Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Tia is 4 months!

Baby Tjez is already 4 months old :')
Oh how u've grown, baby.

No necessary vaccinations needed for this month, meaning we wont be checking her height and weight. reeally wanna know how she thrived since last month..

She is as healthy as can be, alhamdulillah. probably also because we seldom bring her out. to date i can count how many times we've brought her out in her stroller. bout 5x or less? poor baby. too many germs outside to risk it..but then yesterday try jugak bawak dia klua since she was fussy the whole day..she needs to see the outside world. when she was in my tummy i went everywhere n was very active. i'm pretty sure she would be the kind who could not sit still at home as well.

outing with mummy n bibik, Great Eastern Mall.

Tia rockin' her maxi cosi in Guardian, shopping for toiletries!

Tia can grab now. her current favorite toy is the ball i got from the baby expo last 2 weeks. just put it in front of her n she'll reach n grab it and terus masuk mulut nak jilat2. and she looves to be underneath both her musical mobiles.

She loves that ball:)
 She drools soo much we had to put a bib on her at all times. that aeroplane game i mentioned earlier? must prepare washcloth in between knees to prevent self getting wet with baby's drool. haha

She kicks and kicks and kicks when she's happy or excited. mostly during bathtime in the water sampai berkocak2 air, underneath her mozart mobile, and during diaper change. susah jugak nk pasangkn diaper sekarang sebab baby suke cycle2^.^

More baby babbles. i wish i get to hear more of these babbles...they bring joy to my heart and provides me with instant happy hormones..but i have to go to work everyday and miss it. only get to hear em during the weekends. she screeches now. and laughs too. not hysterically like the famous babies on youtube but yeah, laughs. rare but when she does we're soo happy! she just smiles widely most of the time when we tease her.

bibik changing her diaper.

New cry method when asking milk. she doesn't cry the newborn cry for milk anymore. her babbles just get louder and fussy and we know it's the hunger sign. speaking of milk, alhamdulillah she's doing well with the formula brand. no constipation nothing.

Fussiness-wise...well what are babies without fussiness. there are days when she fusses around so much, doesnt know what she wants. we dont know what she wants too. sometimes it frustrates me. i have to admit i was so tempted to swing her in my arms as fast as i can to make her stop crying but take note, TEMPTED. Oh God please forgive me for even having that feeling:( yesterday she fussed around too much i brought her and the maid out for a drive to the great eastern mall and she stopped the fussing. she probably loved the vibration from the car.

my cute little miss sepet

She does the baby pushup pretty well now. meaning she has stronger arms. everytime she wakes up in her playpen i cud see her head from above the rim. she rollsover very fluently to her left side so im trying to teach her to roll the other side too. reverse flip still tak boleh. hehe.

miss sleepyhead insisted to play.

Like what the articles say, she loves to be pulled from lying down to sitting. i cud do this 4-5x at one go and she smiles away non stop. i grasp her tiny hands and just pull her up. her head doesnt fall back when i pulled her which means that she already has good head control. if we place her on a pillow she'll lift her neck n head as if trying to sit up. but of course la tak boleh lagi:)

If i hold her in a standing position in my lap, she'll do the marching motion and looks as if she wants to jump. still too young to do it, but i can roughly predict how tired my arms are gonna be once she starts jumping in my lap for real!

So i guess those are her latest milestones for now. every day i pray so that she will be a healthy baby throughout and gets smarter everyday. i love her so very much and so does everyone around her:)
Happy 4 months old Tiana Jezmine sayang!

my two sayangs.

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