Thursday, June 30, 2011

21 Weeks Ultrasound Checkup, Hospital Ampang Putri.

Went for my monthly ultrasound checkup at Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital alone for the first time today, cuz hubby had to work the evening shift. i took the afternoon off, had lunch with hubby at this awesome nasi lauk place in medan selera Tanjung Ampang and off we go to our own destinations.

Dr Ashar's available today, oh goody:) he checked my blood pressure as always then proceeded to scan. Little Sabby-Radzli at 21 weeks old looked like she's sucking her thumb (hopefully she doesnt do that when she comes out or we'll need special savings for her braces), and behaved pretty well throughout the scan. she didnt move much, but i know she's been moving quite a lot everyday cuz i can feel her.
Baby's usually most active starting 11pm-1am at night till i fall asleep. rocker! last night i had the daddy's palm lightly pressed on my tummy and she went like thump..thumpthumpthump. and daddy went like 'eh..that's her right? she kicked so many times!' hehe. happy family moment for a start:) <3

Doctor did the usual measuring of the head, spine, abdomen. watched the heart movement and checked the gender again. yup, still a girl as of now:) we shall reconfirm again right before buying all the colored baby stuff eh..her weight is now 400grams. in contrary to my last scan, this scan is so much more relieving. he told me the placenta is in the right position, baby is of the right size, and my fundus has reached a little bit higher than my bellybutton. basically everything ive been worried about the past 2 weeks. he noted this down on the ultrasound pic for hubby to read, 'placenta post upper segment'. alhamdulillah.

Baby is however in a breeched position for now, and i'm pretty sure she's still modelling her cord as a pretty necklace around her neck in there, and doc said that if she doesnt turn downward after 7th month, they might have to suggest caesarian because since it's the first baby, there's not enough space to manually turn the baby before delivery later on. so here's what the budget will look like - around RM10k for a single room, caesarian procedure all in. i forgot to ask if he'll be the one handling the procedure..perhaps next visit.

I havent started on Obimin, believe me. just took the hospital's hematinics, neurogain Pb and some calcium chewies (which btw makes me bloat and nauseas). baby's weight and size seems to be okay so i guess it should be fine. doctor approved..he said obimin is just an assurance that u take all the other necessary vitamins and minerals like vita A, Zinc and some others which i cant rmmbr.but theyre in really small quantities anyway.

I've been sent to Hospital Melaka for an asthma related attachment for 3 weeks. which is hopefully better for my emotions since HKL and its people are really giving me a heartache these few months. doing ward rounds and not having the husband around 5 days in a week is sad..but hey. staying in a hotel for 3 weeks couldnt be that bad. haha. just self assurance. i'll be going for my next HKL checkup when i get back. please pray the good for baby and me ok:)

That's all i've got today. oh and here's outfit for today, since it's the first time that i wear my bump for people to see:

used-to-be overshoulder big loose top and jeggings.
Good thing i don't look like someone who's got extra abdominal fats anymore. lookin more pregnant everyday. can u imagine when i come back from melaka in a month time?:)

Til then, lotsa love!


  1. Add in another 5k in case got complication and for the baby in case kene stay in ICU. Because 10k -12k is solely for the c-zer. I hope the baby turns. C-zer is so hurm painful... I mean the day after... Other alternative is Pantai Hospital Ampang. C-zer 9K. Baby ICU bill comes to 2K.

  2. crazy kan..can u imagine..10-12k tu mmg we need for something else after the baby comes out..i skrg mcm 80% nak deliver kat HKL je. not much for service la. after all u dok sane sekejap je...but more for its facility esp kalau baby kene admit masuk ICU..i hope i'm making the right choice.tawakkal. aha

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