Sunday, August 21, 2011

28 weeks HKL Appointment: The Amazing 4D experience.

So last friday was my appointment with the HKL maternal-fetal specialists again (after 2 months gap). this appointment was meant to be scheduled a week before but i postponed it due to a sudden meeting call by the HQ. fridays are staff clinic days so perhaps the doctors won't be as moody.

I must say i was and still am impressed with this appointment. waiting time never was an issue. 2 specialists were available that day, and they shared the patient load. I was seen by Dr Vijayan. kind, willing to spare some of his time to scan me properly, and answers my questions very nicely. I somehow find male doctors more affectionate than the ladies, really.

Few days back i went to the emergency clinic (PAC) to check out baby because she hasnt been moving much the previous night up to the next afternoon. i was worried that the cord has tightened around her neck or she got hypoglycemic, no energy to move. i almost got admitted into the ward for monitoring but signed off the discharge AOR (at own risk) form as soon as i saw her heart beating and some movements on screen, knew her heart rate. perhaps i was running here and there to notice tiny movements..i don't know. anyway, i'll just put that in another post.

The ultrasound machine at the clinic are demo sets ones, lent by a company as a promo to be sold to the hospital soon. and my goodness it's such a great machine. normal 2D scan photos will show the outline of the fetus. but this machine shows more detaied features like this one:

baby in 2D.
the pic does look scary and erm..yes i know, ugly, but hey it's 2D! it's not meant to show so much. even doc was amazed at how clear it showed the baby's features. it even shows whose nose baby inherited. haha. okay from this view she has got daddy's nose. the moving version of baby on screen was even cuter. i cant help but ogled in awe- there's a tiny human inside of me and she looks like a real baby now! it was the most amazing feeling ever...i wish daddy radzli was there to witness it too.

Dr Vijayan did a few measurements here and there. i told him people were telling me my tummy is too small for 7 months preggers and asked him if it's normal..he told me the measurements correlates well with the due date so it should be fine. another good thing is baby is not breeched anymore, good girl. higher chance for a normal vaginal delivery (+epidural for me of course). he told me he couldnt see the cord around her neck because both of her arms are covering her neck. most of the time she covers both her cheeks and doctor had to poke around to disturb her, then she'll lower down her arms. that was when he quickly get a good shot of her face to print:D

I was very fortunate on that day as well cuz i'd never thought i'd be able to see her face in 4D. when i saw the form of a baby in a small brown window next to the 2D window i quickly asked (quite excitedly) 'hey is that 3D? omg can i see??' as the doctor enlarged the was the most awesome feeling ever. i guess that was the teary moment people were talking about. i saw everything...her arms, fingers, toes, face....just like a real newborn. except that she's still a fetus. ehe

"Look, those are eyelashes...oh and there did you see? she blinked!" says doctor. sigh, y cant all gov docs be like you. hehe..yes, i saw the blinks, a little smile...i was amazed. and i was focusing on her nose because that's the only feature that's obvious and recognizable on a blurry 4D screen. radzli's nose is better than mine. certain angles look like his, but the 3D printout looks like mine. so i dunno. i don't care! as long as she's perfect. she'll always have makeup to recontour and stuff:) i love how the lips look like in the print. like daddy's. okay. so what part of me that i would want the baby to have? i don't know. haha.

Baby in 3D.
So all is good for now, and i would totally recommend everyone to go for the 4D scan. i didnt get any cd to replay it since my visits are 'subsidized' by the government. but apparently other private clinics will provide you the cd of a few still captures and the video as well as a few printouts. if i'm not mistaken RM100 to RM300? not too sure.

There was this remark on the pink book that kinda bothered me a bit actually. doctor wrote there ?SGA. meaning- possibility of small for gestation age. and apparently baby is lagging 2 weeks in size. he didnt mention anything to me. however, if the baby's lagging 2 weeks in size, then it matches the ampang putri's due date which is 2 weeks from the HKL given REDD. i dont know lah..tawakkal saje.

oh and.. i got too excited that i forgot to reconfirm the gender -_____________-

I very much like to buy Aussino's baby comforter but they have either for boys, or girls. no unisex colour. and sale ends on sunday. bummer. must wait till the next sale. sighs.

So that's it for now...till next post:)

Love, Sabby.

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  1. Nichi fashion city should sponsor u, yknow.. u looked nice in the maxi dress! ehehe.. and i can see the baby court there, penuh dengan barang baby... heehhehe.. :)

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