Friday, March 11, 2011

Pregnant of Unknown Location : Part 2

Being given such diagnosis wasn't exactly very nice and easy to accept. My hubby studies a lot. and i have to admit he's pretty good at making provisional diagnoses. which is, by the way, a prediction of what you have before the real diagnosis is confirmed. he thought my cramps, since they were very frequent and painful, might mean that the embryo has been planted at the wrong site. and quickly ushered me off to EPAU (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit) of HKL to get a more experienced opinion.

So there i was laid down next to the ultrasound screen while the med officer pressed the transducer around my lower abdomen, looking for some kind of sac. she found nothing. then out came the dildo like scan (as my friend calls it-i think it sounds funny n cool), which goes into the vajayjay for a better view. she went left, right, left right....still nothing. oh and then there was something...some faded looking blob in the middle of the screen. she told me if that really is a sac, it might still be very early to see on the screen, she tried measuring the best she can and predicted it to be about 4 weeks if it really is a sac. then she said she's going to call her specialist to check this out.

The mighty specialist came. fiy, specialists and consultants in hkl are difficult to catch. they are a bunch of seriously brilliant and experienced people, some even treating the vips and the royals. most of the time theyre either tending patients at the ward, or discussing an important case, at an important meeting or something like that. he rescanned me, thought for a bit and explained very nicely to me:

"There r actually 2 situations now: number 1, your baby is in the right place, your cramps are implantation pains, and is still very small to see. you beta HCG levels are still low so the machine couldnt detect the embryo. number 2, the baby is implanted outside the womb. good news is we detected early, because in most ectopic pregnancies, the embryo already ruptured the fallopian tube when they found out, and it's a very dangerous situation."

We were left with 2 options: either wait for blood results which will be done every 2 days to see the increment of hormone levels,  or get admitted so that they can perform an emergency diagnostic laparoscopy on that night itself.

He wrote down the provisional diagnosis : "Pregnant of Unknown Location".

ectopic pregnancy: implantation of the embryo in the fallopian tube or anywhere else outside the womb. (

At that point, i was already a mess.especially when i saw the specialist walked out of the cubicle i was in and straightaway discuss with his group of doctors: ho, mo, nurses. medical terms that i'm familiar with and know the seriousness of. i still continue work that day, but i couldnt think of anything. i only wanted to cry.

Hubby booked a bed in the first class ward before he left just in case we decided to get admitted that night. supposed to check in at 7. had a long thought after work..this would be my first surgery experience. they'll poke the my hand for an IV line. they'll insert an catheter and a urine bag in. i'll probably lost one of my fallopian tube in the surgery which will affect my fertility, and this is our only first try. i finally broke down and cried on hubby's shoulder. he told me if i didnt go for the surgery, it could cost my life if the embryo ruptures..and he's scared too. but God is great. He will lead us to the right path when we feel helpless and at complete lost. I cried for a solid 3 hours. hubby had tried to comfort me in every way but didnt work. finally i told him i can't do it. i want to wait for the blood result to come back and go for a second opinion tomorrow. he agreed.

my blood sample which was sent to the lab.

48 hours after my first blood sample was taken in the EPAU, he took my blood again, and sent it to his sister who works in the pathology lab. when the results came in, we were juust slightly relieved. the hormone levels already doubled up. in an ectopic pregnancy, the level will remain the same. when the levels even matched our research of detection level: the embryo should be able to be seen on ultrasound now. we calld Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital and asked for any available obstetrician. that was how we found Dato Dr Ashar.He did the scan, and as predicted, there it was: a tiny egg like shape  with a darkened centre, in the middle of the screen. Alhamdulillah..we are officially, safely pregnant.

It wasn't a misdiagnosis. and we were given 2 options to choose from. thank goodness we didnt choose the drastic one, otherwise the embryo will be aborted together when they pull the equipment out of me. thank goodness i didnt get opened up for nothing on the surgery table. all in all, it was one of Allah's many tests to us.

My cramps disappeared over a couple of days after that..and we were prepared to face our first step of pregnancy - to embrace the first trimester.

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  1. Hi sabrina,
    I enjoy reading your entry and I think maybe this is what we call 'mother's instinct'.


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