Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Block, rojak, rusty.

I was reading this article about that girl Cassandra Hsiao who scored into 8 Ivy league schools, which was linked to her youtube channel. Very impressivelah this girl. She interviewed quite a bunch of artistes including Chris Evans, Aulii Cravalho, Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

This post isn't particularly about her, but about this particular interview with Lin-Manuel at a Moana press conference and his quote that caught my attention:

"When you start writing, you're turning on a faucet, when you turn on the faucet the water is brown, and its full of things in there that are clogged up and are not able to come out, and then you just keep on writing and writing till the water's clear and that's when you found your own voice, so keep writing." ~Lin-Manuel Miranda

Well, I am no writer. but I like to write. Even though it's just rojak language-d blogging. I'm currently having a writer's block too, and can't seem to write very well due to inconsistent blogging and reading. If I do blog, do bear with my lousy writing.When I read novels, I tend to write better. But I've got no time to read, heck I bought the latest Harry Potter (The Cursed Child) book and stopped reading at page 15, and that also while on the loo. haha. Missing the days I could lie on the bed the whole day and just read book after book sampai pening. But life goes on, and the kids, house and tutu business are taking all of me.

I have got lots to update, I guess I need to look into my time management a bit more thoroughly I guess. When I was working I could write a post a day because I'm in front of the computer the whole day and have the luxury of 1 hour lunch. Yeah, I do mean luxury. Nowadays if I have a luxury 1 hour lunch, one of the kids will push the other of the bed or something along the lines.

It's 2am and that's all I have on my tired mind at the moment. Til then, lots of love from me:)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sunway Lagoon- Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon 1st Birthday Bash

The nickelodeon lost lagoon waterpark has turned 1year old and it is going to be a weeklong party with cupcakes, food, and drinks through out this march school holidays.

Our family was invited to the launch if this awesome birthday party to catch a glimpse of what's to come from the 18-26th march and it was a celebration indeed. Tia and Riz were particularly excited to meet spongebob and his friends, dora the explorer and the teenage mutant ninja turtles! So off we set out early morning to attend the launch.

Coincidentally, we brought the kids to Sunway Lagoon last month and that was our first time exploring the Lost Lagoon. unfortunately for kids under 1m tall there were only two attractions that they get to enjoy- the Splish Splash and the Spongebob Splash Adventure. However, they enjoyed it all the same, and that is pretty much the max a toddler or young kid can take anyway before a meltdown comes in the way! 

Splish Splash
This little area felt like a huge shower area with all the water sprays and jets! there were water guns, little fountains, basically everything which sprays water. the kids love it here, particularly riz who likes pointing the water gun to everyone he sees even though the gun is so much bigger than he is!


Spongebob Splash Adventure
This one has a huge bucket right at the top which will pour out i don't know how many gallons of water every few minutes! the splash is crazy. some sit and wait for it..i would hide.hehe. there are so many water slides which both kids enjoy so much. and we spend most of our time in this small area because it was so much fun there. It's good to let the kids wear goggles while playing here.


There's a special school holiday deal offered by Sunway Lagoon and this includes food and drinks as well! buffet huts are set up near the Spongebob Splash Adventure. There will also be cupcakes to enjoy, face painting and temporary tattoos for the kids, game stations and at a certain timing (4pm) everyday the huge bucket at the Spongebob Splash Adventure park will splash SLIME! we did not get to experience this one because the kids were already getting cranky so we had to make our way home around 3-ish pm.

For more information on this big celebration and its package you could check out this link here.


Friday, February 3, 2017

True Facts of Life

I was driving Tia to school this morning and we had a casual conversation about daddy having to work on public holidays and yada yada yada and somehow it came down to this:
"Mommy, I don't want to get married"

Okay, that was pretty random. I asked her why.

"If I get married, I will have a baby. I don't want to have a baby"

So, this statement is pretty much normal right? I've heard my siblings say this many times before. I asked her again why not? Don't you like babies? Aren't they adorable?

"Er, yes..they're cute and adorable.....I like them a lot. but it's just so hard to take care of children just like you".

Nowadays I am amazed at how much a 5 year old brain works. I have followed all Tiana's milestones and lately she is beginning to shape her own personality. It's funny figuring out whose genes she took it from, at I just can't figure it out in the end- it's like a mystery. Hence it must be just who she is. My Tiana is one who would critically think. She would ask me questions like "Why do our tummy make sounds when its hungry?" and then I would explain to her the science in layman terms. gastric juice, digestion, blahblahblah...and I could actually see her listen and analyse. Like I would expect her to just browse it off, yeah, whatever. I'm a kid, this is to complicated. toodles! but no. She listens.

