Update on Tia (3.5 years old) and Riz (1.5 years old)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I love to refer to my kids as TJ and RJ now. I don't know why. by the way it has been ages since their last milestones update. without these, the blog does get kind of boring.

Little TJ. she is now 3 years 6 months. 3 and a half. a Threenager! sometimes she is as sweet as candy, sometimes she threw a fit wanting her wishes to be granted. but it is okay, because it means that she is normal:) 

Her current loves are:
- Singing - at the top of her lungs..anywhere, anytime. in the car, when she gets bored at home, sometimes in her gym class. this one is really a singer. hehe. dancing u may wonder? not much. ok so we are different that way. hehe. she would stand in front of the mirror singing, complete with hand gestures and face expressions...reminds me of broadway sometimes. sometimes i get so pening i had to rely on screentime for some quietness...but then again she will still sing together with the videos she's watching. hehe

- Nail polish- "mommy, can u paint my nails?" x 10 times a day. I have never brought her to the nail salon just yet, although i am sure she will love it. but i did buy her those kiddy non toxic nail polish which washes off with water. so everytime after she washes her hands, she will go "mommyy can u paint my nails agaaain?" 

-Make up - She is all things girly, i have never bought her play makeup before, and i dont use much of makeup but she watches me line my eyes, and put on my occasionally red lipstick and she'll go...can i have some lipstick please? my stand is..no makeup til 17 years old, unless u do a performance on stage. so i let her take a swatch of lipstick from my lips with her little finger and put it on her lips. hehehe

-Daddy - both TJ and RJ's favourite person. they miss him very much everyday and they will try to stay up late whenever he's home.

- Costumes - sometimes i had to hide her elsa, anna, sleeping beauty tutu dress and pinkie pie tutu dress because once she had them on, she wont take them off and would wear to sleep. can u imagine her in all that tulle in bed? lol

These are just a few, but i can see her individuality coming out. she mixes around pretty well with kids her age and even older kids. she screams and squeals when she's happily playing (omg >.<), i let her choose her own clothes everyday. oh and she can read complete Al-Fatihah.and doa makan la, like everybody else. yes, we are balanced that way :) bahasa melayu not very fluent, so thats a problem we need to address to, sometimes. i realize that we talk to her with out inner language..u know, one which we speak to ourselves to? (or is it just me?) and i speak to my inner self in english. so camne? tak tauuu.

Riz Johann.
RJ is now 1 year 6 months. to both of us, he is our every version of adorable. curious, like any other 1 yr old, physically active, in fact crazy active. he will climb at any chance, and run at any chance. bringing him to the playground is an exercise for us. he will just GO. i mean like...climb the steps, go down the slides, into the tunnels..go down slides means run down the slides pulak tu. talk about giving us parents the adrenalines! In gym and swim class,they call him fearless. he does everything with confidence...but without much caution unfortunately. so he's quite vulnerable to accidents. must keep more than an eye on him at all times. I dont dare take both of them out just yet, because Riz needs extra pairs of eyes to look after him or he'll dash somewhere. n of course if i do that, i'm scared i will lose tia in the mall. Nauzubillah. so at the moment, bring one out one at a time.

Tantrums. oh my. this one is one noticeable difference from tia. RJ knows what he wants and he must gets it. take away the ipad, and he'll bang his head on the floor in frustration. he will wail and cry, and ysterday..he angrily crawls, yup, crawls out of the room. lol. funny but....probably something not to be laughed at and rectified. i try not to give in when i say no...and try to keep in mind that toddlers do tend to dominate you..so no means no. but at the same time..must make sure to support his head when he's angry kot2 la he hits it too hard or something. heh.

He adores his sister. he will wake up every morning with a first word - "kakak?" he will climb on to her bed and give her a hug. once, i put them both to bed, with me in the middle. after they fell asleep, i went downstairs to do chores. when i came back up, adik was sleeping next to big sister. he'll rest his head on her tummy or put his cheek on hers. and then, kakak will push or kick him away. oh well.

He can say a few words, and i dont really care if it means slow or a fast talker. he can say bus, car, bear, ball, robot, truck, daddy, kakak, sit, see, and a couple other words. mommy not yet. haha. perhaps he's taking his own sweet time cuz mommy isnt goin no where. i'm not going anywhere sayang, i'll take care if both of u myself for as long as i can.

