Friday, June 24, 2011

20 weeks, and halfway through.


I am now 20 weeks preggers and decided to prop up my tripod and hubby's SLR one fine evening (while hubby's at work) and shoot away just to celebrate my 'halfway there' status and to update my bump diary:) I have this plain wall in my room in my favourite colour pasted with decals which i'd love to call the 'Flower Tree of Love' - it has been the background of many photos of me doing things i love: pole poses, makeovers, and also when welcoming my new life partner, dearest hubby.  it's a boring background since it's the same in many pictures but it has a history of it's own and i love that it's in the privacy of my own room:) so do enjoy my camwhorish photos throughout this post ok!

My mom once told me, "at first you don't see it, but then later u're gonna be just huge." well true enough i think, starting 18 weeks or so, this tummy of mine seems to get bigger and looks different everyday. trust me it took me quite awhile to take it in..and me still being in denial, i've been using up every single tunic top, empire cut tops, butterfly tops i can find in my wardrobe to wear em to work, paired with a few pairs of M&G slacks, top button off.

I stil enjoy getting this from people:
"you're 5 months pregnant? are u kidding?u dont look pregnant. keciknye perut!"
bump well hidden on most days. :)   

I've been eating okay, like in the first trimester, i could eat everything. as for cravings, if i could, i would eat tomato based pasta like, everyday. don't matter if its spagetty, linguini, macaroni, or lasagne. anything pasta. tomato just appeals to me. they say if u crave for tomatoes you're short of iron bloodwork seems to be fine.

Healthwise, well....havent been so good. i might look all manic and happy in those photos. but truth betold, i have an mc pattern - every end of the month. as strong as i tried to be, my body seems to give up every 4 weeks or so. i'd either end up with a painful throbbing headache which leads to a fever, terrible muscle pain, stomach cramps, food poisoning is just easier to get, or just plain depressed.

Only yesterday i had the worst joint pain ever. started off with my fingers (which scared me into thinking that i'm getting arthritis), my wrists, my forearms, up to my scapulas and the back of my ribs. then it spreads to my teeth and gave me the ultimate throbbing headache. i burst into tears. radzli came home from his emergency dept evening shift to find me surrounded by a pile of soggy tissue papers, sobbing away on d bed. after he hugged me and rubbed LMS ointment all over my back, i stopped crying. it somehow felt a bit better. i have thus came to a conclusion that the pregnant sabby is a sensitive, touchy, and a clingy one. excuse the dramaticity due these haywire hormones.

I gain around 1kg a week i think. i've been weighing myself every week on this electronic weighing machine i found at the hospital in the group counseling room. i notice i begin to walk slower than before (obviously when i was trying to walk the fastest in order to punch in at work on time), and peeing more frequently (perhaps because the uterus is compressing on my bladder more as it grows).  boobs just keep on growing and i had to get them resized cuz i can no longer breathe in my current bras. lol. at least someone's happy bout that;) so all is good like that except that sometimes when i'm emotionally unstable, i tend to think no one, and i mean really. no one cares about me at all. so if i were to sit quietly on my own at my table at work without communicating, or suddenly burst into tears at home, i might just be thinking about that.

Alhamdulillah, i feel baby movements mostly in the mornings when i wake up and at night before i go to bed. they are not like jerky kicks - more like someone tapping u lightly from the inside of your tummy. felt a mighty kick last night though, when the daddy presses his palm lightly below my navel. that's a "Hi daddy, i'm here!" for you, sayang:) it is a great feeling throughout the day, knowing that the baby is developing and moving okay in there..although not so much when sometimes she decided to kick on my bladder, giving me this confused feeling of wanting to pee or not. haha.

My next checkup will be the 30th of June in Ampang Putri. this time must remember to ask doc if it's possible to really confirm the gender, and how much do we need to come up with if we decide to have our baby there. the hospital seemed so convinient and promising, being close to home and the guaranteed handled by consultant part. 

I'll try to update my bump diary every 4 weeks or so so that we can see the progress as weeks go do drop by from time to time:)

Sabby xo


  1. I really love your photos!! You look so good xx:-) Love this blog - take care lovely, you're 5 months, time has really flown

  2. hehe thank you marsha:) but u shudve seen me in person;) u are looking good as always and yes, how time has flown....before i know it baby will be here! scary but exciting haha


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