Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Tia is 5 Months Old!

Baby Tia is 5 months old time flies!
She is a wholesome 8kgs of love and 64cm tall.
We just brought her to the hospital for the 3rd dose of DPT-Hib-IPV.

Something was wrong with the injection technique though and its kinda bothering me till today..but lets just not get there..

Ok milestones!
Tia can now reverse roll....which is roll from her front to her back.
So now we have to be extra careful when we place her on the bed. must not be left unattended..
If we place her on a mattress on the floor, you'll see her rolling from one end to the other in just 1 minute.
Yes, getting pretty hyper now.

She laughs more. she adores her grandma more. she recognizes her family now.
She'll sebik and cry in a stranger's arms. i know babies like that can be annoying but nevertheless i like it that she prefers me although i only get to be with her a quarter of every weekday:(

She still drools a LOT. drooling machine. hope she knows how to swallow it soon just in time to start solids..

She can play now. at last, her playgym has become functional. but i dont really use that. i hang toys on the diaper changing station of her playpen and she'll play with them from below. it's feels so good seeing her playing with toys and grabbing them when we offer it to her.

Diaper change can be challenging now. she'll roll over in d middle of me applying her diaper rash prevention cream. seeing that cute little naked bum is so irresistable. nak aje cubit. tapi really need to distract her so she lays still! usually i'll give her a toy to play with while i put on her diaper.

Her bathtub became smaller. n splashes are more. habis basah baju mummy mandikan dia. yes i still bathe her myself every evening:)

She falls asleep easily in my arms, listening to my hums and syaratnya: while i bounce with her on my yoga/birthing ball. hehe. i guess this is familiar to her since i bounced on the ball all the time when i was carrying her so that her head moved into the right position for labour:)

She is getting more adorable everyday...we fall in love with her again and again everyday. the apple of everyone's eye. especially me and daddy radzli. I miss her everyday at work...sometimes when i take a break from dispensing or counseling i would sit in my cubicle and watch the videos i took of her. i wish i could be with her day and night...but whatever it is, mummy and daddy pray for your good health, always, baby. may you continue to grow up beautifully, always as cheerful and happy and always in the pink of health:)


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