Monday, August 15, 2011

28 Weeks Bump Diary : The Third Trimester!

I'm 28 weeks preggers now, and it marks the start of my 3rd and final trimester. 
3 months to go!
I feel excited and anxious at the same time.

Excited to know how our offspring will look like-will it have daddy's hair? daddy's nose? a good height? our artsiness? daddy's brains?

And it still breeched? is the cord still around its neck?will i have to do the Csect?where am i going to deliver in the end?

Below are photos of my 28 week old bump. from some angles, people say it's smaller than the usual 7 months bump. but to me, i feel huge and i do feel 7 months pregnant.

To date i already gained about 9kgs. i was 42kg pre pregnancy, now i'm 52kg. as u can see all 10 kgs go to basically everywhere lah, mostly on the tummy, the baby, the amniotic fluid. some goes to my boobs and yes someone is very satisfied with them haha. my butt and my thighs and my arms..and my cheeks? okla okla. everywhere. they say its only ideal to gain 5kg and not more within the 3rd trimester. and ideally 10kg throughout the whole pregnancy. i'm trying not to run away too far from the target.

My mum looked at my tummy and said it looked like i'm carrying a boy. i'm hoping its not true since i've got loads of pink stuff weh. haha. not that i dont want a boy...i even have a name in mind for a boy. if it's really a girl, baby is still nameless till today. really! okay2 if it turns out otherwise, i'll rebuy blue stuff and sell off my pink stuff:-/

My mood has been pretty stable at the moment. most of the time happy, not much emoism. big part of it due to hubby being at my side all the time. i really rely on him on being happy. cant live without him really.

Food wise...i've been going against the pantang of sashimi. but i still have em in small maki sushis. i usedta order just a plate of 6 tiny rolls. but now i order 2. total of 12 makis equals to 1 slice of salmon sashimi i think. i cant help it...tsk has DHA after all which is supposed to make baby smart:-/

I've been running out of formal workclothes. nasib baik i wear the whitecoat everyday. i can no longer wear some of my zip up skirts so i had to buy like 2 pairs of maternity knee length workskirts. i'm still wearing my old pre pregnancy tunics and airy tshirts.

That's all for now i guess..please pray for a safe 3 months for me and baby k:)

Much love, Sabby.

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