Bad confusing week..

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sometimes even i get confused with what i want...or rather what i have to choose.

Do i choose to stay at home because of the kids?
or is it because i simply hate my job no matter which department i am transferred to?

This morning i was frustrated because riz just cant soothe himself to sleep thanks to being in kendong all the time. and when i successfully put him down my mom open the door and yelled "i'm off for a briskwalk!" and then tia doesnt want to brush her teeth. and bad as it gets, i tried to force her mouth open by brushing her on her lips til she surrendered. very, very bad for her self esteem development. sigh.

It has been a long confusing and stressful week for me..husband went off for a long outstation overseas, i was looking forward to meeting him halfway (and also to sneak in some sleep n me time) but cancelled at the last minute, i spent the allocated money for 2 sewing machines, tia is in the middle of her terrible twos when no means no and want means yougiveittomenow, and riz just wont sleep thru the night when tia already had at his age.

Tengah pening.

I am not a very patient person..and i try not to forgive myself everytime this happens; whenever i get too agitated. at the office your bad days involve some pushing from the boss, times when u cant reach ur KPIs. at home you get tested by ur childrens' antiques. it will happen. even for someone as patient as my mom has her limits. i recalled being pulled by the ear and whacked by the hanger for throwing a tantrum and pushing down a bookshelf back in my toddler days. i dont remember any recurrences on the next tantrum though, perhaps she too, did not forgive herself for being that angry.

No matter how terrible your children are.....i'd rather handle this than my daytime job. i am in the midst of finding a flexible hour job while on this leave, almost finding my answer, and i hope its Allah's way in guiding me towards the right path for myself. that way i get half doses of everything, and i believe thats the best for me. even if it doesnt pay much, it saves me from the usual headaches..and i will still earn something.

I hope this is just a phase...and things will look up like it always has. i strive everyday to be a better mom even though i dont feel like even close to one. astaghfirullahalazim. rabbi yassir walla tuassir.

til then.

Flightradar24 app to stalk planes:)

Monday, April 7, 2014

First and foremost, i know this is late but my thoughts and prayers are always with the family and those on board of the recent lost airplane MH370. hidup dan mati di tangan Allah. I pray that they will discover a clue which leads to the plane at last..

I'm on a stalking mission.

Daddy radzli left for a hemophilia research meeting at Chicago and i've downloaded this cool app called Flightradar24 on my iphone.it gives me a sense of security knowing where he is while he's being incontactable.

Found out this app when an aunty of mine, maizura mahathir posted about it on facebook. yeah yeah, been stalking statuses n planes nowadays. dah terputus dengan dunia luar sbb duduk rumah.hehe

This app basically shows the air traffic.u have to purchase it in order for it to be able to filter out ur flight. $2.99 pun takpelah, janji tenang fikiran. it shows the world map and then u search for ur particular flight n itll zoom in to that tiny aeroplane figure moving across the continents. hubby was on MH2 so i filtered out malaysian airlines, then MH2.

thats him in that little orange plane. MH2 heading to london heathrow airport.

what else awesome is u can search the airport he's supposed to land on and erm..pay a lil bit more to look at the arrival n departure board.it will also show the temperature of destination. cool gila to me.hehe 

the red pin is London Heathrow Airport.

This is the arrivals and departure board. he's supposed to arrive at estimated time 5.55am.

so he's about to land in 3mins..

yupp reaching soon soon. it shows that the plane is descending at 7025ft. ha ye memang pun i duduk staring at the screen for a lil while there:P quite amusing lah this app.although makan battery dan mahal.

Alhamdulillah he has reached london for transit and will be boarding american airlines to chicago.and yup ill still be stalking that plane from here.not that i can make a difference..just nak sedapkan hati.

We actually plan to meet up on his way back, in london. but some crap came up and everything was messed up and i was really disappointed so im gonna buy myself a kick ass sewing machine with the money i already took out. hmph.

Ok, doakan keselamatan dia pergi dan balik menunaikan tugas yang diamanahkan.


Tia's Chronicles of Potty Training (Part 1)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello hello!

Parenting never comes to an end. we keep on going through phase after phase and its a new experience every other day. No matter how difficult or easy it gets, having these 2 angels with us have been nothing but blessings. cant imagine life without these two okayy.

So the time has come (or so i think) for us to potty train tia. I KNOW we're supposed to start it at 18 months, i've heard..but i'm not gonna lie bout this...mommy malas. hehe. n we've also been staying at my mom's for a while and my mom dislikes pee accidents. so we couldnt do it. now we're back in our sentul house, with lesser carpets so i thought we'd try. I also read that the child has to be ready. how ready? tugging at diapers being uncomfortable of the wetness, not comfortable with poop in the diaper, and able to tell us about it. like, "wash wash pleease".

