Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weight gain and 26 weeks progress.

 Thank you for still loving me daddy radzli,

Although i've gotten chubbier.....

42kg to 50kg in 6 months.

As much as i wish the 8kgs are all just focused on my tummy, my boobs and my bum...i think some zero point something kgs or zero point zero something kgs mustve have landed on my cheeks and my arms. sigh....

It's okay. i'll try my best to shed all of it. i'll work really hard, i promise. i really dont mind all this weight and perhaps more to come, asalkan my baby is growing well. so far at 26 weeks, Dr Ashar said the weight and height is according to the predicted. so alhamdulillah. he was really busy though yesterday so he forgot to print out a photo of baby:( but other than that...yeah. baby weight's good, still a girl, movements are so far so active.

Speaking of active, sometimes in the middle of some nights, i can feel her daddy put his palm on my tummy and feel around. and baby would kick. seriously. and i was only half awake..but undoubtedly amazed at the daddy-baby bond moment especially at that time of night :') 

Baby is still breeched, and i guess still wearing her 'favourite' necklace..i am partially ready for a C sect....but still hoping so much that things will turn around the last minute. i need prayers from all parties.

Til then,

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