Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tiana's Swimming Class at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Ampang

We actually started bringing Tia to the pool reallyy early in life. like 4 months old. back then we were really excited first time parents. u know, we went through the neck float phase and all (which was silly) but she started off pretty well, never had the fear for water. when we bathe her we'll pour water over her head and she can hold her breath too.

But things changed and Riz came along, we were busy with a new baby and moving back to ampang with no pool to go to. after a while Tia started to develop a fear for water. whilst Riz has this nature to jump into the water at any oppurtunity, Tia would cling to us and religiously trust her round floatie everytime she goes into the pool. if we attempt to take away her floatie or teach her to kick her legs she will cry.

Since she already turned 4 in November, i realized a lot of her friends can already swim and they dont even need classes. Well of course every child is different and I decided to start her on swimming classes because:

(1) to get rid of her fear, perhaps by doing it with a few kids she wont be as scared 
(2) safety, first and foremost
(3) it will b nice to see her independantly swimming at a young age because i did too (athough i started off in standard 1) hehe

Tia's school already has swimming every Friday but i just wanted to add in a few more days a week. since she started her extra lessons she keeps on asking to go everyday! so i guess she loves it, and i'm happy that she puts her heart in it and that i'm not pushing her.

I googled "swimming lessons for kids ampang" and found a few places. I send her to the one in Kelab Darul Ehsan.her teacher's name is En Jailani. fees are RM262 a month of 8 classes, so its twice a week. each class is an hour long. so in total with her school, she swims 3x a week and she's not complaining hahaha. i think she loves this more than ballet!

So far she attended 4 classes already and i have seen quite a lot of improvements. at the first class she has already learnt to go underwater and swim using the board. at the 4th class she can swim independently without a board as far as a meter or two. quite fast kan? the teacher follows her flow and gently pushes and motivates her from what i see. he is good and so far i like the way he teaches.

As for Riz, he loves copying his sister. monkey sees monkey do. i caught him dipping his face in the bathtub at one time and i panicked! this guy's a little bit too small for a structured swim class but if anybody knows any teachers around kl who would teach a 2year old please do let me know yeah! in the mean time now i have to watch them like a hawk everytime they bathe in a tub. hoho.

Other places around ampang which I have found includes Taman Melawati and that sports complex in kampung pandan. I dont really have details of each but a friend told me each class would cost around rm32-35.

I don't think swimming class is a waste of money at all considering it's for the sake of safety. but there are other things to consider as well, i send because i have the time. actually i dont really have the time but i try to meet my standards. i make time.  I think i would still send her to these classes even if I'm a working mom.

Will update about her progress in a few months time. hopefully she can swim by then! big dreams big dreams:)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thomas Minis Blind Bags - Cheat codes!

If you have not seen these cute Thomas Minis blind bags, they are usually placed on the cashier countertops of Toys R Us. Riz loves anything with wheels on and these caught my eye because of course, Thomas train. hehe. And also, they're only RM7.90 each. every trip to Toys R Us, mommy will buy 2 packs. konon one for Tia and one for Riz. uwaa. hehe. for CNY though they're having a buy 3 free 1 promo for Star members. 
Each blind bag contains one 2 inch sized mini train. The thing about blind bags are you can't see what's inside and there's a chance that you might have bought 2 same trains. When I started buying these, I naturally tried my best to figure out which train's inside the bag. I touched, feel, held the bag against the light. but it really wasn't that easy ok, I still got 2 of the same trains.grr. The My Little Pony blind bags are not as blind. they have little windows on them so we could peek in to see which mini pony's inside. but this?? :')

Well all it took was a click away okay, because here's a cheat code in collecting these cute trains. just for you guys. haha! There is a CODE on each bag. you only needta know the last 2 numbers at the end of the code and, in order to know which train it is, whip out your mobile phone an follow this link:

This link would require you to click a few times to get the code number. anyhoo, this is a list i found in another link i can't remember which:

