Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Weeks Diary.

The weeks just go by so fast. I am 30 weeks pregnant today.

My belly is much much more noticeable nowadays (i'd be in trouble if it's not. hehe) and occasionally my mom will come n give my tummy a rub saying 'ha dah besar pun baby'..all those knee length dresses i bought before thinking that there might be extra space to fit in a 40 week old pregnant tummy - i thought wrong. can no longer fit in those cuz the tummy part looked all wrong:D

True as what they've been telling me, eye power will increase. temporarily i hope. went to check yesterday because my vision got blurry and found out both my eye power had increased by +0.25. not much, but since i need to replenish my contacts supply, i'd just get them in my new powers. if it goes down again after delivery i'll bring them back to exchange (because Focus Point allows it so:)

Healthwise i'm still doing great, but i get lethargic sometimes. we go for outings like walks in the park n of course the malls to keep my stamina going.

Oh and Happy Aidilfitri to everyone:) hubby has been curbing me on the unhealthy raya food. pretty much so. it's a good thing i'm not a big fan of rendangs, lemangs and cookies. but if u put soto or laksa or mee sup in front of me i can even take in 2 bowls at a time. haha. my mom in law wasnt really in favor of her son stopping me from eating more than i shud and my pa in law keeps on pushing all the good stuff towards me like the awesome benji rolls and this bowl of huge sumsum(bone marrow) soup! btw i think it's good to control me in that sense because i've already gained all the necessary kilos i need: so far, 10kgs.better believe it! minimum pregnancy weight gain is 10kg. the more pounds u gain the more prone u are to pregnancy diabetes. but i still have 2 months to go so im trying not to exceed 15kgs. after all, baby's weight is slightly a liitle bit overweight than the guidelines. so i guess we'll be ok.

legendary huge back bone full with bone marrow. huhu. lets hope it has a lot of protein.

Crankiness will always be there. worst, at times. especially when i get sweaty and uncomfortable. so must make sure to wear airy clothes nowadays. and also, try to avoid talking to people i think will make me feel all touchy feely. i reanalyze stuff even more, even the tiny petty things. i love my hubby for being the most patient with me. i'm not very easy to handle nowadays and how thankful i am to have him by my side. he just neutralizes whatever unintentional anger i have bottling up in me.

Lake Gardens, 010911.

What else...oh i still find it awkward to talk to my tummy.  :)
guess ill talk more when baby's out. i mean i talk to my cat just fine. haha.

Oh and...poor junior still doesn't have a name yet:-/ anyone has ideas with nice names starting with R?

Baby stuff is still not complete...bathing stuff, changing mat...i dunno. must check the list again. i'm still aiming for the marble pink maxi cosi carrier and a quinny (of any kind really) and a medela fs. my unty told me in UK i can get it for about 1.2k..she told me she'll bring it back from there but she didnt cuz she told me i should establish breastfeeding first before investing in something like that. btw i found an online shop which sells it for rm1350 and thinking of getting that one anyway. wanting to breastfeed is good intention, and i'm very sure Allah will help me establish and provide me with enough supply for my baby somehow. hubby and i must decide who buy what for the baby. cant weigh it all on just one person can we?:)

So thats basically it for the 30th week. i'm happy to say that i'm currently at a peace of mind and happy. yes i do complain once in awhile due to the hormonal crankiness but overall i feel very blessed. it has been a smooth ride so far, but only God knows what kind of complications He decides for me at the very end. i am ready, and will accept it if anything. however, please continue praying for a safe delivery for me, and that baby will arrive perfect and healthy soon. 10 more weeks to go.



  1. i got this dress too once im pregnant...mine was long sleeve but same material tho.Happy pregnant Sabrina


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