First VLOG!: A day in life of a mommy of two

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hi everyone, it has indeed been a long time....I have been super busy with the kids and my new 'label' Sabbytia. Making tutus and personalized tees. and to sum it all up i have made my very first Vlog:D a very amateur one but you gotta start somewhere right. hehe. I tried my best to document everything..here will be some missing moments but they are all roughly there.This was taken on a random monday. Tia was 3 years 3 months, and Riz 1 year 3 months.

Life and schedule has been slightly changed because we no longer live in our own house...we are temporarily staying with my parents while our new crib is under construction. it is indeed not easy to sort out the two kids in a two storey house..from the vlog, you'd know:)

Ok i'll leave you to the vlog *malu* and will see u again next post:)

love, sabby

Mommy Review: Tinyworld Double Stroller

Saturday, January 31, 2015

We've been very loyal to our Maclaren stroller since Tia was 10 month old so that should be around 3 years already. now that Riz has joined our little family, i have been pushing Tia on the stroller and babywearing Riz when i'm out alone with them. usually for tia or riz's classes. and then Riz got heavier and heavier and doesnt like the boba anymore. so I thought we should research on the best double stroller to cart both kids around. 

So what i have found is there are two kinds of double strollers- the twin(side by side) and the tandem stroller(front and back or stadium style of seating). the first one is easily available everywhere in the malaysia market whereas the latter are mostly bulky monster strollers.

My stroller of preference would be an umbrella fold one and lightweight but comfortable for both kids. yes i am that picky since we bought that quinny buzz and i could manage that on my own.i want yang sepak2 dah bukak, tendang2 dah lipat.gittew. hehe.we almost got the Halford Twin Fliplite because thats the cheapest and simplest n lightest, but i dont fancy the idea of struggling in between shopping aisles and carparks.

And then i found this while browsing the hashtag #doublestroller, and it made me soo happy:)

this stroller is actually a China version of the Kinderwagon. At first i was hunting for a preloved original Kinderwagon but i was told that Tinyworld was made by the same factory. so its Kinderwagon in the US, Tinyworld from China and Miniwalker in Singapore. I got this from Mommyloveshop which is and Instashop. the lady was very informative and helpful amd sells this for rm877. the cheapest i can find actually.

The Tinyworld stroller is a tandem stadium seating stroller. width is only as big as our Maclaren but with two seats. it weighs around 11kg if im not mistaken and it folds with both seats attached.no need susah2 cabut seats baru boleh fold.this means that its good for travelling and flights.

The maneuver is great.and its not difficult to tilt it up onto curbs at all. it looks tiny but there really is plenty of space for Tia when she rides in the backseat. well actually, she has claimed the backseat as hers so riz has no choice bt to sit in front.

The basket at the bottom isnt very huge but is alright. no complaints.the seatbelts are 5point harness and most importantly it can be fastened one belt at a time instead of having to match both belts before latching it.other that that this Tinyworld functions exactly like your favourite single umbrella stroller only with 2 seats. it even opens and folds the same style as a Maclaren.

Now for the cons. only the back seat reclines so only 1 kid gets to sleep at one time. so for long hours jalan2..macam susah sikit. riz will usually rest his head on the front bar n looks quite pitiful athough he does not whine.the bar in front is not detachable..i find that quite annoying.both kids cant get down n climb in on their own( but tia's been practicing climbing in by herself and slipping down under the bar at the front seat to get off.lol). when we put the sunshade on i cant really see the front and the kids because the back seat is higher than the front. the sunshade is big enough to cover both kids and will hide the kid in the backseat:P but however the front child's legs are not properly sheltered. kesian jugak kaki riz. need sunblock then.

When folded its around 4-5inches longer than a regular Maclaren. only the front wheel can be detached. it looks like this when stuffed into my mazda 2:
It looks really desperately trying to be stuffed in. however i think the other double strollers would fold n fit about the same or wont fit at all.

So thats it:) everything else is perfect. this stroller cant be found in any physical shops so far, and i was taking a risk by getting it without trying it on first. but this is what i can tell you guys if you plan on purchasing it:)i am loving it so far.oh and also if one of your kids doesnt want to sit in, you dont have to struggle with a huge empty twin stroller and a runaway kid.cuz it feels like an empty single one.

Overall.. the Tinyworld stroller isnt one of those fancy shmancy kind but is functional for me.i would definitely recommend it for quick rides and travelling. Alright..hope this post helps:)

mommy Sabby

She said she doesn't love mommy anymore..

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tia just told me she wants to follow daddy go out because "i dont love mommy anymore."

