Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Durian Cendol Hunt and Its Drama.

I was craving for durians. but the first time i had durian when i was pregnant i fell sick.
perhaps the D24 i had was made fleshy artificially. who knows.
I was sick on a monday, so that was a 3 day weekend for me. then i took another day of mc because i still didnt feel well the day after.

When i went back to PD i had durians too. the kampung ones. careful to eat it moderately this time, and nothing happened. so conclusion is..i can only eat durian kampung while preggers. lol.

Mistake was, i am still in Malacca now (yes, still) and a colleague of mine just had to to tell me this, "Hey try the Durian Cendol at Jonkers Street!"

img courtesy of of course i couldn't snap my own cendol pic. please read the rest of the entry.

At the mention of durian, i dragged my room mate to Jonkers that night to 'konon' check out the place and to know how to get there. found the shop. but of course it was closed.

The next day i found myself thinking about the yummy durian paste on top of that mountain of ice with green chendol strips and kidney beans and gula melaka and again i dragged poor roomie to go. we were already in the shop, browsing all the foodies sold there, and finally went to the counter to order the cendol.

"Durian Cendol finish dy worr!"

"Hah serious? y so fast one? it's only 5pm. any other shops selling durian cendol?"

"Er we have only 2 types of drinks now. all cendol finish dy."

ok so he didn't get my question. ok never mind lah.  *walks out of the shop* 


Nooooooooooooo  >=(  *tantrum2 hentak kaki*

I came twice and they're all gone and it's my second last day here i wouldn't be able to taste it anymore after this...foreverr. emo time.

We had cendol (NORMAL CENDOL) at another small shop down the street.
Sorry baby, mummy couldn't give you what you wanted. trust me, mummy's disappointed too.we're in this together. heheh :)

We would like to bully papa into taking us go eat durian when i get back tomorrow >=)

much love.

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