Friday, June 10, 2011

Week 18 - the temporary ultrasound check.

Progress report in my pink book.

Baby is 18 weeks today, almost reaching 19 weeks.
Went to my postponed HKL appointment, only to find out all the consultants have gone for a conference. apparently the nurses couldnt contact me. boohoo.

Good thing i work at the same place. i couldnt imagine taking leave and coming just to find out that the appointment's been cancelled.

The staff nurses were being kind (probably because it's their fault that i wasnt informed properly), asking me whether would it be ok to let one of the experienced medical assistant scan for me just to check on the fetal heart rate. I thought, ok why not...rather than nothing. maybe i can slow talk him to check on the cord around neck situation.

He was good at it no doubt, measured the head and whatever else they do (didn't explain to me). then he asked me if i've been doing heavy duty stuff cuz my placenta looks like it's sitting a little bit lower. my baby looks like he/she is in a sitting position, with the but in the lower groove of the womb (or placenta. i dunno, confused atm). he said it's just lower down, but not a low lying placenta. and i'm not bleeding so i guess it's still okay.

Cord is still around neck. sigh. but still 1 loop, so it's still okay as in it hasnt gotten worse. though i was wishing he/she has swam out of it by refused to move even though the med assistant pressed hard n moved the transducer to and fro quickly. so he couldn't confirm the gender.

So i left a little bit worried again, what, now i have an almost low lying placenta? how can u restrict yourself from doing work or walk fast when you work in a hospital like this? anyhow i'm still putting on faith...waiting for the appointment with consultant on tuesday. hoping for some good news. shall ask him if the placenta is something to be worried about.

As a mom-to-be, working in a hospital and hearing a lot of coincidental accidents at birth where the mother has absolutely no control can be just as paranoid after each ultrasound session. is my baby moving well? is baby of the right size? is placenta ok? is the brain functioning normally? is the cord supplying enough oxygen? is there enough amniotic fluid? all these things that you can only pray for because there's nothing at all you can do if anything goes i'm praying really hard this baby is a healthy one. girl or boy, really doesnt matter.

I didnt ask the MA to print out the baby picture, cuz i'm hoping to see the consultant on tuesday. plus Dr Baskaran printed such a beautiful photo of the baby at 13 weeks. fingers crossed. ok no. insyaAllah, he's around and not busy on tuesday.

Till next update,


  1. No housework, angkat bende berat. Tilam pon jgn angkat dear. I was diagnosed wit Placenta Previa Stage 3/4. Dr awal pregnancy placenta mmg dok kat bwh. Igt nnt naik la. but it didnt. I was so scared. Onto 7 months haf check kat hosp and the doc refuse to write the letter to APSH, told me to go to gov hosp (Hosp Ampang). So I went, and they immediately nak check me in. I said no, I have not bleed b4 and APSH is 5mins from home. N I had to sign this form acknowledging that I know all the risks involve. Was told to come back in 2w time. So I came back & again di suruh admit. Hubby said no again, sign the same form again. While all this was happening I was having another check at APSH under dr. mani. She keeps giving me MC suh rest. So mase 8 months I was already not working. Dok umah jek. Naik tangga pon my mom x kasi. Right till I gave birth, it was still PP 3/4. Oh I did check into HA for a night. Then check out the next morning although the doc refuse to let me go. She finally let me go la and again had to sign the form. Penat beb. But then I made the right choice of not delivering there. Sbb after c-zer, hoh sakits! APSH charge a bomb so we had it done in Pantai Ampang.
    Sorry pjg pulak crite. Try buat sembahyang hajat panggil org surau. My chubby cousin pon same prob after she did the sembahyang hajat, placenta went up. Lucky her!

  2. thanks for sharing babe..if i really have a low lying placenta, then i'm so prone to caesarian because the baby is wearing a cord around its neck too..

    but then again, this thing is notified by a medical assistant, whereas i've seen a specialist only one week earlier in APSH and he said everything looked alright including the placenta. i'm anxious to meet the consultant in GH this tuesday, i hope he has a better or different u had c-sect done in hosp ampang in the end? that was a dilemma too actually. if i have to have a c-sect done, i might want to go back to GH, knowing that they've done loads everyday, should be experienced in the procedure. u're right, need ta buat solat hajat. things like this only Allah is in charge, it's out of our control..

  3. Can't go for second & third opinion kan. Till then byk2 berdoa, buat sembahyang hajat tu. Baby pon still small, still got time to move ard. Don't tensen2 la, I pray u n baby will be in best of health.

    Nope, that 1 night experience dah cukup menakutkan. I was so depressed dok kat situ. Dok kire jam bile leh kuar nie hehehe. Cant sleep at all every hour I keep waking up. Plus the nurse there said c-sec u kene jaga baby sendiri. Aiyo, how to jaga la. Its so sakit. Hish.
    Actually kan I change my doc at the very last min. At 37W (the week im suppose to deliver) I went straight to Hosp Pantai Ampang(HPA), check under Dr Suhaimi Isa this was on a Saturday. Sunday morning rase cam x best perut, trus admit. Monday trus potong. hehe. Tetiba ehh dah branak la. Dr Suhaimi tu very fatherly & he explanation pon good. Sedap la skit hati tu without costing us a bomb. APSH charges starts from 9k & above tu x masuk baby, on top of that doc suh stanby 15k incase ade complications. HPA with that amount dah masuk baby. For the sakit I had to endure, fuh lucky dok private if gomen I think I would cryyy. No visitors after 7pm. *fengsan.

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