Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 26 weeks HKL checkup.

Went to my antenatal check up in Hospital Kuala Lumpur yesterday. because the consultants would only see me once in 2 months because she they claimed to be too busy with more complicated patients..i had to go for 2 different appointments now. this month is supposed to be the normal public antenatal clinic turn. but somehow this appointment keep on being brought forward cuz i was in malacca for the whole of last month and the medical officers are all not available on the last week of july. so in result, beza masa this appointment and the consultants' are only one week gap. tu lah...discharge lagi pegi normal clinic.

I was expecting neither any good outcome nor good impression during this visit because since the last 2 months, my antenatal appointments havent been pretty disappointing. i registered first thing in the morning before i punched in and  was called to give urine sample, check blood pressure and weight, then wait in front of the doctors room to meet a doctor. hubby was on his way over at that time. he said 'i'll go to the appointment with you so that theyll only check me for the necessary stuff'. at home, he palpates my tummy every week to check if the fundus height tellies up with the number of weeks i am in. however. however..he reached the hospital only after i've gone in, met another i must say, good lookin h.o and already been palpated and measured. heh.  

After answering some questions from the h.o, i waited in front of the ultrasound room to be scanned by the medical assistant.  it was, i have to say, a pretty good session. he was a young M.A and cared to explain what he was measuring on screen. this time, alhamdulillah we were so happy to hear that baby is not breeched anymore:D head is down, n i hope it'll remain that way till birth. although i know there r still lots of space in there to turn and turn and get caught in the breeched position again. touch wood!:)

Her spine and back are still facing the outside of my tummy so we still couldnt request for a 3D scan- Dr Ashar said we wont be able to look at her face. guess we'll only get to see her face for the first time when she's borned soon. surprise surprise..Her movements are very active today....i feel jerky like punches and kicks the entire day even though i was fasting. little miss seemed to be sugar high! it feels great to know that she's okay in there. 

This time we requested a print of the ultrasound "boleh printkan gambar tak? tangkap yg comel2 sikit tau". but unfortunately this was the outcome:
26 weeks.
If you can figure out, little baby's at the top, i see some spine, some ribs, half a head near the top right? and in the 'meniarap' position. her measurings, alhamdulillah, is normal and tellies up with my number of weeks. she is 925g. online they said she should be about 800g. wah okay..a relief to know that i've been cooking up a healthy one:) fetal heart rate according to doppler was 135 p/min. all good, alhamdulillah:)

The MA said 'sorry kak, dah besar la..susah nak nampak atas gambar'. and i was like..:'( hehe. but whatever it is, i'm  just glad that the current status is so far so mom said it's berkat Ramdhan:)

What's funny though, i think she got the wrong person several times! little bub usually doesnt respond then people feel my tummy. she wont even kick when my mum puts her hand there. but i was standing next to a sitting male colleague that morning and she totally responded to the voice. she squirms a lot through my whole conversation as if saying 'daddy i'm here i'm here!' haha. and when that doctor palpate and measure my tummy, she kicked hard at the doctor's palm. i think because thats the exact way her daddy used to palpate and feel for her kicks almost everyday. hehe. so cute. poor girlie can only guess who's on the other side of mummy's tummy:)

my next appointment is next friday with the consultants. i hope the female doc wont be around...ganti dgn doc lain. hehe. we'll see we'll see. and the next one with this staff clinic is in 6 weeks. till then, shall pray the best for a smooth journey:)

Lots of love,

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