Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our adorable 2 months old Tia:)

This was how our little tiana woke up on the morning of her 2 month old birthday:)

Looking at this cheerful face of hers i cant believe we've been parents for 2 whole months. i've been a mother for 2 months already. something to dread though. back to work the month after next. sigh.

At 2 months, baby tia can 'converse' with people. if you talk to her she'll reply back in her baby language. starting from that morning itself, baby started smiling ever so frequent than before.

As usual, both radzli and i get really worried over little things. she didnt poop the whole day yesterday, we got worried. but she did like a lot today. after daddy massaged her abdomen n move her legs into cycling motions to help with bowel movements. one day she sleeps the whole day except only waking up for feeds, and we got worried. her body felt a bit warm, we got worried. normal i guess, thats wat parents do..be paranoid. lol.

anyway, we are glad that she's growing up beautifully, gaining good weight (yes i fed her well, ok), and gets more adorable with each passing day. alhamdulillah. mummy and daddy are excited to see what you can do next, baby! cant wait to hear giggles and when she can hold her head up:)

Here's a vid i took on yet another session of aeroplane with tia a few days ago. til next post! <3

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