One day she asked her daddy about something factual I can't remember and he answered her with some illogical, made for fun fairytale and she commented "But I don't want you tell me stories, daddy. I want you to tell me the truth. Mommy tells the truth".

So back to the "don't want children because taking care of them is too difficult" story..It actually makes me sit and think. Have I been displaying the wrong attitude daily? Did I explain something wrongly to her? Did I do anything wrong? the usual mom guilt. Shouldn't she be thinking that children are the most wonderful and special beings God gave us?

I have never told her taking care of her and her brother is challenging. But I did tell her how she was born. That is necessary, right? Did it scare her? The slit, the scar and all? Has she witnessed my poorest moments as a mother that she translated it as difficult? Truth bomb is, yes. Being a mother is life changing, and challenging. It is never all cupcakes and rainbows, quote Poppy the troll. But not being a mother would give life a whole new meaning- I can't remember how life was without them and I never wished to go back. My kids are my reason to wake up everyday and it may get tough sometimes, but I would do anything for them.

Perhaps I am too factual. Duh, I don't have an adult to converse with daily because I stay at home. I tend to talk to Tiana like talking to an adult. When I talk about ambition I explained about off days and family time. but hey, get real. those are facts, right? I always tell her I would really appreciate it if you would do certain things on your own because I don't have help, and I need her help. When I was little, opah had a helper. mommy doesn't have one. I am struggling. And she understood. I am really proud about little things she does like putting her shoes in the cupboard and eating breakfast by herself (nothing much actually. if only she would bathe herself. haha)

I know our kids watch our every move, look up at us. I wish I have an alarm system which would blare out when I did something wrong. I know I am not a great mom. I don't show the best examples. I don't have the patience a mom should have. I can only pray that He will guide me through bringing up my kids.I do not want to sugarcoat life when I talk to my kids, but I do want them to always think that life is great. and there is hope. and always be positive. How do I do that?

It's 2 am in the morning, perhaps my mind is thinking too much. Do comment if you have any advice for me yeah?


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year and 2017 Resolutions

Oh my. First post of the year 2017. All the things I've missed to post! I think about posting every single day and I miss blogging here. However, I've been doing a major load of multitasking and it hasn't been easy.

First and foremost, I would like to wish my readers a happy, happy Chinese New Year. Xin Nian Kuai Le to all who are celebrating:) May this year of the rooster bring even more joy and laughter, good health and good fortune.

We did a little photoshoot to wish customers of Sabbytia Birthday Outfits as well as family and friends, a very Happy CNY too!

We wish we are out there celebrating with everyone but many many years ago, our "po po" left my mom (not dead, she just left and went poof MIA) but everything happens for a reason, and with every bad thing that happened we are gifted with something so much better. Because she left, we are blessed with our Atuk and Opah, and they did not fail to give us as much love as a pair of grandparents would. Such a blessing.

Since it's still very much a new year (hehe), let me summarise the year 2016 that we left behind:
  1. Tiana started a new school and it has been great. 
  2. Riz tried out 2 schools but chickened out, and we kind of decided to keep him at home til he's 5 years old.
  3. My tutu shop has evolute quite a bit - I invested in new machines, tried out a few new products and I'm ever so grateful that people love them- all of them:)
  4. Daddy Radzli tried out for masters programme, pathology- we shall see what 2017 will bring us!
  5. We moved into our new pad..and so in love with it:)
  6. Our travels were Kuala Pilah, Port Dickson, Penang, JB. lol. overseas nada.
Ok nothing too great. just boring day to day stuff. My 2017 resolutions will be:

  1. To keep on building Sabbytia. hey I've already built a website to start the year with. will announce it in a bit:D
  2. I want to improve my organisation skills. It has been a bit messy around me. I need to label more stuff and buy more organisation bins (sounds lame because my house will be filled up with Ikea's transparent boxes)
  3. I will wake up earlier and send Tiana to school earlier every day despite not being an early morning person (this resolution is on repeat every year. last year wasn't so successful. note school starts at 8.10am, i reach school at 8.35am)
  4. I will go on an island holiday this year (also resolution since the past 2 years)
  5. I will start either pilates or yoga this year (maybe. ni last year pun sama tapi tak tercapai)
  6. I.will.not.succumb.to the pressure of housekeeping. Everyone says i need a maid but my past two experiences was so bad I am trying to keep it together all by myself. I hope I can handle it this year as well.
  7. To make sure Tia gets into the school I registered her in. Because it's a good one, it's my dream school for her and we don't have the budget to send the kids to private or international schools. 
  8. Complete my prayers.
  9. To blog more often and stop missing my family milestones! 
My 2017 wishes are (wishes are not resolutions right? they're more like prayers)
- A luxury bag
- An overseas trip
- Husband to love me more (more than the kids. eherm. bukan jealouslah!haha)
- A ladies trip without the kids (except that the other ladies also have kids they can't leave:D)

Ok, that's all for now. till next post! Hopefully not in another 6 months:) gulp.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Of swollen tonsils and apnea

So I need to jot this down real quick.

