Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Belly Belt.

Since the 17th week of my pregnancy, i found that all my jeans, skirts and kurung kains get tighter. i can't zip all the way up so what i used to do was to zip up halfway , lock the zip, and fasten a safety pin to hold it up. one day i was browsing the internet and found this awesome item: The Belly Belt.

This is how it works:

I did some more googling around and found that the belly belt is available in malaysia so we went straight to Mothercare to purchase it. i got it for RM89, but it comes in a combo kit of 4 belts; 2 button fastenings (1 short for when ur tummy is not big yet, and 1 longer one for when ur tummy has expanded) and 2 hook fastenings. They also provide 3 fabric panels of 3 different colours to match your garments- white, blue and black (refer video on how to use the panels)

i would use the hook fastenings for my kain kurungs and the button ones for my pants and skirts if they have buttons on them. this evening i had the short button belt on with my Cottonon shorts for an outing to Lake Titiwangsa and i must say it worked out great:) i'll only use the fabric panel when i cant zip up at all next time.

Overall, i think the belly belt is a worth it purchase. for now i don't have to buy maternity pants and skirts which apparently, i heard, cost a bomb. as long as my thighs and butt can still fit in my old stuff, i can just use these belts for extensions. No, i don't work for but i just think it's a good innovation:)

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