How to Dine in/Distract a Baby in a Restaurant

Sunday, September 7, 2014

When we had just tia we never really dared to dine out, the three of us. once we got her interested in the ipad...guilty as we are we just put her on the babychair with the ipad on and eat peacefully. yes yes, i know it's not good. but at that moment of time..when the waitress puts a plate of awesome lamb shoulder worth 35 bucks in front of you..what other parents think doesnt matter. asalkan the child did not bother you makan and you get to fill up your tummy. it's just for meals anyway.

But with 2 kids along the way...i think we've gotten a bit better at this eat out thing. 
Last time...we take turns eating. i'll eat first while hubby takes tia for a walk then comes back, and i take her out while he eats. then like, whats the point of eating out with the family right?
Now we have to force ourselves to survive. cuz we cant take turns no more..we have to handle one baby each.

Now that Tia is a bit older and would stay put in her chair, so it is so much easier dining out with her. she still needs the ipad once in awhile but now she has this new love for magic clip disney princesses so she will bring her handbag filled with princesses and play with them anytime anywhere. she does buat perangai sometimes but still bearable and can handle:)

Tia's fave food and princesses by the side

Bored during buffet dine outs

As for Riz...this is what we currently do now.

Links. never thought of buying them last time but now i found them verry handy. these links have different textures and shapes. i will give it to him one at a time. most of the time everything will end up under the table cuz he's in the "hmmm-i'll-throw-this-down-and-see-where-it-hits" phase but it delays the process. hehe.

And also backup toys in case ure tired of picking up those tossed links under the table. I actually ordered a toy strap for this matter and waiting for the parcel. gonna clip the links to his shirt so he wont toss them down. anyways. these toys keep him occupied for awhile. so eat while he's occupied. for like...a total of 5 mins if u're lucky.

Better bring a stroller. because some restaurants do not have chairs with seatbelts. and RJ is in a phase of climbing out of a babychair. that, or slouching down those colourful plastic antique ones we used to find in mamaks during our time. or those stokke ones at PlanB? both my babies are too chubby they couldnt put the infant fixture on. drumsticks are in the way. heheh. 

And also RJ tends to get sleepy during dine outs. so we can push the stroller around til he falls asleep then hoorayyy eat in peace.
While we had breakfast at our recent staycation. still in pajamas:)

This is if you forget the stroller or baby gets too restless in babychair, or sleepy during dineouts. i usually carry riz to sleep, pull the hoodie on and sit with him in our boba. and eat. orang sebelah meja tengok2....."kesian" agaknye, diorg pikir.

Feed baby lunch/dinner together at the table
I practice this now. if i have to go out for lunch, i will bring riz's lunch together. so while waiting at the table I would feed him. one him, one myself. that would keep him quiet for a lil bit, at least til he's done with his meal. and thankfully, some of mine too.

If all else fail.....do the take turns in eating again. hehe

Hormone blues: of being overachiever and Tia's clinginess.

Friday, September 5, 2014

I realise, nowadays that I am an overachiever. I never was in pharmacy school and at work last time, maybe because of the interest issue. well maybe a little, cuz while in school..I want to make sure i do everything that i dreamed to do. in the midst of exams and everything, I attended long dance rehearsals til 2am, multiple shows in a week, choreograph for uni events..and still qualify as a pharmacist.

When i have interest in things...i squeeze them in. no matter how busy life gets. no matter how late in the night it is.

I've been pushing myself a lot these days. I want the house to be clean. to be swept and mopped at least every alternate day. I want to cook dinner for the husband when he come back from locum. I want to take care of both kids. cook for them. atm they eat seperate dishes because one of them cant eat salt yet. I want to send Tia to classes. Do laundry. finish ironing that pending mountain in the maid's room. and I want to sew...create new stuff for babies. make tutu, clothes, toys, teething necklace. 

Because this "creating stuff" thing....is the only thing I have left because I've sacrificed all my other interests for the husband and especially the kids. I have to do it you see, its the only thing that makes sad thoughts go away. and when all chores are done, and kids go to bed, is the only time when i can sit and do some craft. and usually that would start earliest at 11pm.

1am is usually when i go to bed..and baby wakes up at 3am for milk, sometimes 4am. sometimes 5ish...wakes up crying and wakes the toddler up too. its exhausting. exhausting for me......

Husband has been helping around with these nightcalls..play with the kids when i do chores(when he's around), buy food when i sangat tak larat masak, and dump clothes in the machine. cant expect much since he puts the food on the table. i'm sure he doesn't understand why I am as tired as that. I don't nap during the day..and i maximise my energy with these two kids. one naps, the other one awakes. 