1. Classic Thomas
2. Spooky Percy
3. Metallic James
4. Racers Gordon
5. Classic Edward
6. Spooky Salty
7. Neon Toby
8. Classic Henry
9. Old School Diesel
10. Spooky Emily
11. Classic Dash
12. Classic Diesel 10
13. Chillin’ Paxton
14. Classic Stephen
15. Heroes (Super) Victor
16. Classic Scruff
17. Racers Bill
18. Classic Bert
19. Hero (Super) Thomas
20. Classic Percy
21. Dino James
22. Metallic Gordon
23. Metallic Edward
24. Classic Salty
25. Old School Spencer
26. Robot Toby
27. Classic Diesel
28. Neon Bash
29. Hero (Super) Hiro
30. Classic Millie
31. Robot Charlie
32. Classic Sidney
33. Dino Ben
34. Classic Skarloey
35. Old School Luke
36. Dino Gator
37. Classic Samson
38. Racers Thomas
39. Dino Percy
40. Classic James
41. Chillin’ Gordon 
42. Robot Edward
43. Old School Salty
44. Classic Spencer
45. Robot Henry
46. Hero (Super) Diesel
47. Classic Emily
48. Racing Dash
49. Classic Paxton
50. Dino Stephen
51. Classic Victor
52. Old School Scruff
53. Classic Bill
54. Neon Bert
55. Classic Luke
56. Spooky Porter
57. Thomas as Superman
58. Diesel 10 as the Joker
59. Millie as Harley Quinn
60. Spencer as Cyborg
61. Gold Thomas
62. Metallic Percy
63. Neon James 
64. Classic Gordon
65. Racing Spencer
66. Chillin Edward
67. Classic Toby
68. Neon Henry
69. Classic Bash
70. Spooky D10
71. Classic Hiro
72. Robot Milly
73.Classic Charlie
74. Chillin Sidney
75. Classic Ben
76. Chillin Skarloey
77. Classic Gator
78. Classic Porter
79. Hero Samson
80. Charlie as Riddler
81. Thomas as Batman
82. James as Flash
83. Percy as Robin

Ahaa now you can make my blog as your reference:P

Look at how tiny they are! and look at that Batman Thomas. cute gila T_T

There is also a special casing which you can buy from Toys R Us as well to store these tiny trains. It's a wheel shaped storage box which has a round railway at the back. Ours are from Walmart for $12.99, which I got my baby sister to bring back all the way from US, just to find out Toys R Us just brought it in right after we got our hands on ours. ishhh. here the wheel case is sold for RM50+ if I am not mistaken.

Riz enjoys hooking and lining up the trains. but after playing I make sure that all trains are stored back in the container so they wont get missing.We're still building our stash, we still have very few. Husband said it's a waste of money, well of course, same as all the other toys..but I digress! Riz will thank me when he's older k, I can feel it. heheehe.

So happy collecting boys mommies!


Monday, January 25, 2016

In Loving Memory..


I've been slacking on blogging this month because it has been an eventful January. It has been a monthful of sickness and death for us. Riz was warded exactly on New Year's Eve and we were in the hospital for the entire 7 days.

He was discharged, and we hardly had the chance to celebrate when more bad news landed on us - My father in law passed away the following week. He was 59 years old. It was a sudden one; he blacked out- fell, hit the back of his head and went into stroke with an intracranial bleed. He apparently had some kind of infection in his lungs as well, but he was independent til the end. I remember the last time we saw him- he and my mother in law came all the way from PD to visit Riz in the hospital. 

I've been with my husband since we were 18 years old, so I knew my father in law since then. I remember him to be bubbly and friendly, generous, gentle..a very nice guy from my point of view. He was a doctor, just like my husband. I think he is quite known to the Port Dickson community because he was one of the earliest doctor to open up a clinic there. Shortly after we got married, he had a stroke. One which changed his characteristics, his speech. It's like an imposter has taken over his body and we just could not identify the new him. He still does his routine job, and people still respected him. However, I guess I can speak for the family that we all miss the old him. 

Atok Zahar loved both Tia and Riz very much, and whenever we go back to PD he will stroke their heads and gave them many many kisses. he called them both sayang, quite a lot. not many words spoken, not many questions asked...just repeatedly calling them 'sayang'. Riz takes a lot of his features. A lot of people say Tia reminds them of Atok KL and Riz looks like his Atok PD. We are thankful that we are able to remember him everytime we look at Riz. some characteristics may be the same too. I think he loves Riz the most. My MIL always tell us about how he would ask to see Riz's photo everyday, even in his final days. He was worried that Riz still hadn't got his appetite back after being discharged; he cared. That was my biggest regret, that we couldn't bring the kids over as often to see him. 

Al Fatihah to our Arwah Papa, we pray that he will be placed among the pious by Allah SWT. May his soul be blessed, and have mercy for, and all his kind deeds and sedekah be recognized by Him.
In loving memory, Dr Zaharudin Zainal. Loving papa and atok, 1957-2016.

Among all things, 1 week after the death, my good friend lost her husband to cancer. I feel for her, having 2 kids. She lost her husband at a critical time, and as much as I need my husband, I am sure she does as well...I pray that Allah grants her the strongest of strength to face life.

