Friday, June 3, 2011

17 weeks checkup.

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At 17 weeks, i'm still wearing normal clothes, although i have to leave the top button of my workpants open.
i wear more skirts and dresses, and sneaks to work in my black yoga pants.
don't worry, they look black n formal enough:)
i'm still not showing on the outside. but to me and radzli, of course we can see the difference and can feel the baby's growth:)

Little R seems much bigger than the last time we met.
5 weeks and oh how much you've grown!
The amniotic space looked more congested than before on the ultrasound screen...but then again it's just probably the resolution.

She's in a cross legged position, and occasionally pushing those legs on the wall of her bubble home.
When the doctor zoomed in to the top of her head to measure the brain, she shook her head left to right.
How cute!

But those were the only movements i saw. she doesn't like to move much. appreciated it though. at least she moves:) maybe she's like me? cuz my mom said i didn't really move much too. hehe.

At this point though, i think i can feel her move:) little flutters and air bubble like sensation across my tummy everyday. i get confused with gas at first, but then i feel them also when i know i don't feel bloated. hehe

I'm referring little R to 'she' for the mean time because since the 13th week scan, 2 doctors have predicted it to be a girl. it's okay, no secrets to anyone. yes, for now, it's a Girl! now i can keep on a lookout on cute dolly babyclothes and pink toys:D

The normal ultrasound scan is nothing like the detailed one i had in my workplace. once you've done the detailed one, where you can see the shape of baby clearly with its hands n legs n even the nose wont feel that much satisfied with the normal scan. i can see that my baby is sitting cross legged and the hollows of her eyes and all but not until i have the urge to say 'whooa'. even the picture printed this time doesnt show the shape of baby. heh. spoilt tak saye. hehe

Cant wait for my appointment next friday. baby will be 18 weeks, and i'm anxious to see if she's came out from the loop around her neck yet or not..i hope they'll be doing a detailed one as well like the last time..but we'll have to wait and see. i'll paste the photo up next week if it turns out clear and awesome:)

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