Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Mothercare Haul.

I was wandering around in Bangsar alone to do some Raya grooming and 'happen to' dropby Mothercare since i was early for my waxing appointment:) Splurged a little on these for myself:

Mothercare's It's Your Body stretch mark cream (RM36) - from a pharmacist view:)
I've actually been religiously using Palmer's cocoa butter massage lotion for stretch marks since the earlier weeks of my pregnancy and doing well with it. i loved the ingredients in that one. basically everything to make the skin elastic and stretchable so stretchmarks can be prevented. cocoa butter, vitamin E, Collagen, Elastin and Shea Butter. it also smells like coca butter. something like caramel, but not too sweet. except that it's a lotion and it doesnt adhere to the skin as strong or long as creams. my tummy has been itchy since the past 2 weeks so i decided to get a cream which would last longer on my skin. 

My mom recommended Mothercare cuz that's what she's been using for all her 3 pregnancies. I am so far happy with this one. been using it for almost a week now and my tummy hasn't been itchy since. this cream has cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and jojoba seed oil. a little bit skeptical on the lack of collagen and elastin at first but since  it has a few oils in it i decided to give it a should absorb and stay longer on my skin. this one smells so sweet it reminds me of cake. seriously! like u're spreading cake on your belly. i hope i wont attract ants or bugs or anything like it:D

Mothercare Wedge Support Pillow (RM75)
Surely like everyone else, i've been having back pains for a while. it isn't really on the lower back- it's somewhere near one side of the sacrum, which is the spot somewhere next to ur's as if the whole sacrum is widening to accomodate the growing uterus or something. been bugging hubby for a moon pillow or a pregnancy pillow but mean hubby think it's not necessary so i resorted to something cheaper which is this one. it's supposed to support the back while ure sitting and can be used while lying down and feeding in the future. well personally i didn't think it works that well. the pillow does support ur back and all but i wish it was softer. i thought since it's small, i cud probably bring it to the office as well. that i havent done, but i need a bigger bag to put it in if i wanted to.

Then i got these for our junior:

 On the left is the Aden+Anais burpy bib. just like the towel u can put on ur shoulder to alas for baby's drool. this thing also has buttons so it can be converted into a bib and can be used on the baby till she grows into a toddler. got it for RM49. yes yes, expensive but u know what, bimbo me thought there were 2 burp bibs but instead there was only one when i opened it T__T

On the right is a 5-piece set bibs for RM53. ~ RM10 per piece. okla tu, something like the Carter's we got from the baby fair. didnt get a girly colour because at that time i was still speculating on the gender. haha. anyways too much pink stuff for a girl can be a bit pening so orange and green are good too. anyways i'm not going to shop for anymore bibs since baby already has a total of 8 pieces now.

Oh and also this flowy flowery dress for myself:
I know. it's dangerous for me to wander out on my own. got this from one of the little boutiques on telawi street. since most boutiques are on the top floor, i had to climb quite some flight of stairs. by the time i reached the top i was already panting away. so i only went into 1 shop. and got this dress to make it all worth it. hehe.

Ok that's all for now. btw in order to get a Mothercare discount card u have to spend over RM800. but apparently it doesnt have to be in 1 receipt. so people, collect your receipts and claim the card when it reached RM800 k!

cheers, sabby.

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