Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Headbands made by moi.

The hubby does locum a few nights per week now, and baby tia sleeps at about 730pm every i have a liitle bit more me time than i would prefer. But fret not, i have found my distraction. i've been making these baby projects:

 Baby Headbands or hairbands. whatever people call them. Been bothering hubby to bring me shop for materials and he said i was so impulsive. If i come up with an idea now, i wanna do it right this moment. I've been doing one kind of handicrafts after the painting, tshirt painting, glass etching, beading, jewellery making and now this. 

I made one felt flower and found myself to be on a roll. to date i have 4 designs and some clips. since i've got a momentum goin, i shall come up with more designs. i'll put it up here when they're ready. hehe. meanwhile, lets see how the rose and hydrangea designs of mine look on our very own little model:) 


  1. the loveliest headbands ever seen:D

  2. those are so pretty! tia tak tarik the headbands away ke? cause my 2-month old Arya can't stand anything on her head, hence the lack of caps/headbands on her even though i would love to put one on her :(

    1. thank u babe!addicted to making those..i shud just open up an fb store or something she's fine with it...maybe cuz i gune lace yg soft n stretchy kot..nasib baik she doesnt pull it away...her hair so sparse hihi


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