Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tia's Milestones - Smile, coo, rollover

So far, alhamdulillah, baby Tia has been achieving her milestones at the right age or faster:) 
She started smiling and cooing 2 weeks after i'm done with confinement, around 1 month plus. 
I think somewhere around the same time she got her clear vision, she started to interact with us. 
And she waves her arms and kicks around whenever she feels excited. 

Oh what a joy to see as a momma:) <3 

At about 2 months and 2 weeks old, she surprised us by rolling fully from her back onto her tummy. on the first day we had to help her put both her arms beside her chest so she could do this mini pushup thing to lift her head up, and she did it the next day! mommy's clever little baby:)

As what's been read on the internet, we didnt expect her to turn this fast, since they said she's supposed to roll from her tummy onto her back, then vice versa. that also by age of 5 months. and also cuz we never let her sleep on her tummy - we were worried of SIDS.a few of my friends told me their baby boys could do it at 2 months old cuz they let their babies sleep on their tummies.

So yes, we are very proud:)
And yes, now i can imagine how childrens' achievements can make parents proud:)

However, yesterday while she was asleep on her back, head on pillow...i took the oppurtunity to go online. after a few mins, without a sound, she ended up like this:
Baby played around a little bit then fell asleep like this:
And again, because we never taught her to sleep on her tummy, i got a bit worried. i didnt change her position, but jadi satu kerja ulang alik check on her to make sure her nose is free from the mattress and ubah position kepala dia when the nose nampak mcm dlm pic kat atas. hehe..

Tia practices her pushups everyday and i can see that she can lift her head higher and longer with each passing day. she never cries to be put back on her back, wants to do it over and over again. which reminds me when i was doing aerial. once i learnt a new stunt, i cant stop doing it. and i love doing it. cecey:P here's 2 videos of which my dad took while they were taking care of baby tia one day. enjoy, and til next post:)

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