Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to break this monotonous feeling?

Toned arms, good flexibility, gracefully done stunts, functional joints. 

This was what i used to do and how i miss doing it..........

I wonder if i still can achieve this with my previously done c-sect. at the moment my joints still feel a bit inflamed. i just remembered that since i got discharged i forgot to take my hematinics. the other day i went for my first postpartum swim and got out of the water feeling awfully dizzy. i'm guessing it's low blood pressure. i did lose some blood during the surgery.

 I actually made a date with an ex colleague of mine to go try out some aerial stuff in march. i wonder if its still too early and that i should probably start off with yoga or pilates first. 

 I am this desperate not because i need to lose weight. well ok, i do need to lose a little bit more..but this is what i do to kill stress at work. my pharmacy job feels monotonous.this used to be my daily booster. but if i cant do it, it's ok. i'd rather put it on hold rather than breaking my bones up maklum lah calcium dah bagi sikit kat tia. minum susu pun tak. heh.

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