Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blood taking in pregnancy.

Had my blood taken today by hubby. he wanted to check if my Hb (hemoglobin) levels are okay. 

I never liked needles. especially when the last time he took my blood he poked and has to twist the needle around a bit to find the vein. when he found it, i kind of heard the 'pop' when it poked in. perhaps because i was staring at the needle. next time sab, close your eyes and trust the hubby. hehe.

Don't take it the wrong way though, that was just one time. good thing about how hubby withdraws blood is...it never hurts. mom n dad likes his style too. hehe.

By the way, just for your info, some of these blood results are required when you first started your obs & gyn visits:

-Full blood count
-HIV profile
-Rubella profile
-Hepatitis profile
-Rhesus and blood group

If you go to a government hospital, you can get everything covered in the same place. as for us, we photocopied these results and gave it to our obstetrician in Ampang Putri Specialist. the original ones are kept in my o&g patient file in my hospital.

ok til next post,

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