Monday, March 19, 2012

My Postpartum Weight Loss Plan.

My pre pregnancy weight was 43kg.
My final weight at the end of pregnancy was 58kg.
My weight at 4 months postpartum is 46.7kg. weighed last sunday.

pre pregnancy weight while i was actively freelance dancing.

Since i gained a massive 15kg and dropped 11kg in 4 months...i guess yes, i have to give some credits on the one whole month of breastfeeding and the lack of parking space at the hospital, which causes me super long power walks twice a day, 5 days a week- once in the am and once after work ends.

pre pregnancy- around that time we discovered our pregnancy.

When i tell people i'm fat.......i always get this: 'what are you talking about sab?u're skinny already'.'if you're fat, then what am i?' and yes, it does made me feel a little bit psychotic for wanting to lose more's the actual deal- i have been pretty comfortable weighing 43kg for so many years. i think since 2nd year of uni. and i worked real hard for that pre pregnancy body that i am actually kind of distraught that i am now heavier and um..a little bit more curvier. and this cesarian scar will haunt me till i die. my lower abs really looked like it has been slit n sewn close. it took away 70% of my self esteem. i dont even know if it has been done correctly. and i feel sad every single day when i look at it in the mirror.

I am aware that i was very skinny before the pregnancy. muka pun nampak cekung dlm gambar. i shud probably aim for 45kg to be ideal. ntah la.

pregnant at 37 weeks.

I have an exercise plan to at least get back to my pre pregnancy fitness level. i cant go straight back to aerial arts and pole thanks to this surgery. but here it is:  I signed up for 12 sessions of personal trained powerplate training and plan to go back to pole exercise or attend gym dance classes after that.

So what is Powerplate training?
Ok firstly, so how paranoid am i with this cesarean recovery thing? i followed Sazzy Falak on twitter.
Ok, freaking celebrity stalker mode.
But why not? she had twins via cesarean section and skinny like nothing happened.
I bet her scar looks better. at least hers wasnt done by some random MO doctor. sigh.

So that was how i signed up for 12 sessions of Powerplate training at the Powerplate Bodytone Studio in Bangsar village. 12 sessions of 45 minutes personal trained exercises- squats, crunches, viper, weight, cardio..done on a vibrating plate. apparently it causes many parts of your muscles to contract at one go, so it puts ur whole body to work. and they say..10mins of workout on the powerplate equals to 60mins of the same workout without the vibrating plate. so yeah. 12 sessions of that and 12 sessions of ultrasound spot reduction where they put ultrasound-wired patches on spots that u want to lose and convert fats into energy...and you have to workout within 70mins. u will use up calories from the spots first before other places.

First session gave me a sakit badan for 2 whole days. that was a trial class. and i had my very first official class yesterday. n i am still in pain. i walk funny. walking up the stairs sakit. from sit to stand sakit. sigh things i do to restore back my fitness.
Post pregnancy at 4 months.

 I hope this is worth it. its like i've enrolled myself into bootcamp. i want to prepare my body again for pole exercise because i enjoyed it so much. i hope to minimize the permanent bulge above my scar....and get my self esteem back. i have paid a lot (and u wudnt wanna know how much) ..hopefully i'll get a good outcome. 11 times of 45minutes torture sessions to go. sigh.


  1. How much is the fees..? Is it expensive..?

  2. How much is the fees..? Is it expensive..?

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