Friday, January 27, 2012

Tiana is Chubby?

Call me weird, but i feel a bit awkward when i get comments that tia's chubby, semangat, debab, and tembam. what, do you mean my baby's obese? dahla i failed breastfeeding. are these people honestly commenting her cuteness or trying to rub it in my face?

So being the paranoid mom i am, i browsed thru old photos of tia (which are not THAT old)..her hospital photos when she was 1-2 days old. and her scan photo too. Tiana has appeared chubby since she was in my tummy. since that 36weeks 4D scan when my gynae commented 'macam chubbyy je baby ni'. and most of her hospital photos show a cute round faced baby. i have a round face. and i was that chubby when i was small. so as a self reassurance...tiana's not obese. but i still dont like the word chubby and tembam. ntahla. perhaps as a girl, its awkward to hear that. the same feeling if you get comments like this-"ee muke awak dah bulatlaa". sedih kan? but its subjective la kan. yang ini baby. nanti pandai2 la mummy die kasi die exercise when she grows up.

So here are photos from my iphone, on her first 2 days of precious life..

Tiana fresh out from the operation theatre.

Tiana had those white spots all over her face. hubby said they're called 'milia'. disappeared after a few weeks.

with her then swollen sepet eyes fresh out from womb and milk crusts around her lips (cuz her mom macam a bit messed up masa tu)

mummy's morphine supply. press button everytime rasa sakit. which made tia sleep the whole day esoknya. no wonder my milk supply macam ngokngek.

me attempting breastfeeding. nips masih okay. esoknye terus bleeding -_-

tia's fresh face after her first bath. dari newborn smpai sekarang sukee mandi.

View from my hospital room in HKL. jelak gila tengok sampai 4 hari..but at least no need to come back for mother and baby checkup.

nights of sharing the hospital bed with hubby. hospital kerajaan takde extra bed for hubby.

some parts of the night he slept on 2 combined armchairs:-/

see...tiana was already round faced when she was a newborn. belum tambah susu formula ye.

hospital food. i like the masak lemak ayam. not supposed to eat those beans btw. was given porridge throughout the 4 days cuz my throat hurts from the full bius tube shoved down my throat during the surgery. i asked the head nurse if i could actually eat these during pantang and she said,"Honestly, sister tak pantang pun dulu. anyway, those are good proteins. penting untuk recovery":)

view from my side of bed. in gov hospitals, baby must be put next to mothers to establish breastfeeding. walaupun czer. hubby slept next to the case cuz kerja dia was to angkut Tia from the case to me for feeding. and betulkn my position. and betulkn katil position. cuz i totally couldnt do anything with a czer wound.

ok thats all. hugs!


  1. org nk ckp comel n good looking baby tu but malaysians mmg slalu ckp tembam gebu etc to replace that esp for babies.sabby jgn amik hati sgt yer

    1. hehe tau...tapi rasa cam paranoid la..hubby pun same..tiap2 kali jumpe doc mesti nak plot graph percentile tu tgk normal tak...takut debab2 tu debab tak sehat. huhu

  2. im 5 months pregnant n already hate the idea of ppl calling my baby chubby. like u im quite conscious of weight + health!


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