Thursday, January 26, 2012

The break downs of a cukur jambul event.

As requested by a reader of my last post (first time ni:D) here are some tips for you mothers out there who are waiting for the arrival of their newborn babies and researching on how to host a beautiful cukur jambul event for their baby:) it didnt mean that i syok sendiri cakap my kenduri is cool, and mind you, it has never ever cross my mind to compete with anybody or showoff by organizing this full scale event for Tiana. this kenduri was mainly to introduce our little princess to our closest friends and family, to carve a beautiful memory for our new little family thru pretty pics and of course, untuk menunaikan kewajiban as a muslim, to sacrifice a goat/lamb/cow after the birth of a baby -and feed it to the poor. or in our context, family and friends.

The Cradle.

It is not necessary to get a big elaborated one like mine. i just wanted to have a taste of how my parents foot out an amount of money for my pelamin last time when i got married. initially i imagined a small nicely decorated cradle. and then i came across Make A Wish Babies. They have super beautiful cradles. although very elaborate and puts u at a risk of being commented "gah sangat eh padahal cukur jambul ja" but i chose to ignore any comments come what may, cuz i wanted nice photos to show to my daughter when she grows up. tengok ni. mummy daddy sanggup buat event cantik2 untuk tia tau. hehe

The Baby Frock

Initially the cradle people provided us with a few of them is a christening kind of dress. long, white, long sleeved. but i found this pretty tutu frock from one of the random baby boutiques at the Curve and bought one. about RM129.90. and i can let her wear it again at my brother's wedding this coming May.

The Marhaban Team

I was so blur at this one:D i thought the 'marhaban' is actually one of the stuff they read in a circle. BUT marhaban is actually a group of people who read the verses for a majlis. to request for their service at such events, you have to call the leader of group. depending on groups, one might have up to 30 members who will come to your house. if you're worried about food or doorgift shortage, you can request how many people you'd like to invite. payment is said to be sebanyak mana yang ikhlas, but usually people pay about RM200-300. they will read the zanji first, then selawat. you can bring down baby and put in the cradle throughout the whole marhaban if your baby is not fussy or asleep. zanji usually goes on about 10minutes and the selawat depends on how many people cut baby's hair. u can usually find a marhaban group within your neighbourhood. mine came from ampang indah if i'm not mistaken. try calling Kak Sham at 0172365315.

Sacrificed Lamb and Food

We were lucky cuz at that time my brother has a catering company. food per head is about RM45. alhamdulillah though, foc for now:) rezeki tiana. we had an assortment of kampung dishes-sambal tumis udang, ayam masak lemak, telur masin, and some other stuff. as for akikah, for a baby girl you need to sembelih 1 lamb/goat/cow. for baby boys-2 ekor. sembelih sahaja RM750. but if you wanna put it on barbeque (so much yummier) you have to add another RM500. think the lamb we had was from PFF Kajang, one of the companies my brother worked at.


We gave out customized yassins and tasbihs in pouches, and because the baby is a girl and some people believe we have to give out sweets so that our child will be 'manis' when she grows up..i filled up another small pouch with cute colourful apams, dates and chocolates which my parents brought back from their hajj trip. the apam were my favourite, and to me the girl i ordered from made the neatest, most colourful designs i cud find:)
-Customized yassins from Dear Azalea
-Angry birds, Ladybirds and Polkadot apams from Nur_Eimi
-Tasbihs, dates and chocolates from Tanah Suci Mekah


Ok this one is unnecessary, but since i ordered some yassins from dear azalea, i also ordered a standee A1 board with Tia's name, details and pics on it and prop it on an easel next to the cradle. mengada, but i just had too.takpe lah, she can put it up in her room or something in the future if it's not too embarrassing for her. hehe. oh and also some tags for the doorgifts as well.

The Cukur Jambul Tray
I dont have pics to show for this one..but basically you have a coconut which was nicely opened and carved zigzag by the father. i was told to have the coconut done by the father as a family tradition. then you have a pair of scissors, small cup of air zam zam, a small plate of kurma, a small plate of honey and a teaspoon. so as you go from one family member to the other, they will do the belah mulut/tahnik - let the baby taste some kurma, honey and air zamzam. then cut a little bit of hair, and put immerse it into the coconut water. this amount of hair is supposed to be weighed and compared to how many cupak of rice if im not mistaken, and donated to the poor.

Flow of majlis

Basically everything is straight forward. bathe baby half an hour before the majlis starts. feed milk if possible 15 mins bfore the marhaban people come so that she will be happy or asleep in the cradle by the time zanji starts. sit next to the cradle and rock it throughout the whole zanji reading, and when they stand up, bring baby around to family members for belah mulut and jambul cutting. priority to baby's close family members. then bring baby to the marhaban group leader. my leader puts her palm on tia's head and recites some doa, kisses her then do the belah mulut and cut some hair. after that, bring the baby around the marhaban team for berkat. i always thought 'alamak habisla rambut tiana choppy2 lepas ni sebab ramai sangat potong' but only some will cut her hair. some will only kiss her forehead and.....put some 'duit raya' on our tray:D so i had fun going around the whole team and ended up with a trayful of green packets:D after that, makan and photo seshs time:)

photo credits from dear friend, adam rauf.

So that was what i know from preparing for a cukur jambul to the flow of it. hope it helps any readers who are about to do one for their baby and Dytia, thanks for requesting this post:) one last tip though, try to reconfirm with your guests on who's coming and who's not cuz when you order yassins as doorgifts, you wouldnt want extras lying around.. and also, to avoid food wastage, like every other jamuan or kenduri.

Till then, much love!


  1. wah,,nice one =) very cute and fancy..
    sure u have put hard work to make this event work for little tiana =)

  2. Tq dear. Btw i had dear azalea do my baby shower decor. Luv them heaps. Ramainya org marhaban. Tq for the tip, will share mine when i hav it.

    My hubby kata bb belum keluar pun dah plan mcm2. Lol

  3. Thanks for writing & sharing this! It has been very helpful indeed. Your baby's event looked fabulous :)


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