Thursday, August 4, 2011

Midnight shifts are miserable when you're nearing the Third Trimester.

I'm blogging from the emergency pharmacy of my hospital. i'm doing the midnight call today. i start work at 5pm and end my shift at 8 am the next morning. basically just standing by to dispense meds to patients and supply meds to the wards if they need anything urgent. since it's currently the fasting month, it involves both buka puasa and sahur within the whole shift. 

Daddy radzli went back to his hometown to spend some time with his parents while on end-of-posting holidays since tuesday. he told me he'll be back on thursday morning, when i'd already be back home after this shift. my dad took me to the ramadhan bazaar to get my buka puasa n sahur meals to eat in the hospital.

Emergency calls like this was bearable for me, even when i was about 12weeks preggers, which was probably the last time my name came up in the timetable. now at 26 weeks going on to 27 weeks in another 3 days.....what was bearable to me before isn't the same anymore. sitting on the counter chair for long hours caused me to have a terrible sacral ache. the long line of patients that wasnt there a few months ago is there tonight. i filled in and dispensed prescription after prescription for what seemed like forever....and when i finally look at the clock, it was already 11.30pm. time flies when u are busy is a good thing, but at the same time my hormones start to kick in.

Trust me, i've never felt like this before. last time, the busier the better. time will fly and before you know it, it's already time to go home. this time though, i feel very restless. it was non stop work. and i had to get up from the chair many times to fetch meds which are far away from where i sit. the wheels of the chair wasnt working that well so it takes some effort and some abdominal muscles to push away from the counter. do u know how hard it is to shift from one position to another with this extra weight on my tummy?before i know it, i was already getting cranky, medication labels were more like scribbled, not written nicely, no more smiles and eye contact, and i dont say out medication instructions anymore. just 'this one for gastric, this one sore throat, this one swelling.' next!

12am to 4am is usually resting time while an assistant will take ur place to dispense. usually i wont b able to sleep. just a measly 1 hour max if i could. but at 26 weeks...i passed out from 1am up to 4am. and i mean really pass out. its a good thing that i decided to bring a blanky and a cushion to put behind my back. i was bloody exhausted. it was such a bad call up to 12am. morning onwards, patients start putus2. not totally tak ada patient, but they come one by one with a time gap.

As a's not a good idea to do this midnight call when ure nearing the 3rd trimester. the 3rd trimester symptoms are already present somehow. all those back pain, sacrum pain, sakit hati pun ade sebab restless. haha. i hope my name will not come up again till my EDD.

Til then, cheers.

the torturous straight backed chair i sit in at the counter.

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