. my previous pair got so worn out and dirty from overwearing.hehe.only when there's a sale their prices go down to RM200+ for selected styles, otherwise RM400+. The mini Melissas were my fave too and Tia had two pairs which she wear everywhere she goes. Range of kids Melissa shoes are RM180-200. 

That fine day, when I don't have to chase the kids or carry them anymore..i will go back to wedges or heels. hopefully I wont be too old! til then, I shall continue wearing only the flats and the comfortable. cheers!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Greenhouse by Muir - Cake Treat for little Tia

The other day, whilst still in the Raya holidays...I decided to check out this new eatery in town, right beside Gleneagles Hospital on Jalan Ampang. I've read about this place in an article before and was excited to check it out because it's just like 8 minutes from home. Tia was bored and her daddy went back to work so I brought her along with me for a cake treat. Riz was too handful so I pujuked the grandparents to keep an eye on him for just a little while:)

Greenhouse by Muir is the name of the place. The ground floor consists of a cafe (Evendough Cafe), a marketplace (Kuroshio Market) and a bakery (Evendough Bakery). The 2nd floor will only be opened in August, which will be contemporary dining. It's all Japanese and where there's Japanese food, you can find me :))

Apparently parking is not that convenient especially on peak hours like lunch, but when we were there it was almost deserted because everyone was off celebrating raya I guess, so there was plenty of parking.

Opening Hours if anyone's wondering:

Upon walking in, the cafe counter is on your right, with lotsa tempting dessert display. Tia quickly pointed to the chocolate tart with salted caramel. gulp. 

Next to Evendough cafe was a map of the ground floor. And a guide on how to shop:)

I was craving for sushi and they have pre-packed sushi at the cold section. hidden at the back near the glass window. Price range are somewhat like Isetan KLCC. rm6 for a simple 6pc maki and can go up to RM20 a pack for fancy ones with Unagi.

This is the hot section. For a bowl of rice, soup and vege it's RM6+ then you choose your lauks for an additional price. From a glimpse I saw Unagi, Teriyakis, Pregnant fish, Tempuras.

Here's the Evendough Bakery. They have samples of bread and i find the flavors amusing such as Chocolate cake in bread, Seaweed and Cheese chunks in bread. They actually taste pretty alright. And also other regulars such as the Baguette and Multigrain breads. 

Off we went to pay for the sushi and I grabbed a bowl of miso soup from the hot section. oh and mineral water cuz tia was having such a chocolatey cake!

There was a long canteen like table indoors which doesn't offer that much privacy similar to Ikea food court. You can also dine outside al fresco style. We chose a table outside. oh don't forget to grab wasabi and soyasauce and chopsticks from a counter near the glass door.

My Avocado Maki yumm

That's the happy girl with her chocolate cake. once in a blue moon je. share with mommy! Ok what happens after we got home with that amount of sugar in her don't wanna know>.< Singing top of the lungs and jumping on the bed and going round and round talking to a pretend person kind of sugar high T_T 

So all in all,  Greenhouse of Muir is a pretty good place to hangout for a Japanese snack, light or late lunch or to share a piece of cake. Go try go try. hehe.

Greenhouse by Muir
Address: 1 Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Open daily:
Evendough CafĂ© (10am – 10pm)
Evendough Bakery (11am-10pm)
Kuroshio Market (11am-10pm)

Friday, July 24, 2015

ABC Pasta Soup Day for the Kids

Its pasta day today:)

Something kinda obvious happened during the raya holidays...Riz has changed from a baby who would eat anything under the sun to one who picks and chooses his food! argh the horror. Tia was exactly like that too last time and she's still picky now. she now notices hidden vege in her food and will never drink anything else except plain cold water, will not try alien looking food.

Riz on the other hand, maybe got a lil bit bored with rice..and prefers noodles in any kind as well as pasta. Tia has no compaints too. When it comes to pasta..I love this brand called PastaZara. They're like the only brand with cute fun shapes and affordable that I've found so far.

PastaZARA comes in many shapes and themes that are attractive to toddlers and kids- Teddy bears, Looney Tunes, Transportations, Alphabets, and Bows which are not too big. The sizes of pasta are just nice for the little mouths:)

I got these from a supermarket near my house. Sometimes I've seen this brand in Ben's Grocers Publika and sometimes Tesco has it too. but most of the time they run out of stock. so whenever I see any of these shapes available i always buy 2-3 packets at a time. RM5.90 each, depends on where you buy it from.

