Monday, May 2, 2016

Happy Labour Day:)

Did an impromptu shoot with tia for today. dressed her up in her mini labcoat and daddy's stethoscope matched with a yellow tutu. quite a cute assemble i must say!

Tia is now 4 years old and so is our homegrown brand. i remember our first ever product was this headband:

oh coincidentally yellow too!

and then our very first tutu skirt 2.5yrs ago:

i have to say we've been on quite a journey so far and looking forward for more exciting stuff to happen in the future! i'm also sad that my cute little model is growing up so fast:( now everytime i need her to model my tutus i have to start with "tiaaa..can u help mommy with something??" and its either a "no" or "ok fast one ok mommy" or "ice cream after ok?"

til then...

HAPPY LABOUR DAY everyone! have a great weekend:)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tiana Jezmine at 4.5 years old

Tiana Jezmine, 4 years 5 months old.

She currently loves going to school. her school gives her homework everyday but she never complains about having to complete them. She loves mandarin and she speaks the language better than malay!(guilty) Her malay is getting better too. Sometimes at home i replied to her in malay just to check if she understands me. and she actually does. but speaking wise still needs some improvement.

She loves seriously, love it. she looks forward to every of her swimming classes. she can swim quite a distance now, although the strokes still need improvement but i'm proud of her because then she could at least survive in emergency situations.

still a picky eater..and it has been 2years believe me! still rejects vege. does not eat  the classic spaghetti bolognese. loves aglio olio and tofu. does not eat school food. so mommy has to come up with creative snackboxes everyday:)

She brings a barbie or a baby doll everywhere nowadays. and always with a change of clothes. sometimes it gets a bit tiring looking at the load she's carrying into the car every car trip..but she said " she's by daughter! she follows me everywhere. she'll need a change of clothes if she peepees during our outing"..ok, can't argue with that hehe. her favourite doll is the Ariel one i bought her a while back.

I temporarily stopped her baby ballet classes at Kizsports because....I wanted to find a more easily accessible place and a better instructor. hehe. so she now only has school and swimming. 

Tia loves to play in her own broadway at home..and it involves a lot of singing and acting and imagination. i would buy some costumes for her and she loves dressing up. and also its almost as if there's always a soundtrack for her every move because she doesn't talk when she plays by herself..she sings!

She is friendly and comfortably talks to people but she does need a little bit of warm up, but not too long. i'm glad she is able to make friends easily.

She is such a patient little girl, it amazes me sometimes. towards her lil brother, her friends..but somehow i wish she would defend herself against people who doesnt treat her right. I pray that she will always be under Allah protection no matter who she's with when i am not around.

That's all for now! til Tia's next update:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

EzBiz Online to Renew Business Registrations

I recently received a notification letter from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia(SSM) saying that the Sabbytia business license has expired (oops) and needs to be renewed. it's not easy for me to find time to physically go to the SSM office in KL sentral but i went anyway.

I arrived around 4.15pm because i had a few things to settle in the morning and just my luck..ticket counters are closed:( by like, 1 minute or 2!  i was passed around from 1 counter to the other, some wanted to give me a chance, one last number and some would not. the last person told me "boleh bagi nombor, last..tapi ade 80 orang menunggu ni". True or not i dont know but there were quite a lot of people waiting in the room so maybe true lah. Thank goodness i saw this leaflet:
Otherwise, my half an hour journey from ampang to kl sentral will be of no use. 

Apparently they came up with a new online system which allows you to renew your business registration online. perfect! no hassle. only need to be present once in a lifetime at the counter to activate the online account and you can settle it all at home. since i was already there, i activated my account right away.

You will need to log on to , sign up as a new user and fill in the online form. There are computers that you can use at the office for that purpose so i did mine there.

An email will be sent to you and you're supposed to print out the activation code and show it to one of the counters. 

The person in charge will activate it for you and all your renewals and payment can be done in the comfort of your own home.

And also lessens your chance to be snapped at by the frontliners for coming late. haha.

So i was at the SSM office only for a while and it was fruitful, thank goodness!

On my way back to the parking lot i saw some kiosks next to the elevator on level 1. so i guess you can register there too. the machines are switched off, so maybe they only work during working hours.

I still havent logged on ezbiz but i will tonight. Hopefully it's a good and nicely designed online system. 

Here are the operating hours of SSM at its HQ. it is advised to go in the morning when the frontliners are still fresh from clocking into work or after breakfast. dont come late like me! haha

I've been to the office twice so far and the office is always full of waiting people. so many entrepreneurs in one room!

So to business owners, do go and activate your ezbiz accounts. Convenient for both parties- business owners and the SSM workers. Oh have you been to my online shop yet? go ahead and have a click the link below if you need a princessy tutu!

Sabbytia Fb
sabbytia.birthdayoutfits on Instagram

til then!


Ok I have renewed my business licence via the online system and it was a smooth process. the system is quite good, quite idiotproof. unlike the one which i use to renew my pharmacist annual retention cert. haha. however sighhh......kena compound:(

Must always remember, everytime we celebrate our courting anniversary, i have to renew sabbytia license sekali. tsktsk.

Ok lah...signing off!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Adventure at Ikea Cheras- Missing Iphone!

Since Ikea Cheras opened, my mom, Riz and I found a new port for our breakfast fix. I mean hey, just 10 minutes away from our house comparing to the damansara one which is 45 minutes away.  We love the well talked of Ikea breakfast-the rm0.99  nasi lemak, kuey teow goreng, mee goreng. and free coffee and tea for Ikea Family card holders. sometimes we layan our Ikea meatballs cravings too. oh how convinient.hehe. We are guilty as charged (but not so much) for having breakfast there 2-3x a week nowadays:P Breakfast is only for 1 hour (9-10am) so we usually send tia off to school and shoot off to Maluri where the Ikea is located.