Tia's clinginess.
Not to me, but to daddy. yeah yeah i know, daddy's girl and all. pic above was her camping in front of the bathroom door waiting for daddy. it hurts. is it because i was away for most of her first 2 years of life due to work? so is he. is it because I'm the bad cop? because daddy never says no even though what she does is wrong? is it because i do a lot of chores and cant play much with her? she follows him around like a baby duck..and when he's home, she doesnt need mommy anymore.daddy feed me. i wanna sleep with daddy. daddy will u play with me? mommy said no. daddy pleeease can i have it? daddy daddy daddy. 

I know its normal, but what if this lasts til she grows up? is she going to share boy stories with me? girl stuff? or is she going to ajak daddy go do manicure pedicure? nasib lah. i'm not supposed to feel hurt but I kind of am...dah la paling susah bsalinkan dia. giving birth to Riz although tumpah darah takde la sampai permanent scar. giving birth to her is like...you know. but i guess i'm not supposed to "ungkit". I'm sorry.

It is normal for kids to be excited when daddy comes home. even Riz. I dont know if he's gonna be like tia but at least...when he sees me i can see his eyes light up. he comes crawling to me. he wants to sleep in the carrier, near my chest. and i let him. he loves the porridge i make for him. he needs me. but no, i cant have favourites. sometimes i feel like it, because if these behaviors. but i neeed to remind myself over and over that i love both. bad bad mom. I am grateful that both love their daddy n loves to play with him. their favorite playmate. and I am grateful for a husband who is ever so loving to his kids, makes time for them even though he has limited time and plays with them just like a playmate.

Perhaps, just like a job...it takes a toll on me. I'm trying to be perfect, but nothing n nobody is..really. I need to lay back for a bit. chill. dont think too much. perhaps its the hormones. the time of month atm. everything is amplified and im so sensitive. perhaps.

Hoping things will get better in a few days, when these hormones are settled. til then, cheers.


SAHM and everything I used to have.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sometimes i feel a bit sad thinking about...

All the outings that takes a lot of effort because i have to bring around a toddler and a baby.

All the good food that i cant eat without having to feed two mouths (three, plus mine) and a possible tantrum.

My fringe which i wanted to cut a long time ago but now outgrown..and a hair colour wish which is still pending..

The dates we used to go out together, peacefully.i think i even forgotten how to go on dates without the kids.

Dance rehearsals and aerial class..my pole.but of course. this would be an invalid wish at this age and with 2 kids.

Shopping for the kids, planning their birthdays, chipping in on vacation..and all the things i used to do when i was still earning twice what i earn now.

But everyday i witness with my own eyes how these two grow up and they change almost everyday.they amaze and surprise me ever so often that i might not get a chance to see if i go to work. 

Riz is becoming so attached to me and im loving every single second of it (except when he cries) and Tia..well she's still the daddy's girl she is and i cant change that (its ok now i have my mommy's boy blegh) but she is growing up to be very pretty inside out in my eyes n i would love to give the world to her.

Sometimes i miss work.not the unnecessary stress.but the lunches, the new restaurants we try every friday, short naps on the desk, the chats with colleagues, the pretty clothes.sometimes i feel stripped of everything. everyone needs a break. now i know what they mean by..being SAHM is not the world. u dont get paid at all, no leaves at all, no friends at all.

But hey, i can always go to work when i want to, cuz i will always have my degree in hand (if my license tak ditarik or something).and for now, im enjoying my kids too much. i am thankful for my husband who lets me have this chance, and also tries to bring us out to new restaurants , although together with the kids..to try on cuz i really need that after all the long days of housework.

However, as discussed with hubby a few days bfore..i do want a whole day away from housework and kids for a good salon session, facial or spa.just for a break.next week i hope.ok til then:)

Lots of love.

Riz Johann's 8 Months Shirt Shoot and Vlog.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life's greatest treasures.
Such an honour to be able to watch these two gifts grow, and watch their milestones.
Each are special in their own ways and just different.  2 different individuals. 
Allah's creations are crazy amazing aren't they?:)

Well of course there are good and bad days of child care. one moment rasa sayang gila and the next moment especially during the nights when the baby doesnt wanna sleep..u'll be like grrrrr. but hey overall i am enjoying what i do. it's super duper tiring, at times u feel unappreciated but i love it. i guess its just mothers instinct. 

