Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baby vaccination for 2 months old Tiana

Since baby tia is already 2 months old, we are due for another vaccination. this time its the first dose of the triple combo shot, the DPT-Hib-IPV.

So we got to know this one good news: the paediatric institute of HKL has staff clinic afternoons for baby vaccinations:) it's by walk in too, no need appointment so we went there bidan terjun style.

Absolutely satisfied with the service, everything is done in 10minutes tops (who'd knew right, its the general hospital weh). u go in, they weigh your baby and measure her height and off u go to the vaccination room. baby gets her shot, and that's that. just what we needed. unlike when we went to the klinik kesihatan ibu dan anak in pandan dalam during her first month. first, i freaked out seeing all these people queuing to take off their babies' clothes and weighing them by themselves. second, omg the queue and the environment. third, they shooed us back to our own daerah which was supposed to be KK ampang. so go fly kite. feeling very grateful that our own hkl also gives out vaccinations.

Service is probably very good because its my own workplace. orang kata, rumah sendiri. we saved rm170 bucks and some consultation money:) alhamdulillah. ehe. macam kedekut kan, tapi ape salahnya if the place is comfortable and staff nurses do a very good job in injecting. even reciting bismillahirrahmanirrahim before injecting. routine checkups are something that tia's daddy can do. so we're all good, we just need the vaccine, weighing machine and height scale. hehe

Tia was a brave little girl. mummy laid her on her side as the nurse injected her. there was a high pitch cry then stopped after a few seconds of being pujuked. brave little girl. then she slept all the way like this:

we're currently preparing in case she'll get a fever after the vaccination. gave her a dose of paracetamol, 3ml but couldnt get everything in. she's still fever free anyways. ok lah. til next post:)



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