Saturday, June 4, 2011

To Dye or Not To Dye?

During my rebellious years, i dyed my hair a mahogany colour. yes, karat. then some dark golden blond. which didn't really turn out the way it should be cuz my hair is like the thinnest and finest hair anyone cud have ever it looked, well...dead. hehe. oh please God, save my child from drastic rebellious years...:)

When i got married last 2 Decembers, i coloured my hair back to a darker colour. you know, back to my roots kononnye. then. a few months before i got pregnant, i decided to dye it a lighter brown again. because they say people look fairer with a lighter hair colour. which was again, a wrong step cuz new darker brown hair grows and pushes the colour down a few inches from my scalp and i couldn't fix it because hair dyes have chemicals that would absorb through your scalp into your blood system and to your baby.

The salon, on Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar

Thank goodness, after reading loads of forums on the hair dye dilemmas during pregnancy and through a recommendation from a friend who also did her hair when she was preggers, i found a salon called Organic Hair Professional, providing services from its Organic Systems range. This salon has branches in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

"Organic Colour, Curl, Care and Control Systems are free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens and have been developed using natural products wherever possible. The result is uncompromising quality and performance, which hairdressers can rely on, while providing a safer and more pleasant environment both for clients and staff."

FIY, according to my research, some opinions say that you shouldnt dye your hair at all. some say it's alright because there isn't any evidence as of date that hair dyes could affect the baby's growth or normality. some say you can dye with organic hair dyes because the ammonia is what you're supposed to be afraid of. you'll get nauseas with the smell and it might reach the baby. well, in not significant amounts that is.

I went to the one in Bangsar with a good friend from school, Azreen. Service and hospitality was tiptop and i was satisfied. they made sure that they don't apply the colour onto your scalp. personnels were friendly and don't pressure you into buying their products or comment the worst of your hair condition (unlike other salons). Outcome was also great, a bit pricey, but understandable i guess, since it's organic and ammonia free. when they applied it, there wasn't any strong smell unlike the normal hair dyes. i was charged a hefty RM210 for my length of hair, and another RM150 for treatment. the treatment i feel, not that worth it cuz it's just the normal treatment that u 'll be able to get it free with any hair services in other salons.

Dyed my hair a darker colour again, which matches the colour of my root. so that i don't have to do it again till baby comes. i thought if i have to do this once, i don't mind spending on something which is safer than a normal hair dye. Some might think i'm irresponsible, but I'm positive that it's alright for the baby (since my friend has done it anyway and her baby came out as normal as ever). so yeah..:)

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