Since the past month we've noticed that Riz has been snoring quite loudly through out the night. He has always been snoring, but there was something different about it so we decided to watch him....and to our horror he skips a few breaths while asleep. Now this has never happened to Tia so experiencing this first time can be overwhelming and disturbing for us.

I know this is what they call sleep Apnea - a condition when a person stops breathing for a few seconds while in deep sleep. What happens is that when you unconsciously stop breathing.....oxygen doesn't reach your brain, your lungs...but hey, i am no doctor so for a semi layman like me it's just code red all the way:(

Riz sleeps in his own bed in the kids room. and my husband will sleep with him every night. I can't bear to hear the scary noises he makes when he sleeps. it's exactly like loud snoring and then like stuck breathing, then after a few seconds the breathing becomes fast and rapid, chest heaving. and all this while he sleeps. he's not bothered by it so far. at the same time while i try to sleep alone in my room- cant help thinking what if he just..stopped breathing?

My husband checked and discovered his tonsils are like a grade 3 huge. He said it would probably best to have them removed but we need a second opinion so to the ENT we went. The ENT specialist confirmed that his tonsils are really big. Along with enlarged tonsils, adenoids (a structure behind the nose) would be enlarged too. and thus narrows down the airway. Everytime we get an infection, the tonsils will enlarge. in riz's case...he gets one after another infection that the tonsils doesn't have enough time to shrink back to its normal size to the point where it actually could not shrink down anymore.

What happened in the night is..when he's in deep sleep, the airway muscles will relax and collapse. not being able to breathe properly, he slipped back into the REM sleep (light sleep) where the air tube would be a bit free (according to my language) so he can take some breaths. This results in- when he wakes up he's like us without our morning coffee- sleep deprived. cranky and whiny. During the day he'll be active and hyper and extra mischievious because he cannot fall asleep due to difficulty in breathing.

Poor baby:(

The specialist recommended these options:
1.  Syrup prednisolone for 5-7 days(apparently it works the best despite all the skeptical thoughts of its side effects) I'm praying hard for this one to work.
2.  Try out a steroid nasal spray.
3. After 6 month if the snoring still persists and the apnea got worse, consider to have his tonsils removed; apparently it gives positive results.

We're really hoping that option #1 will work with this condition. We were advised not to proceed with surgery just yet, but to try other ways and means first. of course I wouldn't want any surgeries on him for as long as possible. So I'm praying syr predni would do the trick. Steroids are anti-inflammatory  agents and reduces swelling so it makes sense. It has its cons in children but this is a 5-7 days thing..should be alright.

Will update again soon, hopefully with good news.

Til then,

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Maleficient Tutu Dress

For Halloween this year, Tia was Maleficient. I made the costume top to toe and here are the breakdowns:)

The Black Dress

The dress was just a simple full length tutu dress, all black. Black crochet top, 3 layers of black tulle. She gets taller with each progressing year. This year she's 24" from waist to floor. It was pretty taxing by the time I got to the topmost and third layer, that I wanted to just cincai the bodice part. hehe. I grabbed some black ribbons and glued them layer by layer to make it look like they're woven around each other. and hey, it works!

The bodice looked a little bit worn out after several wears but shaggy is alright with this theme:D

The Collar

For Maleficient's collar, I cut some triangles out of black felt, glued them up, and put velcros on them so they could be attached and detached from the dress.

Maleficient's Horns

Maleficient's horns, or helmet as I like to call it is something that I am most proud of out of the whole outfit! I followed this tutorial from youtube, by LinzMushel:

In her tutorial, she uses only duct tape and aluminium foil! it's the easiest and cheapest one I've found and really easy to follow. I put on my mom's scarf inner on Tia's head as a base instead of the beanie in the video. I tell you, it was purely just duct tape all around! with some ribbons and laces on the outside. One mistake I did was that my horns did not cover tia's ears when it was supposed to! too lazy to mend it by then. I glued felt all around the bottom of the helmet and some inside so that the horns won't slip off her head easily. She went up and down the slides and the horn stayed on her head! Post party we have one maleficient horn in the kids' dress up wardorbe. awesome right?