Today I'm making ABC soup using the Alphabets Semolina. first time! I don't usually use tiny pastas like these but I think the size is just nice so i went ahead. not complicated really, I just soaked these according to the cooking instructions on the packet and cooked some chicken soup.then serve. Tia had 2 bowls of it woohoo.

Uncooked Alphabets.

After cooking. thats 3 tablespoons of pasta from the packet.

And that's TJ having her lunch after school (of course she wouldnt eat a whole meal in school *shrugs*)

Ok, Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Riz Johann's Upgrade to the Toddler Bed

Tia was transitioned to a toddler bed when she turned 2 years old. My parents got her a Gulliver Toddler Bed from Ikea as a birthday present. She was 'growing out' of her playpen back then, growing taller and the playpen looked too crowded. she would cry and bug people to climb in to sleep and to get out of it. so those were her signs of being ready to move on to a toddler bed.

The Gulliver bed in my opinion is the best out of all the toddler beds in Ikea because of the all round railings. it resembles a cot but its a big boy/big girl bed and so far Tia has not fallen out of it yet. It's also spacious, measuring 60cm x 180cm. haha, i remembered the measurements cuz i DIYed fitted sheets for this bed. it's around a foot shorter in length, than the normal bed.

Transition was pretty easy for Tia. the girl loved her bed, and she never actually co sleep with us. The only prob was just that she might get up and roam around at night, but so far so good.

So the playpen was passed down to Riz, and he enjoyed jumping in it and shaking the railings to oblivion and lovely mommy broke it in the process of trying to fold it up T_T He was doing alright soothing himself to sleep. i can even give him a bottle and leave the room and he'll be asleep by the time I return. now at 19 months old, he co sleeps with mommy daddy in our little queen sized bed and occasionally kakak squeezed in together when she has bad dreams. As much as i love cuddling my babies..i don't really fancy co-sleeping. I still want to share my bed with my husband, and only him (selfish ke?) so yes, we had to get a toddler bed asap!

One fateful day I was scrolling around an expats preloved group on fb and a lady was selling off her Gulliver bed for rm250. kidding right? It was an absolute steal! I quickly purchased it from her. now we have matching toddler beds woooot. I rearranged our room a bit, pasted up their birth announcement posters from the cukur jambul events, sew pretty fitted sheets for both beds and here's how the toddlers' corner looked like:))

Moving Riz into his new bed was easier than I thought - I can't leave him to soothe himself to sleep anymore, but its nice to cuddle up with him for his naps and he didn't take very long to fall asleep anyway. He's in a phase of copying big sis so he is happy with his bed, with big sis next to him and that little space they have between the beds, only they can fit to walk up and down. and Tia as well, we used to pull her bed to combine with ours at night but when we put riz's bed next to hers, she doesn't really wake up at night looking for us anymore. hurray:)

We do have occasional nights whereby both still end up in our tiny bed but most nights they sleep soundly in their own beds. Will let you guys in on the tips to move your toddler to a big boy/girl bed soon!

Til then,

Kids Recipe - Ayam masak kicap (Soyasauce Chicken)


I got a bit of a mommy-chef block today. started off the morning not knowing what to cook for the kids. soup again? steam again? boring. and then I thought..masak kicap ok kot. I didnt fry the chicken first like we usually should. i boiled the chicken to tenderize it and used the stock for the kuah. or gravy. Lemme share this recipe with you guys although i know...who doesnt know how to cook masak kicap? hehe

So here are my ingredients:
2 pc of chicken thigh
2 pc button mushrooms
3 baby carrots
1 red onion (sliced thinly)
2 cloves of garlic (sliced thinly)
1 inch ginger (ketuk)
kikkoman soyasauce
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
Season-all by mcCormick (optional)
Air asam jawa. sikit je.

So while u're preparing the ingredients, boil the chicken. 

Pour a liitle bit of oil in a little pot. fry the garlic, onion and ginger. Put in chicken, mushroom n carrots, stir fry.

Add in the oyster sauce, kikkoman soyasauce, season all and pepper. pour in the chicken stock from earlier, add in more water if you want more gravy. I usually do that cuz my kids don't eat their rice dry. Simmer up and you're done:)

Oh yeah..I do use soyasauce and oyster sauce because my kids are both above 1yo. If you don't fancy both the ingredients then just wait til theyre older then:) 

Thanks for reading!

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