Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Bathtime

Her bathtimes are probably Tia's most favourite time of day.
Like everyone else i'm sure, we bathe her twice a day.

When we first came back from the hospital, we were taught by my unty to bathe her once in the evening so that she sleeps longer at night. in the mornings we do top and tail, which is just a wipedown of body and using cottonbuds to cleanup easy to reach places.

2 weeks after we got back from the hospital was when we started bathing her twice a day. we're using this bathtub, one that i just have to make a review on cuz i just love it:)

We're using the First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub that we bought from the baby expo in midvalley before she was born. it comes with a newborn bath support to bathe her in when she was tiny and fragile. all you have to do is lay newborn baby down on the net,no hands needed, and wipe her down with a washcloth.

This bathtub has two sides. frm pic below,the right side seat is a bit more slanted or than the one on the  left.  so right side are for infants and left side for bigger babies and toddlers who can already sit up by themselves. Tia still uses the infant side.

how we used the bathtub when tia was smaller.

The bathtub also has a compartment to put the baby's toiletries in such as baby wash/soap and shampoo which i find very handy. it is a tad too small, so a bit sempit for big babies to splash around and rendam in the water but it's very safe. See the seperator in the middle? it's just nice to support baby's bum so that she wont slide down or float around when we bathe her. and we dont even need to hold or support her back. just lay her down on the sponged infant seat and you have both hands free to wash her up. ok maybe monitor la sikit so that her body position is ok...xsenget ke ape.

I can tell the difference cuz i bought another bathtub to put at our sentul home so that we dont have to carry the babytub to and fro when i start working soon. the bathtub i bought  was bigger (meaning much more fun for bigger baby) and does have a seperator, but like a round globe thing in the middle. it also has two sides and 2 type of seats but theres no way i could bathe her with two free hands cuz one hand has to support and hold her back. she was practically splashing and floating around the tub! sakit pinggang mummy.

The First Years bathtub costs us about RM109 from the expo. but on normal days..RM179. jimat and worth it. so tunggu expo kalau nak beli k mommies.
how we use the bathtub now:)

As for prep before dressing up, i just use these few stuff like in the above pic.

Step 1: Florida water (big yellow bottle in bottom, middle)- gives the baby a fresh after bath scent and evaporates. reminds me of the cologne. my mum used this for all three of us when we were babies. it eradicates wind/gas and also cooling for baby. only one sensei shop in Taman Kosas sells this, a bottle at rm19. mothers in confinement also can use kalau badan berangin.

Step 2: Yu Yi oil (small red bottle next to the florida water bottle)- is also said to eradicate gas. i usually pour like 5cents drop into my palm, rub both palms together n massage tia's tummy, around her belly button. n also letak sikit kat tapak kaki & betis.

Step 3: Baby powder. use the puff to pat powder over baby's body front and back.
Step 4:Nappy Rash Cream. around her vajayjay and between her bums. i use the Pureen brand because i find it to have zinc oxide together with some antibacterial ingredients. Drapolene cream doesnt have zinc oxide if im not mistaken. and zinc oxide is the sole ingredient that u want in any diaper rash cream to prevent the rash.

Step 5: Diaper. after dah lumurkan everything...comes the diaper. so far, i have used Drypers, MamyPoko, Huggies and PetPet. depending on which one has sales at tesco/carrefour. fortunately Tia tolerates all the brands without rashes. of course i find Mamypoko to be the best. light, soft, and the rubber band inside does not leave obvious marks on tia's bum.but its too expensive. for now i will use whichever one of the four brands which has a promo at any hypermarkets.
Step 6: Pakai Baju.

Ok...till next post!


  1. wow!!! i love your baby bathtub! and nak tanya, does the florida water and minyak yuyi works? i pun byk org suggest beli. did u buy a barut also? banyak eh benda kena beli!

    1. hey babe!yup for now both works for tia:) yuyi especially..if baby looks very2 colicky ill say the gripe water works better.ehe. as for barut..nah.tia kejap pakai kejap tak. the paeds told us itll keep her warm je..not so much for the angin part:)

  2. oh yer ker?!! ok! nasib tak beli. thanks a lot! kiss2 tia for me!


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