The Staff

Maleficient brings around a staff with a glowy ball on top and a black bird perched on it. We have to make that! Lucky us I got a black raven on 70% off from spotlight. It was rm11 in the end. Then there was this big devil's trident which I got for only rm4 after clearence. I took off the red trident fork and attached a green plastic ball I found using duct tape. I cut the duct tape to make those sharp looking grips on the green ball. I then hotglued the black raven to the top of the green ball and voila! Maleficient's staff. tadaa.

Thats basically it in terms of diy..the rest is to tell her "Tia,always put on an evil angry face. your wings are stolen from you!" and walked around with this face:

I braided her hair up and tucked everything into the helmet, put on some eyeliner and red lipstick and she was ready to go! She won a prize at the Kizsports Halloween Party too. so all is good:D Til then, enjoy these pics of her in our sabbytia Maleficient tutu dress..

And a last one with little brother who lovesss firemen haha. dushh!

If you would like to order or customise a tutu set/dress, head over to my tutu shop. I'm available on facebook and instagram ;)

Thanks for dropping by!


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tiana & Riz's PJ Masks Birthday Bash 2016

At first we agreed on not having a brithday party this year - one reason is because we had a trip down to Legoland earlier and the kids got sick after the trip. but I'm glad I was stubborn enough to host this party because looking back at the photos we received from our photographer, it was well worth all the late nights crafts.

I initially planned it to be at home but November at its best is always rainy. It rained everyday and I already booked a bouncy castle! and then there was this headache about not having enough tables and chairs and high budget rental of all these party equipments. Had to cancel and bring the party to The Little Gym (i know, where else for me right). We had the kids' party there last year and decided it's the best, entertaining and most convenient venue for a kids party.

As always, I DIYed most parts of the party except for food and entertainment. it saves a lot of money ok! This year's theme is PJ Masks - this new show on Disney Junior about 3 kindergarteners who superheroes; Catboy, Owlette and Gekko to save the world at night. Researching and finding merchandises for this party is super tricky because there are none in the shops! like, at all. no available toys, costumes, doorgifts. unless you're in the US of course.

Venue - The Little Gym of Ampang/KLCC

We had the party at the branch in the Intermark Mall. Because I could foresee the kids jumping and and climbing around pretending to save the world and they have great teachers to host the games. so entertainment is settled:)

Should you decide to have your birthday bash at The Little Gym, they charge rm650 for members and RM700 for non members. This includes the venue, games, and setup of the party room, and they even help you clean up after. Calculated it's around the same, if not cheaper than having it at home with the tents and all.


This part is pretty important to me! I made an Owlette inspired birthday outfit for Tia and a Catboy inspired one for Riz. For Owlette it was a mini sized ribbon trimmed tutu worn over a red leotard which I bought from First Steps dance studio in Setapak and I heatpressed on the Owlette logo as well as the pink stripes at the sides. The red leggings was something she already owned. Then I made a big wing out of felt which resembles the character. I sewed on elastics to be worn at the shoulders and to put her thumbs through so the wing is flappable for real:D I also made the famous wristlet and mask. all out felt and super durable!

Catboy was pretty straight forward. Catboy logo and thunder stripes heatpressed on a blank royal blue tee and on a pair of blue trackpants I found in H&M. I made a cat tail out of felt, stuffing and elastic and matched with the mask and wristlet- voila! we got Catboy. He refused to wear the mask throughout the entire party though. ishh.

Of course we need a Gekko to join the group, so I made a green-black tutu for my niece with the gekko logo heatpressed on her tee to complete the fantastic three! Just like Riz, she's short of tail and mask:')

What fun is a party without dressing up.....I can't help but to make owlette wings, catboy tails and gekko tails, masks and wristlets for all the kids! My silhouette cameo helps me a lot and I guess I was having fun exploring it. The owlette wings was so economical - I bought 2m of jersey knit fabric at rm3 a meter and I got 12 wings! I used rotary cutter to cut the edges while watching tv so it wasnt very taxing. The tails are pretty easy as well. I drafted it on paper, sew and stuff them up, attach elastic. They looked so adorable and was a hit that day and some parents told me the items are still appreciated after party, they wont take it off! Makes me feel so great making them, honestly.

note: I bought the PJ Masks logo and masks digital cut files from etsy.