Anyways.....here's Riz's 8 month shirt shoot and omaigod why oh why did I chose to put him on the sofa? for the rest of the year takuttt dia jatuh sofa tu cuz he moves non stop this boy.tsk tsk:D

I've aways thought Tia is hyper and i can handle anything else after her. but noo. Riz is like..2-3x more hyper and adventurous than she is. at 8 months he roams Gymboree like a boss while waiting for big sister to finish class. and by roam i mean he crawls super duper fast  under the equipments and climbs the slides from bottom to top okay....crazy boy. but i love you nonetheless!

He wakes up 3am for milk then at 5.30am and playplayplay and sleeps back at 8am. ok ini i dont like. i dont nap during the day and i wantt my good night sleep:( He can finish eating a whole chinese bowl full of porridge and still asks for milk after. crazy boy but i love you hehehe

ok video log time. We missed the shirt shoot for the 7th month (sedihhh) but fewh i did make a videolog. so here's 7 months and 8 months RJ:)

til next post! hugss

An update: Runaway maid and being a SAHM, Riz 6 months shirt shoot.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh my.

What a long hiatus it has been..
I have been very very busy. adjusting as a mother of two takes forever for me cuz i am nowhere near good at this.

Watching both of them grow everyday has been an incredible blessing...everyday I keep reminding myself that they will never be the same as days pass by.

Tia will not roleplay with her magic clip princesses forever. and wont come to and say "I love you very much mommy" when she's older.

And Riz...he will not crawl forever. and i am desperately trying to etch the memory of him crawling and exploring every possible nook and cranny he can get in, in my mind. since I didnt get to do the same with Tia last time.

My maid ran away. this is the 2nd maid who ran away. Indonesian maids are hopeless. u are nice to them and they are grateful to you and all and then the next day they creep out of the gate. The first one crept out at night and came back at down. this one ran away from my moms house and i found love notes in the exercise book we gave her. geez.

So I'm really tired of being fooled and waste my money on these uneducated people and decided to cope with not having one at all. for good. I have to say we had beter privacy as a family since then...n my children arent attached to a stranger anymore. I do have crazy mad days when i feel so fed-up-please-i-need-a-break but i hope it's just part of getting used to doing everything by myself. 

So what does it feels like to be a SAHM? Sometimes i feel like ive been washing and washing everything forever and the clothes are never ironed. I wash milk bottles one after another the entire day. I vacuumed the house with riz in my Boba carrier on my back. sampai terlentok2 tidur dia. To get things done I rented a playard from www.rentatoys.com so my living room area serves as a big playpen to Riz. and whats sad at the moment is...i had to send tia to my parents during the day..til daddy comes home:( I need to get things sorted and bring her home where she belongs. The days are long especially when my husband does locums...that can never change because i dont work fulltime anymore..and its a truth that i have to get used to. alah kalau i still kerja pun dia sibuk berlocum gak. I also juggle in some sewing...making tutu skirts for the lil girls out there to twirl in. eceh. so my entire day is filled with so many things to do. busy bee sungguh. more than when i was working last time. heheh.

Thanks to the runaway maid, i am busy like this and forgotten Riz's monthly shirt shoot:( I missed the 7th month. yaaargh stress. but here's the 6 months shirt shoot and a video of him practicing the crawl.

Crawling RJ at 6 months old from Sabrina Salleh on Vimeo.

I am amazed at how Riz starts crawling really early...but then again he's a boy and apparently they achieve physical milestones faster. hehe. now at 8 months omg he's everywhere. climbing and cruising everywhere. good thing is, less falls too. cuz he practice day and night. lol

Head the size of a soft toy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Riz Johann, 
7 months old and your head is as big as the pororo medium sized soft toy.

I remember ur sister wearing that hat around when she's your age and now she cant fit her head in it anymore.

A reminder to mommy that children grow up so fast that no matter how they annoy me with breaking sleep, stubbornness and handfulness, not to mention broke without allowances...this is worth it.

Watching them grow is worth it.

From the moment when their head is smaller, as big as til its far bigger than a pororo soft toy.....

Mommy Made: Toddler Lounge/Pajama Pants

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Got this really cute knit material on clearence from www.fabricfairy.com and turned it into the most comfy wide legged lounge pants for tia.

I used this tutorial fro Cotton Creations:) The easiest tutorial ever i swear.hehe. and pajama pants were my first sewing project too haritu.

Looks so stretchable and comfyy right?

Till then, hugs!

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