Feeding. occasionally but not consistently i tried teaching him self feeding. he's quite okay at it. only sometimes i dont prefer the mess. if he's really hungry he eats by himself really well. bringing him to mamak for breakfast is such a breeze cuz he eats everything - apom, roti canai, thosai, puri. with the dippings too!

So those are few bits and pieces of our little ones. life has been a blessing with them around...exhausting but blessed. they also grow up way too fast..i wish they'd stay small and cute for a longer time (minus the lecehness n tantrums hehe) but i guess its alright...grow, my little ones! grow into strong, healthy, successful and multitalented people!insyaAllah.

til next update! xx


Travelling with 2 Toddlers- Legoland Hotel, Johor Bahru

Saturday, May 16, 2015

When we first got to Legoland, our main aim is to check out the most talked about Legoland Malaysia Resort. The reviews we read all say that the theme park requires a certain height to be able to enjoy the attractions and rides and true enough, out of 20 attractions, tia was only qualified for like, 3 or 4. Riz? qualified for none.

It is true that the resort was indeed an interesting one. We booked online, each night costing us RM520 and we booked for 2 nights. It was a KIDS GO FOR FREE promo at the time and we added in a combo 2 day theme park tickets which costs us an additional RM390. the total is a lot...but lets just say despite all that, its the family time that we are focusing at the moment. we went on a weekday so that there were lesser people and lesser queue.
Photo courtesy of legoland.com.my

There are 3 themed rooms; Kingdom, Pirate, and Adventure themed. we chose Pirate. Design wise we were in awe. we were on Lego overdose! everything is made out of lego bricks. As we walked in the entrance, a huge lego castle and pirate ship greeted us, with children scurrying about excitedly with their lego creations. the whole area was a lego building play area. The lego pieces are really small so we had to keep on a lookout just in case riz decided to swallow a piece. There's another play area with Lego Duplo where its more toddler friendly though, but Riz likes to hangout where his kakak does.

First thing i realized at the reception counter when we walked in
reception counters
the playarea with pools of lego bricks

A lounge area for families to rest. they also provide games for the kids to play. just give the person in charge your room number to rent a game.

The playarea near Bricks restaurant...more suitable for smaller kids because there were duplo legos n these huge bricks that these kids are using to build their fort:D

What was not very cool was the check in time, which was 4pm. checkout 11am. well most hotels are check in 2pm n checkout 12pm...their timing's a lot of difference. we had to park our bags at the baggage station with everyone else, went to the theme park and come back at 4pm to check in our room.

The elevators are crazy cool. the lights dimmed when u walk in and the whole elevator turns into a disco.complete with disco lights. and some dance music turned on too as u ride on to your floor. the kids were amazed.

We only took the standard themed room, but it was good enough and decorated nicely.the room can fit up to 5 persons, mom n dad in one room, and 3 kids in the other, on a bunk bed.everything was still very new and we enjoyed that! we asked for a playpen for riz and got a brand new possibly unused playpen. Mothercare brand. niice. he slept very well in it that night. there's a mini treasure hunt game set in the room which brought us to a safety box with some treasures in it...we got 3 lego people keychain yeay:) In the wardrobe there was a box of duplo lego for the kids to play with in the room. The housekeeping will take the box every morning to er...maybe count for missing pieces. hehe.

Tia was supposed to sleep in the other room but i guess she was still to scared to sleep on her own so she ended up in mommy and daddy's bed, smack in the middle. hah:D

pirate themed master bedroom
The dresser
The kids bunk bed. lovin the wall;)
Own tv and puzzle cubes underneath
The carpet. big octopus swimmin' on the floor!
Lego spider in the bathroom

The hotel is as kid n toddler friendly as it gets (except for the small lego bits in the play area out front) but on the overall it was great. Occasionally Lego people will come out and mingle with the kids. Sometimes a princess roams the hotel grounds to meet and greet the kids.