There are a few games that they planned with the kids and I requested them to play music from the PJ Masks official youtube channel. There are a few singalongs and theme music uploaded there. These songs were played as party music while the games are played in the gym. I saw some of the kids jumping and singing along to the songs, so enjoyable to watch! Also if you're planning a birthday party at The Little Gym, request for the Air Trak. It's an equipment the gym use in their classes to teach tumbles. It also acts like a semi bouncy castle and the kids love it every time.


And of course there was the pinata that I made - a simple 2D one this year. I had Catboy printed big at the printers' shop and then cut the cardboard following his shape. It looked pretty good after all the crepe paper ruffles put together. However, I forgot to put a soft spot on the pinata and it took forever to break it! it didn't break in the end. a total fail! one of the instructors just opened the trap door and turned it upside down lol. on the brighter side though, it looked good in the pics and nobody remembered it didnt work and hey, it saved me some hundred bucks if purchased elsewhere!

Cake table

This year we decided not to have too many sweets on the cake table. every year most of the candy on that table will end up in the dustbin and if you're a parent like me..candy tables actually scare me hehe.the kids will be eating all the cake pops n jellybeans and then get high on sugar.my party was 5-7pm so for the best of all of us and so that the kids wont be bouncing off the walls a bedtime..i decided to just decorate it with cake, themed cookies, mineral water and trail mix (marshmallows, koko crunch, popcorn) placed in three little ikea plant pots lined with aluminium foil. This year the cake is a two tiered buttercream with fondant 2D PJ Masks themed decoration. Didn't think it was a good idea because the cake looked senget. baker should advise me on that but didn't...takpelah. Cookies were from my cousin again, but minutes before the party she sat on the catboys :( hence the generic ones she made new to replace. sighhh..

Banner was designed by me on Adobe photoshop and printed at this great new place I found in melawati - Zest Print. They can be located on Lorong Perak, Taman Melawati- next to the JPN. reasonable rates and great quality. They printed the banner, pinata catboy and the mineral water bottle stickers. I didnt pay for designing though because I made them myself. hehe.

The ruffled table skirt was made from plastic tablecloths purchased from spotlight. They were going at RM4 each and 60% off for the black ones. It wasn't even that much hard work. I followed this tutorial to make it. I wish I had pasted the ruffles a bit higher though; the green part looks a bit awkward like that and the backdrop stands should be fixed a little closer to the banner. arghh post party regrets...

Helium Baloons were also purchased from Spotlight using their RM120 off voucher for every rm300 spent. I think it was a pretty good deal. or it wasnt really a good deal but saved us some transport fees.


The highlight menu of the day was sponsored by my brother - Meatball Mat Bulat (typo on the placecard hehe) He brought his team over to serve the meatballs with mash potatoes in individual takeaway packs. The mash was my favourite. so good!

My mom cooked some aglio olio pasta which complimented the meatballs pretty well. It was great because I could straightaway feed the kids dinner after the party too:D We also put out some mini bahulu as finger foods and drink was just mineral water. all these plus the cake may seem very little food, but enough and filling for a party held at 5.30pm - 7pm. So grateful for my family for these SOS menu!


Invitation, banner, place cards, mineral water bottle labels, thank you cards are all done by moi, some printed by Zest Print, mostly self printed and diecut by me.


I got carried away on this part and diyed every single one. personalized tees, fuzzy pencils and PJ Masks costume accessories (tails, masks and wristlets. fine, I did not do all the tedious cutting, my silhouette did:D

The personalized tees are pretty personal and special to me, and I'm glad all my guests are ones who are close to heart and trusted friends:)


I always hire a photographer for my parties because I know I will be scurrying around doing so many things at once. I've worked hard to organize it and I need all the wonderful moments to be captured well or else I will regret it big time! Our photographer for the day was Renee from Krom Studio. She was very proactive and covered the event really really well:)

Party regrets - came late to set up so I missed the whole game session:( I didn't manage to take any videos except the pinata part..if only things are more manageable and I could get there earlier. what to do, I've got no helper to manage the kids in times like this. redha hehe. That's pretty much it. 

I am glad the party went well and everybody had fun again this year. It makes all the effort well worth it. I am also so grateful that everyone managed to make time for our party too, Thank you! <3 Here are more pics from the birthday bash:

Last but not least, the party was also on our 7th wedding Anniversary! oh happiness all around and the little things matter a whole lot more:)

Cake : iedasaharadin 
PJ masks cookies  : Cousin Arafah
Photography : Krom Studio
Banner printing : Zest Print 
Meatballs : Meatball Mat Bulat
Outfits, Doorgifts, Placecards, Pinata : Sabbytia Birthday Outfits *peace:D*

Til then,

Happy Sabby xoxo
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