Riz usually has a cupful of yogurt and some waffles while playing at one of the kids playstations in the cafe. 

This morning though, i lost my Iphone 6 at the cafe:( clumsy me we finished shopping at the market hall one floor down, was about to pay and i panicked upon phone in bag.

I rushed back to the cafe, all the while praying hard. i looked around the phone. i asked a couple sitting there and they have not seen. i asked the cafetaria workers, ready to assume that if one of them took it, they might just keep it and i wouldn't know..and my iphone is full of my kids photos:((

The workers were very informative, and honest alhamdulillah. they asked what phone, how does it look like, and said a customer took it. i was already crying from the inside. then one of the guys said.."go down to the lost and found and ask if anyone has dropped off a phone. if dont have, ask the cashier if you could check the cctv."

I went downstairs and THANK GOD my phone is there!! may Allah bless the honesty of that kind guy who dropped it off. whoever you are, thank you so much..

Clumsy mommy as usual. I was putting on Rizzy's shoes and left it on the time you may not be so lucky ok sab. Well done Ikea Cheras for choosing the right kind of staff.........

Anyway, look what I scored at the As-is area today!
 An AGAM Junior Chair ! *victory dance*  it was priced at rm87 and there were 2 today- red and white. i wanted to grab both but another lady has grabbed the other fastt. it was rm160 before and dok la pikir 2-3x nak beli ke tak. Riz is obviously outgrowing the babychair.

I'm alright with this colour. it's Riz's favourite colour too anyway. minimum scratches..but the as is price label leaves a bad sticky residue ishh. i gave it a good rub down with only this and fewh it works great:

Good as new now! bye bye ANTILOP baby chairrr. now i have to fathom the fact that i have no more babies in the house:( it's okay, lets move forward! it means more family adventures n travels to comee(hopefully).

So that was quite a day. nasihat hari ni- jaga phone baik-baik, best makan breakfast kat Ikea Cheras sebab tak ramai orang (but look out for nasty mosquitoes please.berbintat2 badan riz. so bawak mosquito repellant or pakai pants), and rajin-rajinkanlah diri menjenguk as-is section to people who can DIY furnitures and ones who need to save money.

Til next post!:)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

KLIA Express Train Ride Day

My sister went back to the US for school and my brother and i decided to take the kids to the airport by KLIA express. the kids were ecstatic especially Riz, who thought we were riding Thomas the train to the airport!

Here's a simple video I edited. I think I'm getting quite the hang on posting videos on youtube:) more comin more comin definitely. enjoy!

By the way, the updated price of KLIA express tickets are:

Adults RM55
Children above 2 years old RM25
So I paid RM105 just for the experience :-/

I know, should probably take them on LRT instead. maybe next time..

Friday, March 18, 2016

A DAY IN A LIFE OF A MOM | Youtube Vlog


So..this happened. hehe.


I can tell you's probably because I am new to this vlogging thing. I find it a little bit awkward talking to the camera. it's like you're talking to yourself and everybody can see it if you do it outside the house. haha. it somehow gives you an impression of being lonely with nobody to talk to except the camera. hahaha (this maybe true seeing that i have no more friends except my husband who doesn't talk much to me and of course, the kids who are the opposite. they are all. over. me. not kidding at all. lol)

It's easy to be overwhelmed with life when it's so routine. you do the same thing day in and day out and come on, i am pretty sure you agree even if you work in an office. I love mothering, i really do. and i have never felt so blessed that i get to do it exclusively.  it doesn't mean i don't need a break though- even as a pharmacist we all get 30 rest days a year. This  little vlog captured my entire day with two kids under my belt wrapped up in 15 minutes. i will probably come up with another one on a normal school day. I know my editing sucked, but i'm still practising!

Sorry it's a long video. fast forward if you must. if you get bored. hehe. next time i'll just edit a 4 minutes one :D 


Monday, March 7, 2016

R.E.A.L Kids Schools Rio Olympics (Sports Day) 2016 - Tia's First!

Went to Tia's first ever Sports Day this weekend and one word to sum up my thoughts - Awesome.

Like BBIM and other franchised schools, the Real Kids' sports day combines a few centres within their zone. This year it is held in an indoor air conditioned stadium which is the KL Badminton Stadium in Cheras. It is easy to recognise how experienced they are because the event was very organised, in my opinion. No one lost a kid, and each centre is allocated their own space in the audience benches.

It was an early Sunday for us as we get both Tia and Riz dressed up. Riz had to stay with Atok and Opah because we worry the crowd would be a bit overwhelming for him and also because we wanted to take nice photos and videos of Tia. hehe. first things first, because there will be hundreds of kids in one stadium, I had to put something on her hair so I could recognise her from afar:

They had a march in, centre by centre. They even had a torch run just like the olympics and flag bearers. so cute! There was a speech, Negaraku singing and the kids danced to their school song.

The telematches were inspired the sports competed at the Olympics:  Baseball, Basketball, Swimming, and Weight Lifting. Tia competed in 'basketball' and she was supposed to roll the ball along the bench, run zigzag in between skittles, bounce the ball and put it in a basket. she was pretty fast. proud of her. All the kids looked determined...and super cute. hehe

They then had a closing ceremony (dance again!) and dismissed. The class teachers lined the kids up at pickup points and will only release them if they recognise the parents.

It was a great day indeed and a milestone for our Tiana Jezmine. First sports day! here are some of the other photos taken:

Well done, our little bub! we were so proud of her <3

Til next post,
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