Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The First Baby Splurge!

I'm still here! sorry for the short hiatus. daddy radzli has been on a pretty long leave (the longest he's had) cuz he just finished his housemanship. next on, medical officer. i am so proud of you sayang:) i've been spending most of my available time with him, hence the hiatus. but here is one update!

We went to the 7th Parenthood Exhibition in the Midvalley Exhibition Halls last saturday. our initial target was to survey on a sterilizer and a warmer, and to grab them if given a good discount. well, much to our delight, yes the discount was quite marvelous so we grabbed both the items that we've been eyeing for some time now (lucky us we didnt decide to get them before the fair!)

Yup, the Tommee Tippee Close To Nature electronic steam sterilizer and bottle/food warmer.
Sterilizer before was RM429.90. Sterilizer after: RM268.
Warmer before: RM168.80. Warmer after RM99.

I know i know! it was such a steal okay:) price cheaper than mothercare and online. we got this from the myBBstore booth. why Tommee Tippee? cuz we always thought their bottles are unique. and because they have the anti colic innovation on their bottle teats...we decided it's the best brand for our girl. i was such a colicky baby last time. i hope my daughter wont be. plus this brand was given good review online so..yeah. traditionally, our mothers use to bring up a whole potful of hot water to the room with all the baby bottles immersed in it. now thanks to technology, can just put this sterilizer steamer in the room. all done:) oh and it comes with 1 5oz and 3 9oz bottles, bottle brush and thong. as for the bottle warmer, i just figured i'd get this one since tommee tippee has the chubbiest bottles so it'll fit any other bottles as well.

Since we were there and everything is in front of our eyes, we decided to finally start baby shopping and we went straight away up to high gear! haha. went crazy with rompers. carter's rompers gift set, fourth from left comes with 4 pairs of baby socks and i got it for RM45. more carter's rompers, first left i got 5 pairs for RM39. the pink and white rompers on hanger lagi best, got them for RM12 from the My Little Bean booth. RM6 bucks a pair okay! and third from left are receiving blankies, RM28 for 3  pieces. a little bit thick to bedung the baby but may come in handy if i have the airconditioning on when she's sleeping.

These knitted booties below are a super steal at RM5 from My Little Bean booth. yes theyre blue, but baby cant be wearing the same colour everyday eh. i remember admiring a somewhat similar knitted pair in melaka which cost 25bucks but didnt buy them cuz i thought it was too early to start shopping, then. but then i shall still look for those mary jane booties in the future. who knows i can get it at an even cheaper price!

Bibs RM5 each (forgot which stall...but was from the one which sells manchester united rompers but has no newborn size, much to daddy's disappointment), korean baby hats 3 for RM20 from BabyLove.

An overpriced sillicone Bottle brush and teat brush from Basilic (hubby thought silicone is safer and doesnt leave particles in bottle) aand this nailclipper for RM5 again. yes, better believe:) okaylah, these RM5 items are old old stock from My Little Bean but hey, still useable and looks as good as new.

Baby Bathtub. we've seen this tub before in Mothercare if i'm not wrong. Before price was RM168, after was RM108. a bit on the expensive side if compared to the normal plasticky looking kinds but what's special bout this one, i think was it can be used from newborn to toddlers. on the right side of the tub is the newborn/infant seat and it comes with a support sling too. left side is a chair like seat for toddlers. up to 2 yrs i think.

So bathtub settled, we still needta get some towels, baby bath and shampoo, some florida water, drapoline cream, diapers...not sure. needta checkout some more checklists on what we'll be needing for bathtime and changing. more research to be done!

Oh and we got a bedding set as well! 7 in 1 for RM160+. normal price wouldve been 200+. i read that we actually need at least 3 bedding sets. nevermind, just get one first with a good price. this was from Babylove. actually honestly, i don't really fancy the material on this one but after browsing other booths, most of the materials are the same so we thought, what the heck. 

Baby crib? yes we actually purchased one already from this store called Ovo at The Curve. it's actually similar to the ones you can get online- checkout LittleWhiz .you could get a bedding set free with the price that we've paid for the crib at the store. we got a white crib with a latex mattress. will post pic up once it's delivered. Can anyone share some info about latex mattresses for babies? i only roughly read that latex is better than fibre because of the circulation or something like that...but i find the smell quite unpleasant. we had latex pillows in mother in law's place in port dickson and the first few nights were not very nice. dont wanna end up with a cranky baby all night because she cudnt stand the smell of her baby cot. ehe.

So all the above is enough to occupy both our hands- we couldnt carry any more extra stuff. thought of getting some packs of Drypers but sigh..tak cukup tangan nak bawak. i cudnt carry much so kesian hubby. he was carrying the tub and the bulky sterilizers and i carried all the clothings fitted in one bag on one arme and the bedding in another.

Well like expected, the expo area was filled with big tummies of mummies who are almost due or something, and babies in strollers. strollers already occupy the whole narrow pathways between the booths and you havta be careful of those big tummies-dont bump too hard into them otherwise some of them will end up in the labour room before the day ends. i myself shielded my own tummy- must not let any traumatic injury happen. heheh. to one extend i felt so choked up in the crowd that we had to get out fer air. yup, crazy. therefore i cant imagine myself hassling thru this kind of crowd if i were to follow our parents' advise- buy stuff only after 7months preggers. i'd be dead tired and cant carry anything at all. waddling through the crowds. ish.

We were satisfied with our first baby shopping experience, even though we did spend a lot at one time.  hey the discounts were good and we have to get these stuff anyway..our spending quota for this month is already full. now its time to research summore what's needed and do the shopping after next month's pay.

Okay till next update,
much love.


  1. Sab, my son latex mattress xde plak any funny smell. I bought the one from BabyLove. For NB I suggest U buy MamyPoko sbb u dont know their skin sensitive ke tak. But Mamy Poko if u terlambat tuka pon wont cause any redness kat bum die. And tak bocor unlike some other pampers. We alternate with PetPet, siang PetPet, mlm Mamy Poko. Cause ade one time tu we let him pakai PetPet siang mlm, cian bum merah2, cam melecet. Agaknye too long pakai. N if ur wearing wipes, get Anakku. The best so far. Mummy pon leh pakai remove make up hi hi hi. Haf fun shoppin dear! Trust me mesti terlajak nye hehehe.
    p/s: If ur BF get a good pump, manual pump sakit tgn. Start collecting EBM from pantang.

  2. hey babe thanks for the useful tips! i bought drypers la pulak. then researching on cloth diapers. but i dunno if itll work for me. too long process. ehe. if my baby xtahan ill try alternate brands like u do. hav u tried any diaper rash cream? yg ade zinc oxide. might help kot....n yes i'm saving up for a medela FS..although i tak confident my milk byk tak ehe

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