Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy 3 Months Old Tiana:)

Today is the 2nd of February.

Meaning that Tia is already 3 months old!
look how time daughter's getting bigger. i'm getting older..hahaha
it has been 3 months full of what i'd like to call an adventure. a long term adventure its gonna be. i am still learning about my baby. and i bet she too, is learning about me and hubby and people around her with each passing day. she's gets cuter everyday too:)

Setakat ni, alhamdulillah, healthwise she is fine. i do hear a cough once and a sneeze once in awhile, but not the persistant kinds, so i guess it must be dust or something.

So..some progresses, discoveries and milestones since the past 3 months are:

1. Cycle with her hands and legs, big eyes and pout her lips when she feels super excited (usually after her bath when i dress her up). selalunye mummy jadi mangsa tendang sbb mummy dok kat hujung kaki die mase nak pakaikan baju.

2. Smile responsively, not by reflex. and this is the first thing she does in the morning when i say my high-pitched-baby-toned 'Good morning babyyy':)

3. Holds my little finger really tight when she drinks her milk.

4. kicks around in her bathtub if i lay her on her back. and pushes herself into standing when i held her to wash her back. sakit tangan woh.

5. Babble and babble. sometimes nonstop..this one we are proud ouf cuz both me and hubby arent the most talkative people. and we really wanted our kids to talk. so alhamdulillah:)

6.Flip over! the first time she successfully kicked n turned onto her tummy..she made the cutest coo as if to say 'i did it! i did it!' then keeps her head high sampai termengah2 anak mummy.but for the mean time this is mostly done when she's frustrated.

7. Laugh. as in kekekeke. and she did it just this morning!^.^

Both mummy and daddy will always pray that baby Tia will grow beautifully, healthily, smart, and everything else a parent would pray for. We love you baby!

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