There are 2 restaurants in the Hotel, one called Bricks, where the breakfast buffet is also held. The other one is an Italian restaurant called Di Mattoni Restaurant. We had dinner there on the first night. The wallpapers make the restaurant look like its been built from lego. They had cute baby chairs for the kids and also provide kid cutleries. The pastas are nice too. Riz especially enjoyed the Aglio Olio. from then on we know what to order for him the next time we are at an Italian or fusion restaurant! Tia and Riz were in their pajamas..haha i know, we have this habit of dressing them up in pajamas when we go out at night so that they can sleep straightaway on the way back or right away when we get home. In this case though..we just wanted them to be comfortable:D

Breakfast spread was a lot! I forgot to take pics of the buffet table. but do know that it was good. it was pretty crowded although we went on weekdays.

Other than these two restaurants.....cheaper food can be found opposite the entrance of the Legoland Theme Park. There was Chicken Rice Shop, a Johorean restaurant, a Thai Restaurant, Ice cream and a few others.

The hotel does have a swimming pool on the topmost floor but under-utilized because most people would just go to the water park for a fun splashy time. That's just about it...the theme park and water park is only a few steps away from the hotel. All in all, i can say it was quite worth the money especially when the kids can go down at anytime to play with legos. the themed bedrooms and corridors are fascinating as well..a tad expensive, but it serves its purpose. go ahead..book and give it a try;) 


Travelling with 2 Toddlers to Johor Bahru : Angry Birds Activity Park

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hey all:)

I have been meaning to blog about so many things but i never got around to it. when i was working last time, i could blog during lunch hours. now? every single minute counts until the children are asleep. even so, i would either have to catch up to my tutu orders or iron my evergrowing and neverending laundry pile. but tonight the kids are down early and i guess i'll try to make some time to blog. i miss blogging!

Last 2 months we had our very first trip together as a family of 4. not overseas, just Johor Bahru. We wanted to check out Legoland and i think Tia and Riz are at just about an okay age to go for it so we went for it:) We took a flight there, because we didnt want the kids to be restless in the long 4 hour drive and uh, part of it because i kinda have this fear of long distance car rides since my turnturtle accident back in 2009. i also have a fear of flying since the two MH incidents but then who doesn't? but that's another story.

It was just 3 nights in JB, husband planned it to be a 3 day family fun vacation. We checked in near the Angry Bird Activity Park, Komtar JBCC on the first night and the other 2 nights in Legoland hotel.

The first hotel we checked in was AmanSari Hotel City Centre. It is right opposite Komtar JBCC. nothing luxurious, just a place to spend a short 1 night in. it's rated 3 stars, but we were amazed and very satisfied with the room. the corridors and the lobby looked a bit rundown but the room was great. 1 kind sized bed and a single bed in a corner (which tia claimed was hers but ended up sharing the bed with daddy the whole night), nice bathroom. thats all it matters. However, it was pretty inconvenient to cross the road to JBCC. traffic was bad and we had to push the twin stroller. ended up folding the stroller, climb pedestrian bridge to City Square Mall and walk next door to komtar jbcc. a lotta effort.

The Angry Bird Park was awesome though. expensive at RM60 each on a weekday.We paid for 3 persons except riz. It's operating hours are from 10am-10pm. The Attractions were really something. The park is divided into 4 zones: Utopia, Classic, South Beach and Danger Zone. South beach was where all the light games are at so that was where Riz practically hangs out the entire time. 

RJ in the ball pit eating balls

RJ chewing the Y Bike handle. teething methinks!

Happily drinking from kakak's bottle

There were a lot of trampolines i remember, looks like a mini Jump Street Trampoline Park. They have this foam pit to jump in, a slack line to balance on. a scooter track, go kart track, and a lot of slides..all in one place! it was really huge and nothing i have seen in KL. We spent just a couple of hours there but was well worth it. 
The trampoline was our favourite!

Helping Riz with his forward rolls


Unlike Kizsports though, they don't have a cafe in there. well u can go out for lunch or dinner and come back but we had dinner at the KFC next door before going in cuz it was already late when we get there.

There's nothing much to say, its pretty straight forward. The attractions are superb BUT perhaps the kids can enjoy it better if they are age 6 and above. then the ticket price will be worth it. oh and one more advise, do not go on the winding slides with your toddler! daddy Radzli got a terrible scrape burn on his elbow because he grazed the slide all the way down. ouch. i grazed a bit too, but maybe cuz i was lighter it wasnt very bad for me. haha. the kids are okay, they had fun playing with things that they can..so it was quite worth a visit. Will blog about Legoland in part 2:) til then!