But Tia sayang doesnt mind a full diaper (or perhaps its just how good mamy poko is) and also poop. and at 28 months...i dont think she's not ready anymore so here we go. mintak2laa dipermudahkan sebab mommynye a bit malas and xsuka messy2. hehe

Today's the first day that i let her go around the house in her undies, diaperless. we tried to put her on the potty many times but she doesnt seem to know how it feels like when pee comes out. so i want her to feel it. of course there goes her first accident and what she remarked was..

"gasp! mommy.....drop down thereee...soo wet...muddy puddle!!"

bahaha. this statement is epic and will be her potty training story foreverrr:) nanti besar nanti cerita. haha

That aside, half hour after she drinks i will wait with her next to the potty with her ipad in hand. hehe. like this (note: the accident we had was 5mins shy of half an hour T_T takpe, baby steps!):

KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask Review (+ GIVEAWAY!) & Beauty Workshop {Sponsored Post}

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Guess what.

A group of bloggers and I got invited to a Kose Beauty Workshop by Nuffnang and Kose! felt very privileged. and smack on the right time too. I delivered RJ only 3 months ago, and my whole body as well as my skin is still at an early recovery phase. I still have uneven skin tone and darker skin from my pregnancy. How did they read my mind? can't thank them enough:) The workshop was only two hours so i also owe my mom a favour for taking care of the kids for me while i attended it so yeay!

KOSÉ Beauty Workshop 
The workshop was held at a mexican restaurant in the Gardens, Midvalley. I love the ambience and how the tables were nicely setup specially for the event -Kose products, mirrors, apron, and other beauty gadgets.

We were introduced to the KOSÉ SEKKISEI skincare range, one of KOSÉ's bestselling range. The star of the day was the Sekkisei Lotion.

Let me tell you what's special about the KOSÉ Sekkisei skincare range. It consisted of 3 main ingredients which are oriental plant extracts. These plants are carefully chosen out of 100 other types of oriental plants. I've always believed in traditional ingredients. Oriental plants have medicinal properties that could work wonders, me speaking from a pharmacist point of view, one who works with the traditional medicine division;)

The 3 main ingredients are as such:

 1)     Coix Seed Extract - increases metabolism, whitens, moisturises and prevents skin roughness.
 2)     Angelica Extract acts as disinfectant, whitener and moisturiser.
 3)     Melothria (White Lotus) extract suppresses melanin production.

All in all, with its power ingredients the Sekkisei Lotion promises a fine-textured, hydrated, translucent skin..just like snow.

First, we were given a short talk about skin conditions and how we could work through to get a bright, translucent skin. 

Next, we were taught on how to remove makeup the right way, using the KOSÉ Sekkisei Cleansing Cream.

You just need just a cherry sized amount, some massages, then wipe away with wet cotton.tadaa all foundation and makeup washed away in a jiffy.

Then here comes the star of the event, the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask

What I found interesting was this tablet looking thing that I'm holding above is actually a compacted mask. The lotion can be used in 3 steps.

Step 1

Pour the SEKKISEI Lotion into its cap until it reaches the uppermost line.

Step 2
Put the mask into the filled cap.

Step 3
Allow the mask to absorb the lotion till it puffs out of the cap.

Step 4
 Unfold the mask and place onto clean face for 5-10mins.

Boo! Snow white in the making okay!

Step 5
Remove the mask and tap the excess into skin until all is absorbed. and no rinsing is necessary:) Voila! you've got yourself a fairer, more radiant and translucent skin just like snow. yup yup.

After removing the mask, i do feel more refreshed and the skin on my face does feel smoother and softer. My pimple scars fade a little but still there>.<(still wishing for some kind of miracle product that can take those away in an instant!) but my face does looks a bit fairer than before. that's instant whitening. cools. And I love the scent of this lotion too.

This lotion mask has 9 benefits:

This lotion mask is available at every KOSE counter in 200mL (RM170) and 360mL (RM260). Go get yourselves one today ok!

You can also know more about this product at these links:

After removing the mask, it's time to apply the KOSÉ Sekkisei Emulsion. This emulsion will lock in and maintain the skin's moisture.

Last step before you're all ready to step out of the house confidently!
Apply the KOSE Sekkisei BB Cream. It comes in 2 shades, 01 (Fair) and 02 (Natural). I used 02.

Here's how I look after application:) Not baad.

