Monday, February 27, 2012

The KLCC Motherhood Baby Expo Haul

We went to the Motherhood Expo in KLCC last saturday. it was held from the 24th-26th February. The Expo wasnt as big as the midvalley one but has loads of stuff nonetheless-_-"

These are some of the stuff we bought her:

A bumbo seat. been wanting this for quite awhile now, cuz tia likes to sit up on our laps. bought one in lilac. normal price RM250, got it at RM190. might have to sell it off second hand soon. tia's thighs are squished in it:( perhaps after our second baby. ehe.

Oh and we also got her some basic toys like that ball so she cud learn to grab and the butterfly teether from Bright Starts.

We also got 1 pack of this Whoopee diaper brand. they claimed it to be the same range as Huggies and Pet Pet and we have been using both so we thought we'd try this one since it's only RM20 for 69 pieces. will review it later.

A simple mobile for Tia's playpen. Mobile satu lagi bawak gi sentul letak kat cot. this one is only RM39 from Babylove, it's musical and we loved it! worth it.

A few months worth of Pureen baby wipes and diaper rash cream. memang our ritual to by at expos. xpayah beli dah later.

and some other interesting stuff i saw and bought..sangatla habiskan duit but i couldnt resist:P...a stroller fan at RM10, a pretty pink Thermos for RM100, a neck float, a cool baby feeder, a manchester united fan romper.

Ade lagi.... *facepalm*
Not in pictures are a few pureen clothings, 5 bibs at RM4 each, and 4 packs of baby bottle and vegetable cleanser.

Bahaya kan baby baby expo ni...memang pokai je everytime. baru sorg anak....sigh. hehe


  1. Hi there.. hehe mememang pokai untuk baby kami.

    btw how was the whoopee diapers bagus tak? Which diaper brand are u using now.

    Thanks in advance~!

  2. PUREEN Baby Wipes are created with soft, thick and moisturised cotton material … read complete at:


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