Monday, July 4, 2011

Dear Baby in My Tummy.

Dear cutest baby in mommy's tummy,

These 3 weeks are going to be stressful for both of us.
We're gonna be doing what we hate most, what our brains can't make our muscles do.
We'll be away from papa every night, except fridays and saturdays..for 3 weeks.
I'll be crying silently inside, but i promise i'll try to be strong for both of us.
I will not push myself too hard so u won't feel my stress as well.

I'm sorry i almost fainted today. mummy got fainting spells for the first time since i carried you.
Today they made me do ward rounds for the first time after 3 years.
They made me stand still while doctors here made really slow decisions on their patient managements.
Mummy's blood just wont reach my brain- there was dizziness, then my hearing felt like it closed up, nauseas came and i knew the next thing would be to collapse.
Mummy ended up sitting out the whole ward round.

I promise i won't let that happen again. i don't care about impressions anymore, although i'm in a different workplace. mummy will always think about papa in KL and think of us as a family when you come out to see the world in November. mummy wont think about work anymore. you deserve my 100%. our family deserves a 100%. 

Be strong in there baby. just like i'm trying to be strong for both of us. Allah will protect us. we have 14 more days to endure. and i'm praying it's a smooth easy one. if that doesnt come true..i will make it a smooth and easy one. I love you baby. and we miss you, papa Radzli. can't wait for friday:)

Hugs and kisses,
Your mommy. xx

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