Monday, March 19, 2012

Tak Suka.

I feel like a weekend mummy.
i only get to spend a full 24hours with her on saturday and sunday. 48hours pun tak cukup.

For those who knew me, i hate the term 'weekend wife'.i know their husbands earn millions but what is a family if the members dont live together? no offense,of course.just my own personal opinion.

Therefore i hate being a weekend mom.and tia is only a baby.what happens when she goes to school later?i dont trust the maid to take care of can i trust her being taken to school n back with a schoolbus? n heat her own lunch n hold keys to her own house when she's only a child?:(

It has been 2 months since i got back to work and i'm still here complaining bout the same thing. i find myself seriously thinking of quitting work. while others crack their heads on how to progress with work-get more money, get better i am cracking my head thinking of a backup plan when i quit my job. n i find myself aiming to quit when tia starts std1.

I dont know what is happening to me. but hey then again,i'm a lady and yes i know its 2012 n ladies are supposed to work but...i really wanna stay at home n focus on taking care of my family.



  1. actually... these days there are more and more moms with professional degrees who opt to become stay at home moms. because they themselves were raised by working moms and want to be the opposite of that. i know i am one of them :) although, its difficult to quit just yet and husband compromised by saying i can quit when i'm 40... but i argue that by that time my kids would be too big to care about me :/

  2. hi babe how's ur new baby?:) ive been brought up by a fulltime mom..n i want that for tia too...i know a few of my friends who used to come back from school to an empty house, my husbnd included...earlier my plan memang to retire at 40...but true la what u sed,the kids will b too old to care bout me:(oh sad life. heh

  3. i agree with shairil abt the current trend of moms... insyaAllah babe. discuss with hubby and talk it thru esp during a holiday. i realized a lot of ideas come and diterima during getaways! hehehe! good luck!

  4. but then right babe...because we earn this much if we quit itll be like a huge decision..babe jomlah bukak joint gp clinic with my hubs.i can be u guys punye store coordinator,drug advisor and dispenser.less medication error tu cecey

    1. fulamakkk best tu!!! boleh consider!!! :D


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