Sunday, September 18, 2011

32 weeks. of Pregnancy Yoga and Cereal Cravings.

Just came back from yoga class on saturday. changed into hubby's jersey and my cupcake CottonOn pajama pants cuz they're comfy like that. pose i was doing in the pic is called the 'Butterfly pose'. u put ur legs like that n ure supposed to bop ur thighs up and down. like fluttering. it's supposed to help open up your pelvis. it's a comfortable pose. until u try to do a forward bend with that big tummy in the middle.

I feel great everytime after i go to my pregnancy yoga classes. u'll feel like ur muscles are just very nicely stretched and they teach you on how to control n be aware of your breathing. there's even a relaxation session at the end of each class. i started since i was around 13 weeks preggers. till now. if only i remember to go every week and not forgot and miss classes. hubby says i havent been compliant to yoga so he doubts the success of it for me. -_-"

Okay so if u preggers out there r interested, staying around ampang and looking for classes, check this place out. it's where i go. around RM180 for 8 classes if i'm not mistaken. but u need to pay a registration fee for first timers.

Yoga Life Centre
243- A, Lorong Nibong, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Fat view from side. super duper ugly but what the eff. the indenial part of me says its the mirror reflection weh.

Hubby bought a box of cheerios- honey and nuts flavor.since then it has been my favourite snack. good thing it has to be eaten with milk...cuz honestly, i havent been taking any calcium tablets or drink any anmum or enfamama. yup. since the start. calcium just makes me bloat. come to think of it, i've been bloating these couple of days too. shoot please dont tell me its the milk..

Tomorrow's monday and it's gonna be a long working week for me. there's this workshop on wednesday and thursday, and college students to be preceptor for, my new full time team member has gone for marriage leave (for 3 weeks ok, 3 weeks) and hubby can no longer drop me off at work because he goes for blood drive outings most days of the week. so by the end of the week i wud predict myself to be one exhausted, moody, almost full term pregnant lady. roar.


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