After the workshop, we were served with yummy mexican refreshments by the restaurant. Nachos and Quesadillas galore!

Then we had group photo sessions;
with Fiz & Nadia, my new blogger mates!

We had a happy happy day:)

Oh yeah and also guys, do check out this happening competition:

Know more about the Miss Cinderella Competition here. Go join! who knows u'll be the next KOSE's Miss Cinderella and walk away with those prizes;)

And here's the best part of all, my favourite!


I have a total of 34 masks to be given away to 34 lucky winners. Simple simple. Just answer the 2 questions below in my comment section:

- What are the 3 main ingredients used in KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask?

- Name one of the benefits of the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Mask. (Any 1 out of the 9 benefits)

Hurry and leave ur answers before 12th April 2014 together with your full name and email address. Winners can pick up ur lotion masks from the Nuffnang office or from me:) I promise this lotion mask is worth a try:)

Til then, cheers!

How Parenting Changes After Having 2 Kids?

Monday, March 17, 2014

We all have this thought when we had only one child especially when the child is a bubbly bouncy toddler who goes around like a blender without a switch. "I can't imagine having two or more kids because we need 2 pairs of hands (me and my husband's, yup that would be four hands in total) to take care of just one single child."

My kids are exactly 2 years apart. like, exactly. 24months apart from each other. I had a needy newborn in one hand and a toddler riding the waves of her terrible twos in the other. so how does this change our parenting experience life as a family?

#1 Nap and Sleep Times
3 months down the road since RJ was born, he naps only twice a day. 10ish in the morning and 3ish in the afternoon. aren't smaller babies supposed to sleep more? kakak tia naps once a day. These two siblings must not nap or sleep in the same room because either one will wake the other. so i put each of them to zz in seperate rooms..usually tia will be put down in another room then carried back to her bed when she's fast asleep. same goes with waking up time. either one will wake up crying and the other one will wake up. oh boy. haha

#2  Reclaim of belongings that were being once rejected.
Tia wants to ride in her old stroller now, when she didnt want to sit on it at all before riz came and we decided to chuck it in the store room, not bothering to bring it at all during outings. We fixed her old combi carseat for her brother and she insisted to ride the car in that seat. She insisted me to take off any toy that she recognises as her own if she spots one hung on her brother's playgym.

#3  Must divide self into 2.
Riz is very huggable now, though less chubby than tia at his age. but if i carry him around, a certain toddler would instruct me as such "put riz down, mommy. mommy carry Tia!" but if she wants to do something on her own without being assisted she tells me to "mommy go baby riz". kena halau. oh dear girl. hehe.

#4  Bath Time
At my mom's place..Tia would bathe in the bathtub. and because she loves to play with her bath toys i would fill up riz's little tub and bathe him while tia plays in the bathtub. done, pass riz to bibik and back to bathing Tia. in Sentul....back to back. bathe tia then bathe riz.

#5  Going down the stairs
So how do u go down the stairs with 2 kids?one in arm, the other hand hold toddler's hand. or one in a carrier, the other one pegang tangan.

#6  Outings
Oh when you'd think going out with 1 toddler is a handful...I had to bring bibik everywhere, who carries a happy riz everywhere in her kendong while i handle the hyper tia. It's challenging, but it gives you as much confidence as bringing a toddler out on ur own feels like only a piece of cake.

#7 Family shots
But not everything is challenging. ok maybe challenging to get both kids to look into the cam and stay put, but I look at our recent family photos and feel very very proud of my very own little family. my very own! 

#8 A new kind of joy.
When you see ur eldest hold her baby brother's hand. when she said "riz wants milk" when she gets her milk, when she tries to bottle feed her brother...easier put...the joy you get when you see happy smiles on both meaningful faces. the feeling? nothing but blessed.

So life is challenging with a new person in your life. but it comes with notable happiness . it's  a good change. the house gets livelier. I would never change it for anything. till then!


3 months old Riz Johann

Monday, March 10, 2014

So as promised here is the 3rd month shirt shoot for my little Riz Johann.
I really should have done this for Tia instead of babbling sampai penuh post. ah regret, regret:)
He doesnt look that much different from the last shoot but its ok. we'll just go along and see how it turns out at the end of 12months:)

Milestones video too, while kakak tia was asleep.
Cheers + hugS!

Tia and Riz

Friday, March 7, 2014

My phone is busted...luckily ive transferred all pics a day before i dropped it into a cup of slurpee. heh..i cant charge it and cant transfer any more pics into my macbook.so i shall post these final precious few here hehe.happy thursday everyone!

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