Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Beginning.


We got married about 1 and a half years ago. december 2009. i still remember our solemnization and the 2 receptions we had. crystal clear. neither grand nor commercial. just perfect in our own world and the most beautiful moment of our lives.

Radzli and I have been together for pretty long. we had kiddie high school crushes on one another back then during our boarding school years and worked to make it happen. we mature into adults together. although not in one place. one hails from port dickson and the other, kuala lumpur. we went through the acne years together. he was my first love and like they say, first loves ain't easy to be forgotten.  

So fast forward, and how this little one came about?

We decided to wait a year. spend enough time with each other like we've never had the chance before. well true enough, we never really had this kind of chance. we've lived apart ever since we graduated high school. for 5 years i only get to see him 3 months per year. and not everyday. so we did a little bit of travelling despite his busy doctor schedule. explore a lot of stuff together. midnight outings, long distance driving, that sort of thing. and i get to do what i always dreamed of trying- aerial arts. a few months of learning how to get on circus hoop and climb up the silks and do really cool tricks with them.

I've got friends telling me that i probably can't have kids. since i was overusing my body (i don't even understand why someone cud even say such a statement), my mom urged me to stop these classes because she thought my uterus could turn upside down. heh.or something like that. psychologically, i got a bit worried. although i'm sure medically, scientifically, it's okay. as long as you follow these rules: don't push yourself too much, try not to fall, and don't stay in the upside down position for too long on the first few days of your period. but at the same time, we decided to finally try for the first time. it's been 1 and a half years anyway, and we'll be turning 27 next year. it has been a year and a half of family planning. no pills. just careful. mild prevention. methods? read back your form 5 biology book.

Well, Allah is Great. alhamdulillah, we conceived only after the first try. despite my irregular periods and activeness. for me it's play by the rules. get your facts right. follow your ovulating signs. and with blessings from God, insyaAllah you'll get that gift.

I have no regrets. at all. i am glad we did proper planning. i am thankful for that 1 solid year of quality time together. i'm thankful for the oppurtunity to achieve what i have always wanted. and now, i'm thankful for this little bean Allah provide us. our very first symbol of love, one that will have both our features and qualities combined.  

I hope my pregnancy will be a smooth journey. i'm really hoping for a healthy baby, gender doesnt matter. .

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