Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Postponed HKL ObsGyn Appointment (19w4d)

I went to my postponed consultant/specialist appointment at the hospital where i work this morning. it wasn't a staff clinic day, so by the time i came and registered there were already 3 patients before me.i went back to the pharmacy to have breakfast first. they will call when doctor comes in.

So the doctor i was supposed to be under finally saw me today. during the first appointment she was on leave so i was seen by her superior/colleague who i was really satisfied with. With a simple hi and a small smile, she started scanning me.

Before we even started she said,"if today's scan is alright, we'll send u to followup at the normal antenatal clinic, we'll see u on alternate months. here we see complicated cases..i mean we do entertain staffs but the amount of patients are kind of getting out of hand." i was like..okay..

I was lying there trying to cramp my neck to see the ultrasound screen. she hesitantly(or seemed like to me) pushed the screen a wee bit towards me. then she started the normal brain measurements, heart check..wait. i don't even know what she was doing cuz she never explain to me at all till i prompt, 'so what are you looking at ya?' and i had to do it a few times to get my answers.

When i asked about the cord, she told me,"oh that's not an issue. we'll deal with it before delivery later.i didn't really check on it just now." then comes,"eh, nape dia duduk terlipat macam tu?" she was referring to the baby's position, somehow oddly looked like the chin is tucked into the chest. it looked pretty weird so i asked her if it's ok or not....she answered,"no worries! suka hati dia je nak duduk mcm mana dlm tu".

Well like predicted, i didn't get a copy of the ultrasound pic from her. i have never met a doctor that cold. so malas nak tanye. dahla she's sending me signals that i'm burdening her with unnecessary work.

On my opinion, staff or patient, we deserve the same rights to know the condition of our pregnancy. doesn't mean when i work in the pharmacy i know what she's measuring on the black and white screen. i cant even see the position of my baby's head. she could be more informative. i wasnt expecting more smiles or anything...the doctor before her didnt smile that much too but at least he showed me what i was supposed to see.

Before i walked out, i heard her remarked to the nurse,"berapa kali nak kene scan ni?macam ok je baby dia." 

So that was my story today.i understand how hard it is to work as a front liner. patients tend to irritate you by asking you questions. perhaps the doctor is having a bad day (although it's tuesday and pretty early in the morning) or maybe she hasn't had her breakfast yet. who knows. i can tell you bout my experience, and it's up to you to judge about it:)

much love,

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