Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Start shopping now?

Pregnancy, alhamdulillah, has so far been a smooth process for me so far.
I hope i didnt jinx it by putting it down here (i can be paranoid about things like this).
Since i knew i was pregnant i've never really been out there - my mom, who has had her first miscarriage during her first pregnancy at 4 months along always told me to lie low..don't tell people yet. dont get too excited yet till it's solid. perhaps she's trying to prevent me from feeling what she did. it's only natural.

Now that i'm 5 months going 6 next week, and like hubby said the baby's gonna be viable to life if it's been borned now...i guess it's safe to get out there.

I see cute newborn baby girl clothes and mittens and knitted booties and really want to get them..but i'm just afraid to do so. I was at Dataran Pahlawan just now when i saw these mary jane booties and was this close to taking it to the counter when i had these thought in my mind - "what if it's a boy in the end? i should do my first baby shopping with daddy radzli, not alone like this". and decided against it. same goes with that cute newborn tutu skirt i saw at Mothercare. especially when hubby added "are you sure? starting to shop now macam horror pulak".

Bella Jean Boutique at Etsy

Of course we're both excited waiting for this little one to arrive. and we will pray for the best. we will give her the best of our love and everything else when she's out. we hope she will conquer the world!:)this is our first pregnancy and everything's just very new to us. think we'll start shopping when i get back from malacca next week.

Much love,

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