Monday, February 6, 2012

First night alone with Baby Tia

Tia owns our bed now. our nice wedding bed now has a mobile on top and toys and washcloth hanging here and there. baby friendly. hehe. and look at the way she sleeps. mummy nak tido mana kalau macam tu sayang?

Tonight is the first night that daddy goes to work. there's a blood drive at Batu Caves sempena thaipusam. he'll be back tomorrow morning. mummy tido dengan tia sorang2.brings me back to those days when he used to be oncall a few days a week. we are lucky enough that he doesnt do active oncalls anymore. he does have to work on one day in a weekend, but you know. it's just either way when ure married or ur daddy's a doctor. either u have some nights sleeping alone or u have him everynight but only one day weekend with him.tak pe la kan. cari rezeki untuk keluarga jugak.only hopefully things will get better as the years go by:)

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