Happy Mothers Day.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


To Mothers who have given their best, and all that they can.
To Mothers who sacrifice their best interests for the sake of your little ones.
To those who wakes up at the crack of dawn to prepare their children and themselves for school and work.
To those who could not shower the whole day attending to needs of their loved ones.
To mothers whose fingers and hands are rough from washing bottles, doing dishes, washing clothes.
To mothers who had to steal some 5 minutes breather time in the bathroom when things get a lil bit crazy.
To mothers who gave up a big paycheck so their little ones are well taken care of.
And also to mothers who still keep the paycheck, but works extra hard to play the role of both mom and dad.
This goes to the days when your Threenager screams and sings at the top of her lungs and your walker tot tried to jump off the bed and you're caught in between.
This goes to the days we worry we are doing it all wrong, worry that we are not giving enough.
And to days that we worry our kids prefer anyone else more than us.
This goes to the every day that we pray for the security and happiness of our little ones.

Whatever we do, whatever we experience, we have tried our best. we deserve today. whether we were given a spa treat, a beautiful handmade mothers day card, a big bouquet of flowers, a wish, a hug or nothing at all.....we deserve today. we may not be given the time off we need, we may still be cooking and cleaning and refereeing sibling fights just like any other day. but it's our day. May God bless us all. and may the days be easier for all of us mothers. lets keep on SuperwoMUM-ing like we always do.

Lots of love, Sabby.

5 Fast and Easy Snackboxes to Prepare for your Prechoolers.

Monday, May 4, 2015


I joined this bento group of mommies in facebook. these mommies took a lot of effort decorating their kids' school lunches. i wonder what time they wake up in the morning. perhaps when my kids are bigger i may have to wake up a bit earlier to cook stuff like nasi or mihun goreng to pack up for them to bring to school. 

However, unfortunately this mommy is not a morning person.. so i grab whatever is the fastest but not so cincai to put in tia's snackbox to bring to her kindy everyday. i usually prepare these snackboxes in 5 min tops. hehe. tia's snackbox has two spaces so its two type of snacks everyday.

So here's my list of snacks which can be prepared fast for busy mommies or non morning mommies just like me:P 

1. Fried fish tempura nugget and edamame 
- chicken nuggets or those alphabet nuggets will do too. however i prefer tempura nuggets because apparently the other nuggets are processed foods. a lot of salt n less healthy. i do give it to her but as convinient as it gets..only once in a blue moon. edamame is fine. its as healthy as can be:)

2. Edamame and grapes
-these are so easy. plonk some beans in hot water and pick out some grapes n ure done. tia loves her edamame unpeeled so she could squeeze the beans out on her own.

3. Sandwich bites and scrambled eggs
- i buy these cute bunny shaped moulds from Mr DIY. cheap n cute! i also got some small hearts n stars cookie cutters from Daiso to make these. i usually trace these out from 2 slices of bread. jam, peanut butter, kaya or cheese in between.

4.Sausage rolls and cereal
-you have your white bread, slap on some butter, layer a piece of cheese, put hotdog n roll. cut into cute bite sized pieces. tia loves it. however, do take note that sausages n cocktails are processed meat n carries a high content of salt so i only make this once in awhile.

5. Steamed cupcakes
Cupcakes n muffins are generally sweet. i dont favor them until i discovered these from Sun Moulin Bakery, Isetan KLCC. they are gorgeous! so puffy, theyre steamed so they are super soft, and are not really sweet. sometimes i took the effort to pay a trip to this bakery to buy these for tia to bring to school and for riz's breakfast. they last for 3 days and costs rm3.50 for a pack of 3, 3 different flavours-vanilla, strawberry, chocolate.

6.  Goldfish Crackers
My kids love this. I usually buy from Jaya Grocers, priced at rm11. there are many flavours such as chocolate and cupcake flavored but i usually buy original. the size is just nice for little fingers to pick and eat:)

I hope the list above helped to give you some ideas for fast preparation of ur preschooler's snackbox. there are 5 in the list that u can rotate everyday. alright, til next post! 


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