Friday, July 8, 2011

22 weeks :)

This is how Sabrina looks like at 22 weeks.
well actually it's 22 weeks and 7 days. which makes me 23 weeks tomorrow. hehe. sorry for the late update:)

Back view
Front view
side view
Please forgive the quality of pictures..i'm currently in Malacca doing some kind of pharmacist-ish attachment with a hospital here for 3 weeks and i only have my iphone with me. Just in case you're wondering in which log house i am in (as per photos), i'm in Philea Resort & Spa Malacca!:) currently waiting for hubby who's on the way from KL after doing his night shift. poor guy has been up working all night and is driving all the way to malacca. thought we'd spend a little bit of quality time together in a nice place this weekend since both of us had a rough week away from each other.yes yes, Babymoon time. hehe. this place is awesome! i loove the bed and the bathroom and the swimming pool with the waterfall....cepatlah hubby sampai!

That aside, this week alone i could see a marked difference with the tummy. i look more pregnant rather than 'that girl with extra abdominal fats'. and baby started kicking too! mornings and nights before i go to sleep. and if i stay quiet and watch closely, i cud see movements on my tummy as if someone is thumping from the inside. sometimes i feel rollings. perhaps baby is switching from one side to the other. what i noticed though, baby kicks the hardest everytime i do ward rounds here in malacca. perhaps this one's gonna turn out a doctor or something when she grows up. there was a slight 'oh no' moment for me at first, but then she also kicked many times when i watched the Showdown finales on tv so...maybe she's gonna have a little bit of dancy mummy and doctor daddy lah:)

Appetite-wise.....phewh. been eating more now actually since i'm in this new place with lots of food to explore and was given real good buffet breakfasts everyday from the hotels i stay at in malacca so...theres really no way out but to indulge. you should have seen the asam pedas served in claypot here okay. just super awesome. i walk around a lot though, during ward rounds and after work cuz me and my room mate would find a mall to tawaf around so the days go by faster. hehe. alhamdulillah i can still walk fast. therefore i hope i gain chubbiness moderately. i weigh about 50kgs at the moment.

I have to admit i was a little upset when i arrived in malacca last week...but in the end, it's just the emotional baby hormones and it doesnt seem that bad after all. by the end of the week like this, mummy sabby's already happy:)

Backpain and jointpains wasn't as bad as my 20th week (since i never sob to the pain anymore. hehe), but i have to move slowly from squatting to standing or vice versa. i've been going for my prenatal yoga classes every week now, and i find that it is no longer slow and boring. just nice and i feel better after each session - more stretched out and lesser muscular pains somehow.

ok til next update!:)


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