Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gone dancing at 8 weeks pregnant.

I used to be a dancer. actually still a dancer at heart, and i danced right up to my first trimester. i'm glad that i get to do one aerial silks show right before i conceived this little one. and then i went for a 3 day rehearsal for a flashmob for the KL Sentral Anniversary celebration. i was about 7-8 weeks pregnant in the video below:

When i got the offer, of course i thought about the unfeasability of the physical activity. when i heard that it was supposed to be a flashmob, i thought ok, maybe the steps wont be as bouncy and boppy as a normal dance. plus it was supposed to be traditional, so how bad could it be right?

Hubby gave me the green light. our theory was some people dont even know they're pregnant till about 8 weeks. it's advisable for pregnant mothers to continue their everyday activity instead of restricting it, and get sufficient exercise. provided that you don't dehydrate yourself. if you're dancing, drink lots of water, and minimize the bounce and jumps. i did exactly just that. although in the video some steps were exaggerated, i tried not to jump (ie in the usher's choreography).

Through my research from various forums, i found that it's ok to do what you normally do. and i dance. that's what i normally do. i decided to go ahead with it because i had a hard time being hormonal...i was sad and angry most of the time, and only this calms me down and made me happy. i needed some happy hormones for the baby. i don't mean to be irresponsible or not willing to sacrifice for the baby. but miscarriages and complications happen to even people who tried their best to avoid it. even if you put yourself on a bedrest in your early trimester when u're not indicated to have a high risk pregnancy, if God says it's not meant to be or complications are fated for you, then it is. u can't force a pregnancy to happen if the chromosomes ain't right.

As a mother, or a to be, of course i can't help but wonder if the cord problem was my fault. however, the doctors told me it occurs in many pregnancies, especially in the early trimester. the consultant told me many doctors do not discuss nuchal cords with their patients so that they don't add unnecessary worries to the mother. I have faith baby will swim out since it's not a permanent knot.

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