These few days tia has been difficult. refuse to eat, wants choc n candies at mealtime, refuse to eat in school, watched ipad all day n throws tantrums if i take it away. so i have not exactly been "the fun mother".

So does it hurt? i'm sure she didnt realize what she just blurted out.

But it does. an awful lot. i mean, not to ungkit.but giving birth to her bukan senang. i carry this ugly csect scar and experience sampai mati.perhaps one day when she bathes mommy's jenazah she'll reflect back.now thats looking too far.

its okay, she's still very little. she didnt mean it.but i know, one day when she goes through her adolescence i-dont-know-what-i-want phase, i'm definitely gonna get the "i hate you mommy" a few times.or many times. and i know, its going to hurt so bad seeing that i have given up so much to bring her up..by then. i pray that Allah will give me strength to go thru that in the future. n so that i wont say out anything harsh due to sadness that will befall on her. kuatkanlah imanku nnt Ya Allah.

these few days actually terpikir n tergerak hati nak gi keje balik. it is true, when u stay at home everything turns into a routine for you. it tires u out. we usually will appreciate each other more if we dont see each other 24/7. duduk rumah jaga anak pn nnt bukan anak sayang sgt kat kita kan. sekian lah

Mommy Sabby's Review: The Little Gym, Intermark mall

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I have recently enrolled Tia and Riz in The Little Gym. reason being they need a place to stretch out, jump and swing around and use up the conserved energy. otherwise they'll be cooped up at home and Tia will be lying around with her ipad and riz well..he will be going around doin mischievious stuff. on my end too, i need to get out of the house. dulu complain tak cukup masa spent with the kids..now too much time spent with them sometimes, they do drive me a lil bit crazy.

So it has been 3 months since the kids joined their classes and i thought yes this place definitely deserves a review on this blog:) 

The Little Gym has a range of developmental programmes which are gymnastics based for babies toddlers n kids from age 8months up to 12yrs. they named their classes with fun names too. Tia is in the Funny Bugs class (age 3-5yo) n riz is in Birds class (8-18mo). the funny bugs classes are independent based, whereas the birds class are attended by parent and child. there are 3 branches; Kota Damansara, Hartamas and Ampang (Intermark mall). i enrolled them in hartamas because we were staying in sentul before but now transferred them to Intermark cuz its nearer to my parents' place.
the reception counter when you walk in the entrance

I love the Intermark branch. the place is huge! facilities wise there is a huge waiting area for the parents to sit n watch their kids in class thru a big glass wall, toys and beanbags for the kids while waiting for their siblings to finish class or for their class to start, kids washrooms with little toilets! free coffee and tea (like like), and a changing table. the hartamas branch even provide supplies such as nappies and wipes. i feel this is really convinient cuz i hav to bring both kids along and riz could really find something to do while waiting for tia. 

children waiting area

tia learning the parallel bars

Fees wise i dont remember exact details but u can choose to pay monthly (rm320) or buy a package of 6 months (24 classes, rm1440) ) or 1yr (48 classes).whats nice is it comes with a complementary practice class (with instructors) each week so u get to go for 2 classes a week instd one.. i think thats worth it. n its erm. a little bit cheaper than gymboree.hehe.

free hot drinks <3

check out that kid hanging in the back!

Teachers are very patient and fun-going. i hav read that they are better than the gymboree teachers and i have to agree. they handle the kids pretty well and there are usually 2-3 teachers to aid a class depending on how many kids there are.
the littlest big kid toilet which i'm so amused at hehe

roughly, the funny bugs Classes usually start with circle time- introduction of names and ice breaking, then group activity, then skills of the week and then some games. its a 1hr long class and it keeps the kids occupied for the whole hour. Gymboree usually encourages parents to leave the children, but here we can watch the kids from outside.they use a lot of gymnastics equipments such as the parallel bars and balancing beam and tricks such as forward rolls, handstand and cartwheels. i do notice tia gets more determined in achieving certain tricks and also more confident in trying out new things.the confidence part is very important to me. besides the gymnastics skills which attracted me in the first place hehe.

As for Riz..as a baby u dont notice that much change but i love seeing him notice other babies his age around him. he has now taken his climbs to a higher level (alamak) and he loves the bubble activity so mich that his first word was BUBBLE. true story! n he tonggeng everywhere now in a readytogo forward roll position. applying what he learnt in class everywhere else. initially i enrolled him cuz he looks like he has too much pented up energy. and also so that i get to socialize too. salingan. like i said, facing the 4walls at home can make people a lil tad insane sometimes.
Riz in his Birds class

bubble tiime

Overall i have to say that The Little Gym is awesome.theyre not paying me for this. they always make me feel that my money is worth it; with the facilities, hospitality and expertise of the teachers in knowing what theyre doin n how they play with the kids. this provided you dont go for the weekend classes...too many kids and tak menang tangan the instructors.hehe. so go ahead n give it a try. call in for a free sesh.