I believe that each event in our lives has a reason, and is always a reminder and a guide for us to continue our lives. The month of January has taught all of us in the family to:

  1. Appreciate one another. See past the faults of your loved ones, and just be grateful to have each other. Make as much memories you can with the ones you love, be it in pictures or in experiences. because you will never know when they'll be taken away from you.
  2. Make time. no matter how busy you get, no matter how demanding you job or live is. Spend more time with your loved ones whenever you can. because family is irreplaceable. 
  3. Never take health for granted. It doesn't matter if supplements don't work, just try. eat healthy, and feed your children healthy foods. 
  4. Appreciate your kids. no matter how naughty they are, or how they test your patience. Let kids be kids, let them be active. but protect them whenever me, seeing them sick just brings all the guiltiness back at ya.
  5. Be grateful of what God has given to you. it doesn't matter if you are not well off, or you're deprived of your loved ones, you don't have the gift of time, or people are not sensitive enough towards your feelings. be grateful. because no matter how bad things are, of course there are people better and above you. but there are also people who are less fortunate. and these are the people you need to relate yourself to. and perhaps try to work hard to achieve the success of those above you.
That said, not all are sad in January. I promise the next post will be a happy one. hehe.
Til then,

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Riz hospitalized - Do we have the right to complain?

It has been quite a whirlwind week for our family. Riz was warded for a total of 7 days and had to be put on a multiple and high end antibiotics. His fever just wont subside and the bacteria are going on strong in that little body of his. I lost count of how many suppositories we inserted sampai dr trauma jadi dah biasa pulak dia.

So far he was diagnosed with bacterial enteritis. it started off with tummy cramps, on and off. there werent any diarrhea and vomiting. just cramps which could be mistaken as gas. we brought him for an ultrasound to rule out intussusception, which was scary because apparently by prevalence many 2 year old boys are susceptible to it. and his fever did not subside for days.did blood test, and his white blood cell count is sky high. his neutrophils read red light under the microscope. we had to surrender him to the hospital. some more tests were done and all are inconclusive, came back negative. It leaves us with this unsettled, paranoid feeling that the cramps may recur..

It hurts to see your normally active little boy suddenly just lay around on the bed overtaken by lethargy. to see a good eater refusing to eat anything at all. to see the iv line inserted in the back of his tiny hand. I had to be there, to calm him down. So I had to look fearless. but I was crumbling inside. Every night as I lay next to his burning hot little body, I pray that everything will be okay and that we will be given a chance to spend more time with our little angel. and tears do fall sometimes, as I wonder maybe I deserve this test, maybe I did something wrong.

Allah is great. by fate, a close friend of mine whose son is Riz's classmate at the Little Gym was also warded just a few doors away. They stayed for the entire week too, and we visit each other everyday. It means that He listens, He knows our level of handling this burden and He sends someone to keep us sane. Maha Besar, He is.

I always believe each test has its reasons. As i lay next to Riz in my his hospital bed..i ask myself some questions:

Have we been thankful, grateful enough?
We are gifted with 2 beautiful children, and yes they may use up every ounce of energy you have. Do you know that there are people out there who pray and pray for their own children but are never granted? and that there are children who are lent only a little while by Him and taken back?

Do we have the right to complain? 
I admit, I do complain about the amount of hours husband was expected to put in for work. It's insane, and honestly I feel like a single mother all the time. I get statements like this at family events sometimes -"where's your husband?oh wait, dont tell, i know. he's at work!" why yes, don't have to ask. but I don't have the right to complain because in another household, another wife grieves her husband's passing, struggles to cope on a dying husband, or just plainly being cheated when she gives her 100% trust to her husband. My tests are nothing compared to them.

Have I forgotten to ask Him for help? Because Allah listens, no matter how jahil you are.
I always hold on to "God gives the greatest burden only to his toughest soldiers" and that "Allah will never burden a soul more than it can bear". and also, "With hardship, there is relief". Coincidentally, a close friend of ours are admitted selang 2 rooms down the hall.Without her, 7 days in the hospital will probably drive me insane.

Riz eventually got well after 2 kinds of antibiotics. Alhamdulillah. Life is back to normal. a new start, another chance to improve what we lack of in the beginning. It is the beginning of a new year as well, and I hope nothing more than more family time, just like any other year. I wish to appreciate my kids better, and have more patience in caring for them everyday. I wish husband puts us first as priority and work second. oh but having said that, someone's leaving us for thailand for work, 3 days. and I need to find a distraction.

Anyhow I'm glad Riz is well now, and I hope his immune system will be better post admission. Here's to another year of positivity. cheers.

My Mommy, the Tutu Maker.

Tia: Mommy, when are u going to work?

Me: Oh mommy doesnt go to work anymore. mommy stays home to take care of u and Riz.

Tia:  But sometimes you go to the post office right? sometimes you make tutu skirts and ask atok opah to send it to people right? 

