Saturday, January 28, 2012

Outings with Baby Tia

So far i've only taken Tia out twice in her life. first time to the Curve, second to KLCC. hehe.
It wasnt very difficult to go jalan with a baby actually. especially now that most of the big shopping complexes have baby rooms for changing and baby feeding. if you're breastfeeding, even more convinient. they have personal rooms fitting room style for mothers to breastfeed while on the go.

Before the arrival of baby Tia and before i got pregnant i always vow to not bring baby out unless she's 2 months and up. tapi lepas pantang je mule lah rasa gian gile nak keluar. and of course, baby needs to come with you. takkan nak tinggalkan kat orang while the parents keluar bersuka ria.

So what mportant thing have i learnt from both outings?

Never go above 6pm.

because at both times somewhere around 6pm, Tia will cry like she's seen a ghost or being beaten by a huge ass club. so if ure alone driving with her...good luck la with a howling baby in a carseat next to you. and like my sister said, tia doesnt cry. she screaaams. but actually i think if we feed her she's be fine. mother and baby's communication error la kirenye ni.

This was when we ate at TGIF. waiter said 'she looks like a babydoll not moving at all like that'. haha

Stroller wise, i love our Quinny Buzz. looks really cool when we push it around. especially with that cute pink maxi cosi. can be used as a carseat then transferred onto the quinny frame for stroller.however here's the downside: theres no way i could handle the monster on my own. the frame is really easy to assemble. just pull on a lever and it goes up like magic, hydraulic style. but it doesnt really fit well in our car boot with those huge tyres we had to pull em out everytime. and the weight of it, both maxicosi + baby and the not really possible to be handled by someone who recently had a c-section.

Tia is a good baby most of the time, except when she's hungry. because she's a milk monster. she even keeps quiet if she's wet. if she looks uncomfortable, terus sumbat pacifier. huhu. which doesnt seem to work nowadays. that one ill write in another post.
That outing to KLCC with aunty Azreen

This was what happened above 6pm - baby cried and insisted to sit in lap till we reached home-_-

So what do i bring around in my diaper bag when we go out for outings?

1. 2-3 pc of diapers
2. Baby wipes
3. Pureen diaper rash cream
4. 2 pairs of rompers (just in case baby muak susu or ruined her outfit)
5. a washcloth and a bib (cuz tia drools A LOT nowadays)
6. A flask of hot water
7. Milk powder in powder dispensers (bout 3 feedings. better safe than sorry)
8. a bottle of boiled and cool water 
9. 2 baby bottles (sometimes i put the plain water straight away into the bottles so that when feeding time comes ill just top up with hot water)
10. a baby cardy 
11. a blanket
12. pacifier


  1. I just love looking at young, slim, hot moms jalan-jalan with their first born. :)

    1. look at urself hun! ure doing the exact thing ure talking about!:)

  2. hii dear..tenks ye follow.. anyway i mintak kuarters dah masuk tahun ke 7 dah... buat rayuan 14 kali... last tu, my friend apply 3 tahun pun dapat, so, i gi sndri JPM ptrajaya, bising2 skit..marah2 skit..mmg geram btul time tu..ha, 2 minggu lepas tu terus dapat..huhuhu

    1. haa serious? :( camne nk buat drama2 gitu kat putrajaya?haihs...i applied 2010 mase tu..lagi la bejanggut nak tunggu.kat jalan duta nmpk cam byk kosong tak?lucky nye uu


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