Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pregnant of Unknown Location: Part 1.

Ectopic Pregnancy.

That was what being suspected at the very beginning of this pregnancy.
We went to Phi Phi Island for a so called 'romantic getaway' in February but i ended up getting really bad cramps every night that i couldn't sleep the whole 4 nights. it felt a little bit like diarrhea ache, mixed with the usual pre-menstrual lower abdominal cramp.

I didn't suspect it when my period was late..because it always is. what made me check my status was, i wanted to take charcoal or panadol menstrual n when i checked MIMS they didn't mention it to be safe to use in pregnancy. at that time i have already started being conscious with all the drugs i take since we're in a process of trying.

When we got back from krabi, the pain got worse. i was cramping during the day as well, at every 45mins-1hour. i was terribly miserable at work, and at that point desperately needed to take any kind of painkillers. hubby brought home a pregnancy test kit from the hospital. that night, the second line was reeeally faint. knowing that the kit can give a false positive result, we didnt go out to buy another kit (cuz we're cheapskate like that. ehe), we decided to send my urine sample to the pathology lab. run it through the machines to get a specific result.we were pretty anxious that night, 50% hoping it to be positive, 50% thinking if it's negative, we'll just try again.

The next day, Dr Radzli picked up the results from the labs. he called me to meet up in front of the pharmacy i work at. i was waiting in front of the door when i saw him turn the corner. when his eyes landed on me, he had on the biggest, happiest grin on his face. walking towards me in his shirt, tie, whitecoat, stethoscope around his neck. that childlike, cute grin. a perfect 'U' smile with a slight signature gap in his teeth. everything i fall in love with. cair sekejap.

"Babe, look you're pregnant!"
he showed me the lab result. plus more grin.

I looked at the results. It says, Status: Pregnant.

At that time i don't really know how to react. very happy for us, definitely. we're gonna have a junior soon! but i'm still bearing so much pain to actually jump up n down in joy.

The machine in the lab detects a hormone called beta HCG (Human Chorionic Gonatrophin) in the urine. this hormone is produced by the developing embryo. it shows that fertilization has succeeded, regardless to the location of it in your a normal pregnancy, where the embryo is located in the womb, the amount of this beta HCG hormone will double up every 2 days. what my husband was worried for me was, the embryo wasn't in the womb. my pain has gotten from bad to worse in a matter of days. he decided that we should go see the specialist at our hospital at this place called EPAU: Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit.

That, is another story altogether:)
But til this point, yes, i was confirmed pregnant. location: unknown.

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