Friday, August 26, 2011

Gleneagles Took My Money Away......for nothing.

Well the story goes that i'm supposed to have an appointment with my Obsgyn at ampang putri on the 25/8 and already took leave especially for it. that morning i was there already when they told me that he wont be available for a month and today's clinic will be relieved by a HKL doctor. i decided not to proceed since i've just met him last week. but i was disappointed cuz i really wanted to know about the Small for Gestational Age status and the gender confirmation.

My grandma recommended me to my unty's obsgyn in Gleneagles. before i could say anything she already made the appointment. i thought, friend who goes for followups there pay about 60-70bucks per visit. so y not go for this one time to clear up my conscience. after all, i'm due for my ampang putri followup anyway.

So I went to see Dato Dr Nik the following morning. he was a jolly old man, and was seriously very good in consulting. he speaks his mind out and whatever he scans in the ultrasound. so i clarified 4 things with him: is my baby's size normal or smaller than it shud be, is the cord still around the neck, is it breeched now? and to confirm my baby's gender.

So he ran the coloured doppler on the machine. teet press one button and i saw some red and blue colours on screen to reflect the blood flow. "No there ain't any cord around the neck!" he said. oh wow, phewh. then he measured a few stuff in detail and say it's okay that the baby's a bit small sized-after all my husband and i arent big sized people. what's important is it's measured within +/-2 weeks of the EDD given. ok so that's good. breeched? nope, head is down. good. gender? he scanned and scanned and found this:

There r actually 2 pics up there. malas nak crop and edit. look at the one on the right. see that burger-like W in the middle? well that's supposed to be the labia. so...confirmed baby girl. it looked pretty clear to me and i dont think that W can be changed to the 3 dots of a boy: the pair of scrotum and a penis. so...ok good! continue buying pink stuff!

I asked him if he has a 3D/4D package. yela kan, Gleneagles. takkan la HKL lagi canggih kot. i was ready to spend a few hundreds cuz i know now my baby is in an ok position to be scanned 4D and would love to bring back a cd to show hubby and the family. and perhaps little sabby-radzli when she grows up. doctor says he doesnt see the need of a 4D scan cuz u cant see anything except for a distorted face and body. well i'm just guessing because he doesnt have the facility, so he gives that reason.

So that was it, a long talk, and a long detailed normal 2D scan. one that i cudve done free with HKL. yes i let the consultation room at peace, and all my questions and doubts answered. but then i was given the bill and it amounted up to.................. RM550

Ok because the unty, eherm. datin who was also the receptionist was a friend of my grandma, i decided to not act surprise and casually asked "eh. unty y is it so much?" she had on this guilty expression and answered,
"I'm sorry dear, i promise next checkup will be's because he did the coloured doppler on you. this one also government price already.."

Okay. yes, i still have on this it's-ok-i-have-the-bucks-to-pay face on. but in my heart it's far from that. it was more like "the f***ing coloured doppler?! it was just a change of mode, a jab of  one friggin button on the ultrasound machine controls! one that HKL does sambil lewa only. and for that, 300+ bucks? thats super bull!" 

I just let her fix me another appointment on a brand new card. and promise myself never, ever to step into Gleneagles again. or perhaps the obsgyn there. the end.

p/s oh btw after that incident i already made up my mind to deliver in good ol' HKL.  :)

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