Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mummy Sabby meets Baby Alysha!

My best friend gave birth to her little girl 10 days after our baby Tia. both of us havent been able to visit each other or meet each other's baby since we are under confinement together at the same time. yesterday, hajar and nazri had their daughter's cukur jambul and aqiqah so i went over to meet baby Alysha!

I've been telling radzli that our baby is the same age as babies borned to couples who got married a year after us. however our one year wait was worth it. and couldnt say it more. i feel blessed that i get to spend a solid 1 year with the love of my life and welcome the love of our life now a year after. 

Anyways i hope baby Alysha and baby Tiana will be really good friends in the future! cant wait to see them together when they're older babies. looking forward to those babbles and ketuk2 kepala in a few months. oh and not forgetting Ina's little boy Hazeeq too, the torn among these 2 beautiful roses. hehe:)


  1. Hahaha.. Cute.. Muka Alysha sebijik muka Hajar.

  2. Alysha is so cute! Semua dah ada anak, tunggu Hazit je. Hehe.


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