Ok so basically this little honey thinks Sabbytia is what I do for a living. hehe..i think as far as she can remember, mommy sews, make tutus and goes to post office besides being at home with both of them. i share everything about Sabbytia with her- i cut tulle in front of her, i photograph my products in front of her, i photograph her modelling my creations, she tags along when post my parcels, and when my namecards come in the post she is the first person i show them to. Riz pulak, he sits on my lap and helps me feed my fabric thru the sewing machine n press the option buttons for me:)

It does sound like a dream job for mommies. I enjoy doing this, no matter how high or low my sales are every month. It doesnt quite meet the demands of cost of living in malaysia nowadays but I love doing something which involves my family, and not obligated to sign my name underneath "saya yang menurut perintah" everyday. 

I am pretty sure she'll introduce her mommy as a tutu maker to her class one day. I really hope Allah will make this last longer for me because this is something i find happiness in doing.

Well I would tell her that I used to work as a pharmacist, but i have nothing to show her. oh unless, my job is a regular 9-5pm and i could do extemporaneous prep for an aesthetic clinic, i think i'd go back to work. that, i'm interested. hehe. but not seeing my kids for 8 hours a day or more, no matter how annoying both can get sometimes- i'm not sure if thats something i can handle that well.

Anyhow, It's really nice to have these little conversations with Tia nowadays. if i'm lucky, she'll say "you're my favourite mommy!"( but i'm ur only mommy right?)or "I love you very much mommy" and the rest of the day just seems to be better.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 Countdown from Riz's Hospital Bed

Another year has gone. 2015 went by really fast i have to think and recollect about the achievements throughout the year. Lets see:

1. I've been crafting tutus the entire year and alhamdulillah, very blessed with the love i've been given through this business. 

2. Tia's first year of school..n i pulled her out all in a span of one year haha

3. our house is in planning n renovation..for almost the entire year. lol that doesnt sound very productive.

And everything else is nothing out of ordinary. until a few days ago..riz started tummy cramps, followed by a whole week of fever..and here we are on New Years Eve:

At the hospital.
Bacterial enteritis is the diagnosis so far, with ongoing investigations. he was started on 2 kinds of antibiotics and i guess we'll b here for at least 5 days.  tonight, all the four of us are spending the night at the hospital, counting down to the new year.

As I watched the fireworks of KLCC and KL tower from riz's hospital bed, with Riz sleeping on my chest, and tia snoozing on the extra bed next to my husband..i feel blessed, somewhat..this is as good as it gets. despite this test that we're going through- at least we're here together as a family. nobody's oncall, and nobody gets left behind at home. that's all it matters doesnt it? look at that beautiful view from this ward. and with a rocky start of 2016...hopefully the rest of the year will take it easy on us..hopefully. (although isnt it supposed to b the other way round?) trying to be positive here!

My resolutions this year:
1. to be a better person, in and out, and to take care of my family better. i wish to cook more for the husband n kids so nobdy will get bacteria enteritis again T_T  i want to be nicer to my parents, nicer to my kids..

2. to improve on Sabbytia.
i've had copycats, but i'm convincing myself that it's good thing cuz it probably means that person is inspire by me.haha. but on a serious note, i want to create more stuff, keep on improvising so nbody can catch up, n i wish to expand a lil bit, depending on my ability n time.

3. i want to be fit again. this year, i want to at least try join some classes like yoga, pilates or zumba. 

4. move house.we WILL move this year.

cant think of anything anymore for now. but lets go along 2016 and see what it has in store for us.

Til then..syafakallah, my baby boy. i miss the cheeky naughty riz heart breaks looking at that iv line stuck onto his hand and his messed up looks.

cheers everyone and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Riz Johann's First Haircut!

I finally brought Riz for his first haircut!

His hair is at an awkward length and although we thought we could keep it longer just to see if the 'home alone' hair works on him.. I don't know, I was just itching to see him with a different look!

Riz doesn't have as much hair as his sister, but the softness..fuh..i usually compare it to shea's fur. mind you, our siberian cat's fur is the softest thing in the whole world hehe.

That day, I brought my mom to a vegetarian lunch  and went to the hairdressing salon that she frequents to in ampang. The aunties think riz is adorable. Unty Doris swung him up into a chair and put on the layers of bibs you need for haircut.

He was so well behaved the entire time...and he giggled when the aunty shave-trimmed the back of his head. must've been ticklish, but it was the cutest thing!

 Mid way he was starting to get a bit jittery so I handed him a paci.

Tadaa!Macho tak?

Daddy said - oh noooo whyy did you cut his hair? he's not cute anymoree..he's macho!
haha. daddy is in denial..son not really a baby anymore (sigh..count mommy in!)

Wants to sit on mommy while mommy had her hair trim. He wasn't happy with all my hair that falls on the floor. awww.

Auntie Doris also taught me how to style riz's hair using the hair gel. i have no idea how! now i know. hehe

I love his new look. he looks very clean and neat...and i love touching the back of the shaven part of his hair. heck even i like to do that to the daddy too everytime he's back from a haircut:)

That's all for todayyyy~
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