Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 10 Years Anniversary sabby-radzli!

Oops. I cant believe i forgot to post about our anniversary:)

The last 18th of February marks 10 years of sabby and radzli courting anniversary. our wedding anniv was on 4th dec, but i was still in confinement then. we didnt do anything fancy due to money issues..but we made it a must to celebrate because 10 years is not easy to reach and we did it:)

We went for a family dinner at my brother's steakhouse, Toowoomba Deli and Meats in Danau Kota. just opposite Festival City. we put Tia in her maxi cosi but she could only sit still for awhile. we had to take turns to eat while holding her but it's okay. Tia is part of our celebration.

Tia in her maxi cosi
my Wagyu steak.
Tia rolled over in my arms -_-
daddy loves tia:)
mummy loves tia too!

10 years ago brings us back to when we officially agreed to commit to each other..when we were studying in matriculation, Kuala Pilah. before that, we had crushes on each other during high school in Sains Muar:) since then, we've been through all our acne years together, then i caught the chicken pox from my baby sister, the long 5 years of long distance relationship when he studied medic in Ireland, those voipstunt days (aka skype), those teenager hormones (fewh thank god its over), his houseman days, and that week he got the cellulitis and cant walk, our beautiful matrade and beach wedding, our insecure days when we were there for each other, my craving pregnant days, tiana's delivery, my difficult confinement days, till now...being happy together as we witness our baby develop milestone after milestone together. 

We have gone through so much together in 10 years. we have been married only 2 years, but we can read each other's mind and character very well. i am thankful to have both radzli and tia in my life. we grew up together, and i'Allah will grow old together and continue to be there for each other till death do us part. I love you sayang.
Us three with our small red velvet cake:D

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