Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Little R?

I haven't really explained why this blog is named 'Our Little R'.
You see, my name starts with S, to rhyme with my dad's name.
for one thing, i can't follow mom's name because my dad is not a Megat. My mom is a Wan. in malay, a Wan must marry a Megat (of the same clique) in order for the child to follow with either Wan, Megat, or Puteri in front of their names. well, my dad has a Mohd, so i'm just, Sabrina.

However, a lot of people remember my name with my dad's as well, and i love it like that.
Simple, and easy to remember. universal and liberal. so many people gets confused about which race i am-malay, chinese, sarawakian or sabahan? i still love it like that.

Hubby wanted a name starting with S. so that we have both letters from our names combined into one. which is a good idea too. after discussing, we might come up with a first and a middle name using both letters R & S. but first name must be R.

As in what name it is, we still havent decided. we were just hoping to find a modern, liberal, easy to remember name starting with the letter R. from the lists though, R names are mostly too famous (a lot of people using it), too traditional, or too spanish. so we don't know. open to ideas if anyone has any btw:)

So the end..that's the story behind the blog title:)

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