Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby's Firsts: First Swim!

I've seen babies swim with the neck float on youtube before and was excited to let tia try it out. at first i thought it'll look weird letting a baby hang from neck down in the water but apparently it's good to help babies practice swimming by using their hands and legs on their own. we bought a neck float for her from the baby expo in KLCC few months ago and waited till she was about 4 months before we let her try it out. I was a little bit concerned about the coldness of water and whether her skin can tolerate chlorine or not. however we thought, lets go! since she loved the water in her bathtub everytime we place her in. kicking and splashing away.

The first time we brought her to the pool we were prepared for some crying and the possibility of her not wanting to go in at all after thatdue to the cold water. so we just randomly brought her down in her daily carter's romper (with diapers too) and simply dipped her in.

I dipped her toes in first. let her beat around, then put her down till her ankles. slowly to her thigh, up to waist until her shoulders are in. surprising she loved it! and then we put on the neck float let her go. of course with close watch.

We just spent about 5-10mins in the water at that time cuz her diapers are getting heavier by the second. 

Before our second try, we made an attempt to collect these:
1. Baby's warmer suit from Mothercare
2. Baby sunblock
3. Baby disposable swim nappies.

The warmer suit is supposed to trap a layer of water between baby's body and the suit so it wud keep baby warm when swimming. terbeli saiz kecik la pulak. it says there 6-12 months but looks just nice on tia already >.<

The swim nappy i got from cold storage and they're from Huggies. called Huggies Little Swimmers. size S is from 7kg-12kg so i got that one. although a bit pricey (around RM30 for 10 pieces) but i liked it. it fits her snugly and well and it did not grow bulkier with water. no poo accidents in pool:)

The second time around she floats around like a piece of log in the flow of a river haha. only after 5 minutes she started kicking around in the water. ape lah. hehe

If only we have time to let her swim everyday! so cute to see baby waddling around smiling2 in the water. some of our neighbours also stopped by to watch and ask how old she is. hehe. perhaps soon daddy will take us for a holiday and we can play around in the water again baby!

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