Tia in her Bugs class, just hangin around with friends

ok til then, 

Potty Training Tia Jezmine at 3 years old

Sunday, January 4, 2015

When Tia was 2 years 4 months i have posted once about potty training. being first timer and all, well....we didnt succeed at all. tia wasnt ready. she peed first in her pants and then went wide eyed and looking alarmed while telling us that she's wet. why i say she wasnt ready?she looks like she's wondering why suddenly wet. i bet she didnt know she peed.

And then there were a few more accidents and then i tried putting her on the loo after each half and hour and we waited and waited but nothing came out that i gave up and put the diaper on her only then she said, with a relieved face "mommy, i peed".

And then a few months later when we tried again she actually held her pee until we put on the diaper back on her. 1-2 hours without peeing. when i put her on the toilet she cried and cried as if she was scared of the toilet, or scared of the sound of pee, or i dont know.

And then there was a phase where she announced that she pooed in her diaper (behind a couch) and completely refused to let us wash. this was the aftermath upon recovering from a high fever, when multiple suppositories have been used (because she refused oral pcm). she was so phobic she wont let us touch her private parts at all.

So i got a little frustrated and gave up and was a little worried because she was almost 3 without any progress and we are moving back to stay with my parents, whom are very very particular with cleanliness and do not approve accidents. i mean, how to potty train without accidents at all? and how is she gonna start school? who's gonna wash her bumbum after she poopoo? what if she refused to let people wash? terribly WORRIED i tell you.

We did attempt the training at my parents. she watched ipad on my parents bed and tadaa. accident. and then there was drama and some bebels and i decided to let go potty training to my mom.

I went to survey a few playschools for her. and my first and priority question was "theres a problem..my daughter is stiiiil in diapers. we tried potty training but without success. so..how ah?" and i chose the school which assured me "dont worry, we'll help her get through it. i am sure she'll do fine:)"

And then bam. Allah saja nak tunjuk. the very next day, she told us she wanted to pee. exact words-"i want to pee in the toilet."

and then....."mommy!! I PEEEE I PEEEE"

and i gave a big clap and said wheeeeeeee High five Tia HIGH FIVE!

and she asked me......"are you happy? are proud of me?"  
:') yes sayang, mommy is proud of you:')

and thats the story. how it started. that easy. just one fine day n she decided "i am ready". at on dot, 3 years old.

we bought her this ladder potty from lelong.com.my which was really awesome:)

so after that, poopoo time also sama. she's still a bit confuse as whether she needs to pee or poo, but is getting better at it.

Night time and outing potty...er..havent tackled it yet.
what i am thankful for though....tia's gym has this little big kids toilets and she loves to try them out. hehe. thats a start for diaperless outings. cuz i cant imagine having her pee in the dirty public toilets yet. mommy's not ready yet T_T

So where we are now at potty training? play vid below. hehe

Tiana 3 years 1 month from Sabrina Salleh on Vimeo.

A Guide to Host a Cukur Jambul Event (For Boys)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

First and foremost, we are ever so grateful to be gifted with our own mini us; a pair - a girl and a boy. Last 2 years I posted about the breakdowns of a cukur jambul & aqiqah event. everything in that post is very girly, as it was customade for our little princess, Tiana Jezmine. This is my version for our little prince, Riz Johann. a little tooo overdued, but hey:)

We had this event when Riz was 2 months old. Our main purpose of having this event is again to sacrifice two lambs for our child, as required in Islam. Cukur jambul and marhaban and everything else are just part of tradition that we feel, should be preserved. We invited only family and close friends to keep it intimate. Backdrop is of course necessary, for photo sessions sake. photos are memories which last forever after all:)

The Cradle
As we are blessed with a baby boy, the first thing that came to mind was I wanted a boyish pelamin. all the pelamins are full with flowers. Once upon a time I had this dream of having my own pelamin and decor company. and i've always wished to build a boat cradle. just because no one has done it before. even researched on carpenters and stuff, and then hubby said...barang2 bulky ni ade stor ke nak simpan? oh well, there goes.

