Friday, December 23, 2011

Evenings with Baby Tia

Nowadays during the evenings, our tiana couldnt go back to sleep eventhough i've given her milk. since it's usually near 5pm that she's like this, i thought i should fill this space up with a little bit of activity for her since she's getting cutely responsive when we talk or play with her. not as in those baby giggles you see on youtube (she's only a month old la) but we cud see it thru her expressions, the liveliness of her eyes, some wide open smiles and soft baby coos:)

1. The Aeroplane ride/Superman.

This is something i always see my mom do to my brother and sister when they were babies. Tia is a little too small and unsteady for this but one day she cried n cried so i just try this out...and she stopped crying. so i figured it's safe as long as i keep on supporting her neck and balance her well on top of both my shins.

To do this, i lie on my back, put tia face down on my shins and bring my knees towards my chest,stopping at tabletop position. i saw this on youtube before. it's sort of a postpartum pilates exercise. from tabletop position, i carefully rock her backwards (far from my face) and forwards (towards face). sometimes side to side. when i heal properly and she's strong enough to balance, i cud do crunches this way for my tummy by letting my legs remain in that tabletop position and bringing my head towards baby and down again. ehe.

I also read somewhere that we are supposed to put babies on tummytime start from young to strengthen their abdominal muscles and prepare them to flip from back to tummy when they're older, and their neck muscles so they could hold their head up earlier. Tia is able to get her head up the whole time so i figured it's good exercise for her too:) but when she's had enough, as usual la. cry.

2. Baby Conversations
People always tell us that if you want your kid to not be reserved when she grows up, talk to her. even from the tummy. Like i said, i feel awkward talking to my tummy back then. now that she's out, theres no reason for me not to talk to her. ehe. both wafer and i are trying to communicate as much as we can with her because both of us arent exactly the most talkative individuals. we want her to be able to talk and voice her opinions. mostly we talk rubbish to her. sometimes i ask her 'what did you dream just now baby?' or 'what is mummy doing?mummy's changing your diapers!' or 'who's gonna take a bath noww whooo?' hehe. what's more fascinating nowadays is that she coos back as if answering my questions in her own language. so cute we almost died:D

3. Bath Time

I don't know if this is the same with all the other babies (cuz i've seen my sister wail in her baby bathtub last time) but no matter how cranky baby tia is before her bath, once we take of her clothes and clean her buttocks to prepare her for her bath, she will always be in a better mood. once in the water, she'll be in even better mood. nowadays when we turn her on her back she'll kick with her legs, looking like a frog. -_-

4. Mealtime after Bath
Usually daddy radzli will reach home before her bath, so after i dress her up and all ready to go, daddy will make her bottle whether ebm or fm and i will pass baby tia to him to feed. that way he gets to bond with tia after a whole day away at work. he will then talk to her and rock her to sleep.

So that's basically how our new evenings are with baby Tia:)

mummy sabby

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