Monday, September 5, 2011

Baby Wear Stash.

Baby wear stash so far for little sabby radzli:)

So far we've got:
2 sleepsuits
4 6m short sleeved rompers
5 0-3m short sleeved rompers
3 newborn short sleeved rompers
3 sets of long sleeved button shirts and long pants
1 dress jalan2
2 leggings (with mary jane shoe prints!:)
13 pairs of socks (dont ask me y, i bought enough but mom added up to the collection!)
6 sets of mits n booties
2 cute bootie shoes
11 bibs (reason, refer to socks)
6 baby hats

Yes i know, i may have overbought baby attires but they're all a variety of different ages. the clothes that i can actually use right after baby comes are the 3 newborn rompers. we'll rotate that and my mum asked me to go get some pairs of 2 piece newborn PJs, ones that have button downs or tie ups. and then i think we'll be done with baby wear.

Hubby and i were researching the best price for a stroller and baby carrier. we decide to get a new stroller but a pre loved baby carrier since the baby will probably only fit in it for 4 months..kesian baby pakai second hand...but i guess for that amount of time, and especially when i want a pink carrier and dont know if the gender of our second child....i guess it would be okay.

On another note, my bra has gotten tight again. thinkin of getting nursing ones. sekali harung no need to buy already for after delivery. the ones i bought at 4 or 5 months preggers are literally suffocating me now. lol.

ok til next post!

xoxo, sabby

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