I came across BeautyMe Event and Decor on instagram. they posted a very nice and simple baby cradle pelamin at that time and I contacted Emy, the owner. I asked her, i wissssshhhh u have a boat cradle that i can rent and she said,"you know what, I can build one for you!" and bam i was like EXCITED. RM800 for my dream to come true. custom made just for us and we'll be the first to use it, yey. they already had a navy themed set of decor for a photobooth so we decided to go all out navy themed. I requested for orchids in water filled transparent vases because they were neutral and simple and not so feminine, and also inspired from Jovian Mandagie's launch of his Orked range last raya. so this was how it looks like. I strongly recommend BeautyMe because Emy is so nice and their dais are so pretty and unique;)

Marhaban Group
I'm stil loyal to this group introduced to me by my postnatal masseus. they could go around houses in the ampang area. so anyone in my area and looking for a marhaban group can give Datin Sham a call at 017-2365315. Bayaran masih sebanyak mana yang ikhlas. For Riz's event i only requested for 15 people.

Sacrificed Lamb and Catering
This time around we didnt get sponsored for catering. hehe. but alhamdulillah, we found a good catering company online. They claim to be the supplier for aqeeqah lambs so they quoted us a fairly cheap price. We needed to aqeeqah 2 lambs for a little boy and it was RM1900. barbequed, with 4 types of sauces, mash potatoes, salad, bread and mushroom soup. then we decided to add an extra main meal which was nasi hujan panas (because the rice is pretty and colourful.hehe). that was RM10 per person. Food was awesome, tiptop.

We ordered tents and tables and chairs from them too. which was a mistake actually. nobody came to measure at our house and u know what, they brought a tent too large on the night of the event day. we ended up with no tents at all. nasib baik porch besar, can arrange tables there. n nasib baik the weather was good, so the open aired tables were safe. so if u guys were to order from them, just stick to food k! check this link out -> Kambing-Goat Fresh

Kali ni a bit semangated, dont know why...but we actually went to the tailors to get our clothes done for the day. we wore a theme of silver colour, tia and i wore additional matching peach butterfly printed materials. We made a baby jubah for Riz so that it would be comfortable for him. and I ordered a tiny knitted kopiah for him at Lady Krafts. She gives prompt, efficient service. and friendly too!

This time i did my printings all on my own. It saves more money and gives me self satisfaction. hehe. I bought some cliparts and digital paper from etsy and did them all up in adobe. then i sent them for printing at PrintShop2U. they can be found at Lot 1243, Jalan Hulu Kelang, 68000 Kuala Lumpur. tel: 03-42572000. Lynn is ever so helpful. she has been helping me print a lotta stuff for tia's birthday too. I designed an announcement board, the yassins, and thank you tags. they're all navy themed. however, i think she prefers to design for you and seems a lil bit disheartened that i did it all by my own (with sizing errors)..but i'm on a budget, and she's a printer. so i'm sorry Lynn if i am a bit handful to layan -_-

As usual, our doorgifts are yassins. this time we put a yassin and a customized fondant cookie with Riz's name on it in a pouch. for kids we gave out marshmallows in boxes. for our non muslim friends...customized cookie and candies. could not give up the usual apams cuz my apam vendor went for a family vacay. hehe

Other than the above, flow of event are exactly the same. We were so grateful that it went beautifully and smoothly. and we cant thank you enough for those who came and families who have helped make this another successful event.

Til then, here are some of the pics from Riz Johann's kenduri aqiqah dan cukur jambul:


2014 has been a pretty challenging year.not only for me i guess, but to our whole country. what with the 3 doomed planes, the flood. it was a crazy ride all of us and the curtains are now closed. hopefully for a better beginning and a better year of 2015.

In 2015, i pray for more family time. for the kids to see more of daddy instead of asking me "daddy went to work? again?" ( i don't know if this wish will ever be granted for a doctor's wife). i wish we will be granted with more rezeki, because if we have more, we will have more family time (or maybe not, fine i just wish we have daddy radzli 2 full days in a week just like every other family).

I pray for good health, and that this back will get better, so that i could take care of the kids better and be less irritable to their shenanigans..i pray to be more patient, and a better,loving mother. i pray for strength to take care of my active little boy because he really drains me out. i pray riz would be more independent and do less mischief so i could spend more time with tia so that she knows mommy will always love her.

Finally, in 2015...i wish i will have more time to make stuff for Sabbytia, and that people will always like what i make. on the overall, i hope 2015 will bring me an easier life compared to 2014 and that Allah will provide us the best of health, keep us safe, and grant us more time with each other. 

All the best to us all,

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