Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Food Cravings, you ask?

When i was in my first trimester, alhamdulillah i didn't experience any kind of morning sickness. i've never puke even once. but my gag reflex was short. if i brush my tongue a little bit deeper then off i go vomiting away. so i was careful not to jab in too much:D i was a liitle bit nauseas at work though, the smell of antibiotics capsules when i was doing my lunch and night shifts at the emergency pharmacy seemed too eeky for me, but appetite remained the same.

Good For You Food?
I never knew i had any obvious cravings til recently. back in the first trim, i liked soupy meals. i could eat meehoon soup or soto ayam for breakfast, lunch and dinner. usually i get very hungry afterwards since noodles digest really quick. oh and i love sour dishes. asam pedas, masak asam, singgang kuning, pekasam. kampung style baby.

singgang kuning, courtesy of zalinah.blogspot.com

Now in my second trimester, my cravings do change a little bit. now i can eat pasta like, everyday. but not those aglio ones. i prefer ones with tomato based. like my mom's homemade bolognese with her secret ingredients in. ehe. or anywhere else lah, from the cheapest place to the poshest ones.

@ Michaelangelo's Pavvy with azreen

My parents just got back from korea and brought back like a whole big boxful of Korean seaweed. yup, big boxful. and i've been nomnoming them everyday. now i'm not sure what the nutritions are like in them but they better be good (hubby still insisted they're junk food cuz he hates it), since it's vegetable anyway.

Japanese food. fine, so sashimi sets are forbidden at the moment. but no worries, i'm still happy with my Wakame Soba (seaweed soba soup) and chawanmushi. oh and loads of wasabi and soyasauce (how can your baby turn dark if soysauce is made from white soy?). oh and i like my taiwanese beef clear noodle soup as well. yes, basically everything which comes in a big bowl of soup.

me, my chawanmushi and biiig bowl of wakame soba:)

Forbidden food.
Some of my friends advised me against coffee and sashimi. coffee, fine...i don't mind forgo. but sashimi is a liiiiitle bit harder. i successfully avoided it the first 8 weeks though but thats just how long i could stand:) i do eat em raw salmon still yes, but instead as slices of sashimi, i had them in small maki forms:) pandai2 la curi makan. i don't buy from the supermarkets. i go to trusted sushi bars to buy them. so chances of parasite is perhaps low. on second thoughts though, it's supposed to provide the baby with good fish oil and DHA. so it's a good thing anyway.

'Tiny' raw salmon bits in maki, plus wasabi and soysauce! yums.

I still love my ulams no matter what. pucuk ubi, pucuk keledek, nangka, jantung pisang, pucuk kadok, pucuk samak, peria rebus, petai.  basically any kinds of ulam that can be blanched and eaten with sambal belacan. heaven! well most of them will make u feel all gassy and some of them too, have made me so gassy i had stomach cramps after that. but sorry lah, i have to eat them. i just had to. but i take them in small doses. so it's like a....win-win situation:)

jantung pisang plus sambal belacan..to die for.
I better stop here because i'm getting real hungry.


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